[APNFD Nr. 124]. The Brazen U.S. Pressured British Theft of the Venezuelan People’s Gold Needed to Counteract the Ravaging Effects of COVID-19


July 4, 2020 by Alfred

This is an Argentum Post News Flash Digest [ Nr. APFND 124 ]

As Trump has turned into a financial terrorism practitioner who bizarrely gets away with imposing devastating sanctions at the time of the worst pandemic in history, he not only pulls the United States out of the World Health Organization, but to ad insult to injury he selects nations who do not align politically with his disastrous, sadistic, and perverse policies.

He then slaps willy nilly terrorizing sanctions against those nations using utterly dishonestly calumniating charges against them, which in turn get further hyperbolized by his equally dishonest and sycophantic so-called Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, thereby meting out brutal and lethal hardships on these nations.

Incredibly, this misleadership of the United States people then goes on to slap sanctions on the International Criminal Court  (ICC) because their judges dare to perform their job of investigating the horrifically egregious wrongdoing of this grotesque, ignorant, documentably racist, sadistic, and perverse unprofessional, and immoral maladministration.

The people’s gold of the cash-starved nation of Venezuela, which was placed in a vault of the Bank of England, and is valued $2 billion dollars, was now requested to be partially transferred to the United Nations, for it to be administered by that organization by to being transferred to the World Health Organization to help combat the ravages of COVID-19.

Incredibly and illegally, the British government refuses to do so, because of the undue influence of the ignorant and corrupt to the core Trump over his sycophantic supporter Boras Johnson, because – falsely – it maintains that an individual who had the temerity to appoint himself the leader of Venezuela and who hired U.S. mercenaries to invade Venezuela, namely Juan Guaidó, who also spectacularly failed to achieve this criminal and imbecilic attempt, since the vast majority of the mostly poor people of Venezuela strongly support their socialist government which was democratically elected and has brought millions out of extreme poverty but ran into an economical crisis due to the fall of the fossil fuel prices, and due to the lack of alternative sources of income of this country during the rule of a series of right-wing extremist governments which neglected the need for industrial development and totally ignored the impoverished masses until the social democratic leaning Hugo Chavez who also was democratically elected, came to power, and notwithstanding the attempts by the Cheney/Bush/Condelza Rice junta to overthrow him, he survived, was being successful in leveling the playing field, but then sadly died of cancer.

So, shamefully behaving as if Britain was still the empire of the long-gone past, it declared that these funds somehow belong to Mr. Guaidó, and not the people of Venezuela.

The analogous situations characterize what has occurred in Honduras, Brazil, Ecuador, and Bolivia, where successful leaders have been forced out by the neocon/neolib criminal cabal of maneuverings in Washington.

So, without further background introduction, the ARGENTUM POST introduces its readers to one of the highest integrity members of the British Parliament, namely the former  PM George Galloway, who continues to work hard as a humanist, rational, spokesman, articulate, vibrant man in support of sanity, justice, equality, peaceful conflict resolution, and literal participative democracy, all of which should contribute to a prosperity objective by legal, constitutional, civilized, progressive means.

2 thoughts on “[APNFD Nr. 124]. The Brazen U.S. Pressured British Theft of the Venezuelan People’s Gold Needed to Counteract the Ravaging Effects of COVID-19

  1. Alfred says:

    Thanks dear reader, Marie Spike !
    I replied to dear George Gallaway for his courage, principled stand, and eloquence.

  2. Marie Spike says:

    Beyond outrageous! Thanks for posting.

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