All Decent, Rational, Humane Americans Must Unite in a Clamor and Demand that Biden Immediately End All Armaments and Financial Support of Political Apartheid Israel

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May 20, 2021 by Alfred

The writer of this ARGENTUM POST is immune to fraudulent smear accusations of “anti-Semitism” by racist, supremacist, lethally violent, mendacious illegal far-right Zionists ( be they Evangelicals and/or gross violators of Torah law universalist values so-called Jews ).

The writer of this ARGENTUM POST is an active supporter of Jewish Voice for Peace, The American Council for Judaism, J-Street, the Orthodox Jewish organization Neturei Karta and other reform and progressive Jewish organizations.

The writer of this ARGENTUM POST is a direct descendant of German/Austrian Jewish parents persecuted by the Nazis and – in the case of his father – persecuted by the long arm of the “ZO” (i.e. the Zionist Organization in 1939 and the “ZOW” i.e. the now “Zionist Organization of the World now in 2021.

The latter almost succeeded in having his father who managed to escape to Bolivia, the only country which gave him asylum, to be forcibly returned to where he came from in a freighter, namely Marseilles, France where in 1939 the Vichy government was about to yield to the Nazis and hence if is father arrived there he would be sent to an extermination camp.

It was the bizarre, corrupt, and criminally cruel undue influence of the Zionist ideology which thusly and otherwise gravely but secretly harmed Judaism as much as Nazism.

So, with this brief foreword which makes it crystal clear that the characterizations of “Judaism” and “Zionism” can not be conflated, since the former is a respected religion and culture, and the latter a most sinister, organized crime cartel which since the end of the 19th century has served the international law violating hegemonic, interventionist, interests of the European and most particularly the Anglo-American colonialist/imperialists in ways which involved invasions, occupations, destruction of nations, annexations, and massacres which in the case of the autochthonous inhabitants of Palestine became genocidal.

Now to cut to the chase, it is imperative that immediately “we-the-people” united as never before go ahead and issue an urgent clamor and a demand by peaceful demonstrations and/or strikes to denounce the recalcitrance of President Biden who has bizarrely not yet ordered the Zionist power structure of now Apartheid Israel under the indicted PM Netanhyhu, to instantly end this genocidal massacre orgy in Palestine.

Only President Biden can do that, and if he fails history and justice will have made him an accomplice of huge crimes against humanity which the ICC and UN will have to be dealing with.

Biden must now send the order to Netanyahu to stop immediately or lose all financial and military support.

The provocation at the Al Aksa Mosque was by Netanyahu’s colonial settlers on hundreds of peaceful worshippers praying on their religious holiday in their mosque.

When the aggression started, Hammas resisted a while and then asked for a cease-fire which was refused.  Furthermore and bizarrely and recklessly when the UN’s Security Council on Sunday voted to address this situation, it was vetoed on that initiative by Biden!

To add insult to injury, Biden keeps stating like a meme, “Israel has a right to defend itself” which is non-sensical when in reality it is and always has been Israel the aggressor, and this time,  the energumenic criminal PM Netanyahu needed a war to claim a state of emergency, otherwise, his immunity as a PM end and he would be immediately forced to become accountable for various crimes against the Israeli state comprising bribery, breach of trust, and fraud.

Additionally, about 9 years ago the VP Biden in a meeting with this indicted PM Netanyahu, declared in the presence of President Obama that “if we did not have an Israel in the Middle East we would have had to invent one to preserve our interests in the Middle East ” !

Furthermore, Biden myopically does not see the lack of symmetry in this criminal slaughter by Israel which besides receiving $10 million dollars a day regardless as to whether “we the people” approve that and it comes from our hard-earned tax funds, and hence falsely declares that he does not see proportionality of the military attacks which is brazenly obvious for all of us to see.

Biden bizarrely either suffers from a potentially calamitous lack of understanding of history, at best, or at worst exposes an equally or worse racist, greedy, interventionist lust, and allows himself to be captured by the highly toxic industrial/military complex coupled to the illegal AIPAC lobby (which BTW his VP Kamala Harris supports) and which not registered under the FARA (Foreign Agent Registration Act) law and yet is a center of mendaciously propagandistic and bribery generation dedicating itself 24/7 to inciting a war on Iran on the basis of fraudulent accusations and in the pursuit of an Eretz (ever-expansive Israel) by this Zionist Apartheid Israel state.

Either way, his opposition to reign the Zionist in, can and probably will be considered by the ICC and UN as a major act of complicity in a heinous crime against the humanity of the Palestinians.

To sum it up, every day, every hour, this now already 75 years long catastrophe of torture and killings meted out without the slightest punishments or even requirement of accountability by the murderous regimes of Zionist Israel, against poor Palestinians in their own land while those in the world’s largest concentration camp in history – 2.2 million- called “Gaza”, goes on, and every hour literally tenths of innocent children, parents are maimed and/or assassinated literally, and to boot by a President of the U.S. who just had asked Congress for another $750 million dollars for more armaments to send to Apartheid Israel!

This situation may fester to the point that Turkey and Russia may have to intervene and then all hell could break loose as the perils of a military confrontation of the U.S. with Russia may put us in a potential nuclear exchange situation since Israel is the only country which was allowed to have a nuclear weapons arsenal, something which is in hidden in plain sight and is denied by Israel and when asked about it the response is a meme-like statement that says that it is a topic about which it adopts a “strategy of ambiguity“.

Zionism hides cowardly and dishonestly under the mantle of being part of Judaism and when a critique of anything political Israel does is manifested, Zionists weaponize such a needed critique by first of all attempting to unleash character assassination by hurling at them the epithet of “anti-Semitism” feeble-mindedly but effectively in the eyes of the history ignorant masses, most particularly in the U.S.

At all times the number of world Jewry which is either non-Zionist or anti-Zionist predominates over the number of Jews who are Zionists.

There exists no “Chosen People” and there exists no “exceptionalism” as invented by the Zionists.

Judaism is a faith and a culture and theoretically, it is not  and should not be either nationalizable or ethnicalizable.

One of the most interesting, important, and highly comprehensive books written about what a “Jew” is, is one that was researched for years not only in the literature but as well in the field DNA science as well as in the field of anthropology and archaeology, and it is one written by a Jewish author named Schlomo Sand and its title is ” The Invention of the Jewish People



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