[APNFD Nr.118] Biden’s “Miraculous” Super Tuesday “Surge” is Brazenly a Camouflage of Election Interference by the DNC Elite ( inter alia ).


March 6, 2020 by Alfred


Democrats are not leaving en masse the Democratic party, but the Democratic party is leaving them en masse if Biden’s almost overnight “surge” at the expense of Sanders leads to Trump’s victory, due to Biden’s obvious un-electability coupled to the brazen voter suppressions (e.g. 6 hour waiting in line standing in Texas and California) in synergy with its vicious vilification of Sanders campaign by the corporate media via fabricated smears of his being anti-Semitic, or a radical leftist, or a communist, and other lies.  This constitutes a brazen election interference by the DNC neo-liberal’s elite which already has suggested ludicrously that Russia is supporting Sanders.

Biden’s documented background renders him unfit to take on even a Trump.

For 20 years Biden has supported interventionist wars “we the people” have been lied into  undertaking which hemorrhaged blood and trillions of dollars of our tax money.

He also has a record of racism which goes back to when he opposed desegregation, and he also supported Neo-Nazis in Ukraine.

Furthermore, as reported on February 23, 2020, by the Washington Examiner, Biden has shown an honesty problem and has often dissembled all kinds of facts to the point that he has, for example, asserted that he claimed he was arrested in South Africa in the late 1970s for attempting to meet with then-imprisoned Nelson Mandela.

The list of shortcomings by Biden goes on, but this clearly suffices that not only is he most probably unfit to beat Trump, but he also is definitely NOT the kind of president America is now yearning after three and a half years of the disastrous misleadership of the unpresidential Trump who needs to be removed from the White House which he has occupied in 2016 even though he lost the election by the strictly democratic direct vote count of 3 million votes.

Without additional comments, the ARGENTUM POST now presents its readers infra with an interview by Peter Lavelle, the host of Crosstalk, about the dangerous moment our republic is experiencing due to the scandalous tampering of our electoral system which is designed to prevent Bernie Sanders from becoming our next president because he is a most principled, honest, experienced, and genuinely progressive candidate which will honor our Constitutional right to a genuinely PARTICIPATIVE electoral process.

PS Aspects of this 30-minute discussion are truly tragicomical.




One thought on “[APNFD Nr.118] Biden’s “Miraculous” Super Tuesday “Surge” is Brazenly a Camouflage of Election Interference by the DNC Elite ( inter alia ).

  1. Marie Spike says:

    Agreed! Not only is Biden no better than Trump, he’s most likely got dementia. Thanks for always speaking truth to power!

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