With the Exposure of the Criminally Perfidious History of “Zionism”, A Quantum Leap in Its Demise Becomes Clear for the Benefit of All Affected.

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April 25, 2021 by Alfred

Note:  Once you activate the URL of the video, you will notice that it does not start from the beginning due to a technical problem initially.  However, once you start the video, simply manually walk the timeline and bring it back to the beginning and, voilá it will replay the said video in-toto.

With the very prestigious, courageous, principled, professional characterization by the Jewish Human Rights organization B’Tselem of Israel’s Zionist power structure as a now pariah ” Apartheidstate, a quantum leap forward to the demise of this criminally violent, illegal, unethical, international law violating organization is about to be eclipsed as its demise is about to start with the highly documented exposure of the reality of its own nefarious history to the point that the powers that be which have gotten away for decades with gag orders, and all kinds of other obstructionisms will no longer be hidden from the American people by the corporate media and by either utterly ignorant and/or downright malicious corrupted politicians.

No longer will this execrable Zionist power structure get away with vilifying and violently attacking those who are trying to bring about peace by justice via sanctions, protests, and criticism.   No longer will these feeble-minded and wicked fraudulent smear these well-meaning critics by the fraudulent weaponization of the racial epithet “anti-Semitism“.

A huge percentage of these critics are direct descendants of the Nazi genocide of Jews and others, as the writer of this Argentum Post is.

A new chapter in the over 100 years of falsehoods will be exposed about this racist, hegemonic, hate, and fear spreading right-wing extremist organization which if not shut down would inexorably lead the Middle East, and drag the U.S. with it, into a war on innocent Iran for an “Eretz Israel” which in turn will have the potential to spiral out of control as far as igniting another world war which could be nuclear, given that Israel secretly has an arsenal of nuclear weapons which it obtained in 1969 during secret accords between President Nixon and Israeli Zionist Prime Minister Golda Meir who dishonestly declared ignominiously that    Israel is a land without people for a people without land “.

With this foreword,  I share with my readers a link to a webinar which this year is not the usual all-day conference attended by some 400-500 people and myself included at the prestigious National Press Club and which is organized by the magnificent and brilliant Director of Research of IRmep (Institute of Research Middle Eastern Policy), namely Grant F.Smith, and co-sponsored by WRMEA ( Washington Report on Middle East Affairs ), whose Executive Director is Delinda Hanley.

These urgently needed educational conferences have taken place for 7 years, yet scandalously the mainstream media remains silent about them.  Scandalously there is a gag order for U.S. government workers to talk about the reality that Israel has an arsenal of nuclear weapons and Israel’s Zionist power structure keeps silent by invoking what is obvious and documented that was is hidden in plain sight, is “concealed” by a so-called risible meme characterized as a “policy of strategic ambiguity” .

Our misleader Trump came close to offer to sell nuclear bellic technology for Saudi petro-dollars to the most decadently murderous regime of the world, namely Saudi Arabia, which on average executes one person every other day for such “crimes” as blogging in support of democracy.

For a country such as ours which claims to be a democracy with freedom of speech and henceforth presumably freedom to be informed by the media accurately, it is a bloody shame that it gets away with fomenting the corrupted media to use fake news about countries it does not like, and/or allows the fabrication of such idiotic mythology as that used recently by Susan Rice to the effect that “Putin was paying bounties to the Taliban for them to kill our mercenaries and soldiers when there was and is zero evidence of that.

It is stunningly damaging for such vital and vibrant conferences which bring in people of all walks of life and from all over the world to the National Press Club and which penetrate through the fog of obstruction generated by special interested groups, most particularly by the Israel Lobby AIPAC, which, in brazen violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) does not register as a foreign agent, and yet, to boot,  enjoys undue influence powers not granted to other lobbies, just as the Zionist power structure enjoys receiving $10 million dollars per day from our taxpayers funded money, while PM Benjamin Netanyahu who is under indictment for crimes against the state,  has and is actively sabotaging the nuclear agreement with Iran which President Obama and John Kerry signed only to have Trump renege on it, and now President Biden to his credit is trying to revive with the support of the European Union, and again the Netanyahu gets to sabotage now with a nuclear terrorist attack carried out against the Natanz uranium refinement plant.

Iran has every right to use nuclear energy for power generation and for medicinal isotope applications.   The IAEA has certified in thorough inspections that Iran was fully abiding by the JCPOA+1 agreement.

So, to cut to the chase, see infra the link to today’s (phase 2) conference named “End Support for Israel’s Apartheid“.

BTW, as Rev. Alex Awad, who was one of the members of the panelists for this conference aptly stated,  “Zionist /Messianic religionism is not about religion so much as it is about the abuse of religion by Evangelist Zionists, against Christians, Jews, and Moslems.”


This is part of a series of conferences named previously “The Israel Lobby and American Policy” and recently “Transcending the Israel Lobby and Home and Abroad“.


The “Israel Apartheid ” related issue is covered in the just-launched highly relevant and revealing additional documenting source.

A diplomatic and cultural historian and columnist for the Washington Report On Middle Eastern Affairs (WRMEA), namely Professor Walter L.Hixson who authored ten books on U.S. foreign policy, just launched another book on April 17, 2021 titled ” Architects of Repression: How Israel and its Lobby Put Racism, Violence, and Injustice at the Center of U.S. Middle East Policy.

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