Zionist Apartheid Israel Minister of Education : “Intermarriage Among US Jews is ‘Like a Second Holocaust’


May 30, 2021 by Alfred

Incredibly, the Zionist Minister of Education of Apartheid Israel, Rafi Perez, had the temerity to utter derangedly the words that “Intermarriage Among US Jews Is “Like a Second Holocaust”

The prestigious newspaper “The Times of Israel” has published this obscenely offensive and racist declaration by a Minister of Education, which the Anti Defamation League of Israel’s chief called ‘irresponsible and disrespectful’.

The writer of this Argentum Post is a direct descendant of German/Austrian parents who in 1939 were forcibly separated and survived the Nazi genocide against all Jews and others.

While during the persecution the father managed to reach Marseilles from Berlin and therefrom without financial resources made it to the port of Callao, Peru in a freighter, once there was barred from entry into that country by the long arm of the “ZO” (then the Zionist Organization, today the “ZOW”, the Zionist Organization of the World) who had the corrupt undue influence over corrupt politicians in Lima to demand that destitute Jews not be allowed to disembark as they were needed for the Palestine colonization process facilitated then by the British Empire.

Adrenaline and luck and a humanitarian tip, helped his father to escape and run into a freight train railroad yard wherefrom he reached landlocked Bolivia, where subsequently he was reunited with his wife after working as a butler of the former President of Bolivia whose wife sent his wife a telex with an entry visa via the help of the Joint Committee organization.

This writer was interviewed about this event and the interview can be viewed by inserting into the Google search field the following words:  ” An Interview of Alfred Gluecksmann The Oneness of Humanity “.  The Title is the link.

The parents of this writer were reunited in Bolivia, the only country that would give them asylum.   

Zionism harmed Judaism tremendously and the details thereof are amply documented via research but remain shamelessly never taught and/or publicized by the corporate media to preserve and perpetuate false narratives.  

The same applies to the nuclear arsenal which Israel has helped in developing with the support of the Anglo-American alliance as a result of a 1969 agreement between Prime Minister Golda Meir and disgraced President Nixon.

Until this day, hidden in plain sight, any questions about this arsenal of nuclear armaments are dismissed by the Zionists as one unanswerable on the basis of a “strategy of strategic ambiguity ”.

Israel then proliferated secretly the nuclear technology and assisted in its assembly up to the point of detonating one nuclear device underwater while that racist regime was attacking to invade Angola and Nelson Mandela was still in jail where he would wind up having been for 17 years as a direct result of Dick Cheney’s initiative.

One of the most authoritative sources of this reality is a book written by another son of Jewish parents who emigrated to South Africa.  His name is Sasha Polakow-Suransky and the book’s title is “The Unspoken Alliance :  Israel’s (now Apartheid) Secret Relationship with Apartheid South Africa”.

Zionism is at long last about to disintegrate as a huge schism between self-respecting Jews in Israel and globally realize the dangerous path the always minority of the Zionist violent, hegemonic, racist, supremacist and perfidiously mendacious ideology has taken and is now exposed in the aftermath of the official declaration by the Israeli Human Rights organization B’Tselem of political Israel as now Apartheid pariah state, and this was then followed immediately by the analogous and supportive also very prestigious Human Rights Watch organization.

In synergy with this historic event came the past weeks scandalously potentially catastrophic execrable bombing attacks by Apartheid Israel which started by an attack on the peaceful Ramadan prayers in their Al Aksa Mosque , something which then lead to the rightful resistance of the Palestinians and that was then in turn followed up by Netanyahu et al. who unleashed another one of those genocidal massacres which have started 7 decades ago after the forcible partition of Palestine, the expulsion of close to 1 million which was aptly characterized and chronicled in books and documentaries as, e.g. the one titled “ The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine “ by the distinguished Jewish scholarly historian and author Ilan Pappe, who then had to move out of Israel for security reasons as his account exposed the forbidden accurate truths.

This 11 – day genocidal massacre killed 66 children some 200+ innocent unarmed adults, and rendered thousands homeless, while the high-rise buildings housing the world’s media offices such as that of the Associated Press, and Al Jazeera, et al., and it also comprised apartments.

Additionally and perversely, to add insult to injury, Apartheid Israel bombed hospitals, and the only COVID testing building in the Gaza concentration camp.

The scourge of Zionism needs to be eliminated NOW and all it takes is for President Biden to issue an ultimatum to end all financial and military aid to end the barbaric torture meted out on the Palestinians.  

Incredibly instead of acting instantly to save precious human lives and infrastructure, Biden twice vetoed a UN Security Council calling for an end to this criminal massacre, and to boot demonstrated stunning criminal ignorance by requesting $730 million additional dollars for military aid to Israel.

Repeatedly Biden kept using the fraudulent meme that “Israel has a right to defend itself”  when in reality it is the aggressor.

The once for all liberation of Palestine needs to be addressed immediately with their liberation from the largest concentration camp in history with 2.2 inhabitants not to mention the need to allow millions of Palestinians in refugee camps whose houses and farms were robbed from them with the orders being “ abide, leave, or die “ and the rest of the world stood by idly!

The US pays Israel the incredible sum of $ 10 million dollars per day, and this is done in the name of ” we-the-people “, and we must pay it with our hard-earned tax funds regardless of our opposition to this slaughter which is now increasing in an accelerated rate of progression.

All the US needs to do is to cease to be an accomplice in this horrific crime against the humanity of Palestinians which also affects anti-Zionist and non-Zionist Jews.

The characterization of “Anti-Semitic” must from now on be preserved for genuine Anti-Semitism and not for the fraudulently concocted weaponization of it against critics of the Zionist illegitimate and criminal power structure of Israel.

The mendacious smear the British candidate for the Labor Party had to endure as a result of the hysterically grotesque interference in the election in Britain by US  right-wing criminals portraying him as an Anti-Semite were despicable beyond words.

The time has come for reform with an apology in the policy of acquiescence of the Anglo-American policies toward Israel, and it must begin with an education campaign starting in all public and private schools in the US debunking the silence and/ or deliberate cultural programmation of our public almost a century of gross lies about the history of the damage this shameful coverup has wrought on not only the victims of Zionism in Israel but globally as well.

Every year for 50 years now, the UN votes unanimously to end the criminal embargo on Cuba whose doctors by the thousands are working in the most remote regions of the world.

For decades the Zionist power structure of Israel has sold armaments to the most putrefact murderous dictators in Latin America without any accountabilty.

For decades Zionists have incited war against Iran and the myth that Iran was Anti-Semitic were sticking by the AIPAC fabrications which resulted in the intoxication of people due to ignorance and/or arrogance to the point that,  point in case, right-wing Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, in a television interview declared that “Iran is out to take over the Middle East, and the proof of that is that it has already conquered Tehran” (!)

Bottom line, a new era is about to emerge which must resolve not the “conflict” between Israel and Palestine, but the British orchestrated take over by Israel of Palestine, its ever-increasing illegal occupations, annexations, assassinations, house demolitions, collective lethal punishments, and genocidal massacres.

The interests of the European colonialists and the Anglo-American colonialistic/imperialistic fossil fuel focus and geo-political focus, never allowed for genuine negotiations to take place for a solution.

One potentially promising maybe a Marshall Plan-type investment in the region and genuine negotiations leading immediately to the democratization of Israel/Palestine perhaps shooting for the emergence of an “Isratine” nation with equal rights and obligations.  It must however have the approval of the Palestinians who lost everything while Britain and then the product of the nationalization of biblical Israel created without the Palestinian’s consultation a vassal state which was plundered by the said nationalist synthetic entity created via crude might makes right by an infant UN which was only 4 years old and dominated by the Western powers.

A former moderate interim President of Israel, namely Avraham Burg, who is not a Zionist supremacist racist hegemon, has proposed a One State solution and his book is titled ” In Days to Come : A New Hope for Israel ”  .  The title should have included ” A New Hope for Palestine ” .




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