Today May 9, 1945: Soviet Victory over Nazism Day At The Unimaginable Cost of 27 Million Soviet Lives


May 9, 2021 by Alfred

The writer of the ARGENTUM POST is a direct descendant of parents who were forcibly separated in Berlin by the Nazis.

His father managed to escape to the only country that would give him asylum, namely Bolivia.   His mother and her parents were helped over the border by a German conscripted soldier who was a dissident and he risked his life to help them over the border in the middle of the night into Belgium and therefrom they reached Paris.

Since Bolivia is landlocked, his father with a few dollars in his pocket and a suitcase, managed to a bit earlier to reach Marseilles and therefrom boarded a freighter to the port city of Callao, Peru wherefrom he would have found a freighter train to Lapaz, the capital of Bolivia.

This was happening in 1939 as the French Vichy government was about to be invaded by the Nazis.

While having escaped narrowly from the Nazis, upon arriving in Callao with proper documentation for going on to Lapaz, the Peruvian immigration officer told him that he could not go on anywhere and would have to return immediately to Marseilles in this same freighter.  This was so because the corrupt and cruel “ZO” (i.e. the “Zionist Organization“) had an undue influence over the corrupt government of Peru, and that organization had the temerity to demanded that Jews without monetary resources escaping from Europe were needed for the upcoming colonization project of the land of the Palestinians and hence once in Marseilles he would be forcibly redirected to Palestine.

All of this, however, was happening in 1939 as the French Vichy government was about to be invaded by the Nazis.  Had his father been sent back to Marseilles, by the time he would have arrived there he would most probably be sent to an extermination camp if he resisted the transshipment to Palestine.

Serendipitously another humanitarian member of the staff at the immigration building overheard the conversation as the father of this writer was loudly arguing that he did not support the Zionists and would have nothing to do with being involved in the literal invasion of Palestine, this officer told him to go down a long hall and then at the end turn left, and open a door which would put him in right smack into a freight transport railroad yard and jump on any one of the wagons since these departed therefrom to Bolivia.

End of the story: His father jumped on a slow-moving freight train, arrived in Lapaz, got a job as a butler at the house of former President of Bolivia, and when the President’s wife asked him if he was single he replied that he was desperately trying to get his wife visas, and her response was, no problem and she immediately send a telegram to the Bolivian embassy in Paris which contacted the decent and humanitarian Jewish organization called the ” American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee” and lo and behold, father and mother and her parents were reunited just in the nick of time.  A year or so later this writer was born…

PS For an elaboration of this narrative via an interview of this writer/activist, there is a site whose founder interviewed this writer and it is called “The Oneness of Humanity“.

To access this it will suffice to merely enter the following words into the Google search field: “An Interview of Alfred Gluecksmann The Oneness of Humanity

(In this case, these words are already functionalized so as to serve as the link, so simply click on them”).

With this anecdotal preface, the Argentum Post provides its readers with a video that covers with remembrances of 76 years ago of today’s historic day of May 9, 2021 of the glorious Soviet victory over the execrable Nazis, during a most horrific era in the history of humanity which must never ever rear its ugly head in any way again, yet disgracefully has shown signs of bizarrely warped and feeble-minded, execrable, unethical and illegal attempts by intellectually and politically bankrupt racist terrorists from 2016 to 2020 to reenact it.

All of us in America must unite to be vigilant and assertive to prevent even the scintilla of this darkest phenomenon in our lives and remember always that  the marvelous freedom of speech to which we are constitutionally entitled and protected is not abused.

It is imperative that educational institutions continually remind the American people that individual and/or collective incitement to lethal violence and to wars on the basis of fraudulent cultural programmation are intolerable and within this context we must abide by the Constitutional case law within the embodiment of the Supreme Court ruling of “Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire” of 1942.

Therefore see infra the supra referred to video.


One thought on “Today May 9, 1945: Soviet Victory over Nazism Day At The Unimaginable Cost of 27 Million Soviet Lives

  1. Marie Spike says:

    Thank you for this remembrance of the Soviet victory over the Nazis. So very important because the U.S. distorts the history and unjustly vilifies Russia. Thank you also for sharing the dramatic and touching story of your parents escape from Berlin.

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