[APNFD Nr. 127] Trump’s Top Adviser, Stephen Miller, Exposes The Hidden In Plain Sight White Nationalist Agenda of Both

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August 26, 2020 by Alfred

This is an ARGENTUM POST News Flash Digest [ APNFD Nr. 127 ]

Thanks to the highly dedicated, indefatigable, high integrity, efforts of the very prestigious investigative reports of the host and staff or the DEMOCRACY NOW program, we now have confirmed what the Southern Poverty Law Center already has in part also published and documented, namely that Stephen Miller is the most destructive, hate and feal mongering,  influential racist advisor of Trump.

We all know what a tarnished character our unpresidential misleader has, and yet day after day we learn more and more about it to the point of realizing what a threat to our prestige and our national security he represents, every day and every hour he is in that office he occupies after having lost the 2016 election by 3 million votes, on the basis of genuine democratic standards “we the people” are entitled to and would have had if we had a genuine one-man, one woman direct vote representative democracy.

To cut to the chase of the objective of this APNFD, which is of utmost of utmost importance, in the sence that it his highly relevant and revealing, see the infra information and then the video of this interview.

Jean Guerrero, is an award winning journalist and author.

She has just published a book titled “Hatemonger”: Stephen Miller, Trump’s White Nationalist Henchman.

Part 1 is titled ” Hatemonger “: Author Jean Guerrero on Stephen Miller, Trump’s White Nationalist Henchman.

Part 2 is titled” Make America White Again:Stephen Miller’s Assault on Immigration & His Quest to Change the Country”.

Stephen Miller is an extremist right-wing outspoken racist Zionist who weaponizes antisemitism and certainly in no way abides by the universalists values of of the Torah and all decent, rational, progressive, humanist, Jews, most of whom do criticize rightfully the past and present power structures of Israel, and many do support BDS, and condemn Israel for the eggregious crimes against the humanity of Palestinans and even crimes against the humanity of anti-Zionist Jews, and it would be risibly oxymoronic to characterize this vast majority as antisemitic.

Miller is against all people of color, and that comprises blacks, browns, Arabs, and he even has talked about supporting eugenics.   Only Nazis have had such brazen lack of all values.

So far, according to the prestigious “The Jerusalem Post” 25 Jewish Democrats in congress call on the firing of Stephen Miller.

So, with this brief foreword, the ARGENTUM POST provides its readers with the stunning relevations of this short video exposure of this sinister collusion which never in history has characterized the history of the Presidency in America and which must end now, by all possible legal, moral, and Constitutional means as soon as possible, and even perhaps via the 25th Amendment prior to the election.

The laudable Stephen Miller-Trump link exposure by Jean Guerrero



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