[APFND Nr. 123] Ed Yong’s Covit Warnings to the U.S. As Horrifically Trump Joins Netanyahu in Its Illegal Annexation of Palestine


July 1, 2020 by Alfred

This is an ARGENTUM POST News Flash Digest [ APNFD Nr. 123 ]

Ed Yong is a young 39-year-old a Malaysian-born British Science Journalist.

He is based in Washington DC.  and his work appears several times a week on The Atlantic’s website, and has also featured in National Geographic, the New Yorker, Wired, Nature, New Scientist, Scientific American, and many more.

Ed Yong is a captivating, literally enthralling, and brilliant science journalist who is now reporting on the COVID-19 crisis in ways that are more comprehensive than the vast majority of reports on this calamitous scourge.

On this day of July1, 2020 Ed Yong was interviewed by the legendary Amy Goodman, host of the one of a kind renown by scholars and others of intellectual curiosity who deplore the current state of the corporatized and hence mostly corrupted media which is derelict in its duty to inform and thereby educate the American people in a professional and genuinely independent and of high integrity manner.

What this man says in a few words is crucially important for people of all political backgrounds to focus on, be they moderate, high integrity conservatives or moderate, high integrity liberals.   Even some borderline neocons and neolibs may be surprised and persuaded by the message of this highly motivated journalist as regards the very urgent reforms which need to be undertaken NOW for us to unite and save our nation from more Ed tragedy, destructiveness, conflict, violence, and fundamentalist dogmatism.

So, without additional editorial comment by the writer/publisher of the ARGENTUM POST, we cut to the chase of a very important video clip of the interview by Amy Goodman and co-host Juan Gonzales of this incredibly articulate, and dedicated science reporter.

With an introductory word by Amy Goodman, this 20-minute video is a formidable presentation which is sobering and calls for immediate action my humanist/rationalist thinkers, politicians, physicians, sociologists, historians, and peoples of all backgrounds who aspire not a “return to the old days” which caused this catastrophic state of affairs, but, as Ed Yong puts, a progressive march forward of urgent informative actions under a functional federal government which we do not have at the moment.


What needs to be said additionally is that “we-the-people” can no longer tolerate the sabotage, distraction, deflection of funds, avoidance of accountability, corruption, dishonesty, racism, lack of any integrity, which has led us into history’s most dangerous paths engineered by mendacious, belligerent, racist, terrorizing sanctions on poor innocent countries, as well as by the groundless vilification of Russia and the PRC , not to mention the murderous interventions and bombings which our misleaders who still need to be indicted for taking us into to wars on the most specious imaginable grounds,  something which has rendered us an isolated nation of neo-imperialists misleaders, who have totally abandoned their moral and intellectual duties to serve our peoples by preventing us to acquire a universal health care system, a higher educational affordability system, and safety providing infrastructure maintenance, and much more.


Readers who deem this video of relevance and revealing may also look at the following recent articles written by scholars and/or provided by the highest integrity institutions.

These articles highlight the horrific criminality of the continuing attempts by energumenic incompetent misleaders to try to add fuel to the catastrophic damage of COVID-19 by their threats of a potential war as a result of the July criminal annexation of Palestinian lands which may involve attacks by the Israel expansionist Zionist regime on Iran for no discernible reason, something which could easily then spiral into a war with Russia and the PRC.

  • by the Center for Constitutional Rights: ” The Genocide of the Palestinian People: An International Law and Human Rights Perspective
  • By Issues of the American Council for Judaism: “Judaism Free of Nationalism (Zionism) and Politicization
  • By the Executive Director of the Washington Institute for Near Eastern Policy, Robert Satloff: “Defending the U.S. -Israel Alliance Has Just Gotten Much Harder “
  • By (to its credit) The Washington Post’s Michael Kranish: ” I Grieve for Our Country: “A Niece (Ph.D. Psychology Mary Trump) Indicts the President“.


2 thoughts on “[APFND Nr. 123] Ed Yong’s Covit Warnings to the U.S. As Horrifically Trump Joins Netanyahu in Its Illegal Annexation of Palestine

  1. Mike C says:

    Not sure about “groundless vilification” of Russia and China.!!! Putin and Xi I my opinion are clear and present dangers to our nation: Our “New Axis of Evil”! However: Also includes the Bozo running tbe circus at the White House!

    Trump’s embracing of annexation of Palestinian by Israel is racist on the face of it. Pure and Simple. But the WH is the peoples’ house and Trump’s lease is up in 5 months. Hahaha. He needs to be buried at Bitburg, Germany.

    • Alfred says:

      Thanks for your comment Mikel.
      I respectfully disagree as regards to the PRC and Russia being a “threat”. Let’s just agree to disagree and leave it at that, OK ? Cheers

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