Five Days After The Argentum Post Reports the Now Official Status of Israel as “Apartheid Israel” , Human Rights Watch Elaborates Further.

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April 30, 2021 by Alfred

Five days ago, on April 25, 2021, the Argentum Post reported that the prestigious and highly principled human rights organization,  B’Tselem, officially classified Israel’s nefarious and misleading Zionist power structure as one which has at long last crossed the proverbial Rubicon by rendering this reckless and international occupant and annexationist so-called “state” of political Israel,  literally characterizable as the now pariah “Apartheid Israel“.

This historic moment is a quantum leap forward in the direction of once for all reining in and holding seriously accountable by the International Criminal Court (ICC) as well as by the United Nations the horrifically egregious more than 7 decades of the most violent, criminal, and torturous crimes meted out against the humanity of the Palestinians in their own land.

The Argentum Post’s article published on April 25, 2021 is titled

With the Exposure of the Criminally Perfidious History of “Zionism”, A Quantum Leap in Its Demise Becomes Clear for the Benefit of All Affected.

Today, to its credit, the international and independent human rights organization “Human Rights Watch” joined the courageous and also independent Israeli organization B’Tselem in its common pursuit.

Today credit must also be given to the indefaticable highly principled host of Democracy Now in the imperative of the exposure of 7 decades of slow-motion theft of land, targeted assassinations, periodic massacres, and house demolitions which killed hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children in some 75 years, not even counting the expulsion of close to 1 million people in 1948.

This must be one of the worst scandals in history as it has been occurring over and over again with the active support of the British colonialist and imperialist objectives from the beginning as well as by all presidents of the U.S. since 1948 to exploit this catastrophe to move in and consolidate control of the whole Middle East human and fossil fuel resources.

To this day, there are taboos imposed on the press, on all U.S. government workers when it comes to the reality of the supremacist, racist, Zionism ideology and practices, which far from being equated with the majority of the people of the universalist values of the Judaic faith.

Brazenly and violently were also harmed decent Jews, as was the case with the father of this writer of the Argentum Post who after having managed to escape the Nazis in 1939 to the only country giving him asylum, namely Bolivia, but who, as a result of the long arm of criminally undue influence of the Zionist Organization (ZO) tried to was the victim of the prevention destitute Jews from being cleared at customs to force them back to Marseilles because they were needed for the Palestine colonization process.  Luckily another customs officer whispered to this writer’s father a secret escape route to board freight trains leaving for LaPaz, Bolivia where this writer was born.

To this day, the now Zionist Organization of the World (ZOW) made up of also right-wing extremist Evangelists who are involved in all kinds of nefarious criminal support of right-wing extremist dictators throughout the world.

To this day, incredibly, Apartheid Israel receives $10 million dollars per day from our taxpayer’s funds.

With this foreword, the Argentum Post provides you with the clip of Democracy Now in which its host, Amy Goodman, interviews the Director of “Israel and Palestine” of Human Rights Watch, namely Omar Shakir.

Hopefully, from now on, the corporate MSM will end its dereliction of duty to inform and thereby educate the American people for decades about NOT the Israel Palestine conflict, but about the invasion, occupation, suppression, and murderous crimes against the autochthonous Palestinians in their own lawful lands.

At this point, therefore, the Argentum Post provides its readers the clip of the link of the said interview by the host of Democracy Now, namely Amy Goodman, of the Human Rights Watch Director of Israel & Palestine, Omar Shakir. 


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