For We-The-People to at Long Last Realize our Realistically Expected,  Demand of Progressive Survival, The Critical Mass Has Now Arrived of the Imperative of the Urgent Need of the Evolution of a Quantum Level Reform Which is Commensurate With the Establishment of Reforms of a Rationalistic, Humanistic, Pacifistic, Naturalistic Moral/Ethical Set of Values

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June 5, 2021 by Alfred

First, the following is a sub-title submitted which the writer of this article as well as of the Title has obviously created but was too long to serve as a title.

Never In Modern History Did We Need More Urgently to Initiate the Evolution of a Non-Violent Revolution Which must be Based on Progressive, Gradual, Disciplined, Rational, Humanistic Moral/Ethical Values To End Once for All the Addictive, Thuggish, Robbery by the Cataclysm-Generating War Perpetuating Industrial-Military Complex Machine,  Of The Fundamental Funds Which Are Vital to Bring Honor, Prosperity, Equality, Justice, and Peace to Our Nation Which in Turn Represent the Essential Imperative We-the-People Need and Deserve to Finally Render Our Constitutional Democracy the Real Genuine Participative Democracy Which the Constitution Demands.


The objective of this article is based on a “less is more” premise, as the urgency of reform dictates since we are rapidly approaching a state of inchoate national and international calamitous conflicts mostly provoked by right-wing-extremists a home and abroad, and conflicts which are fed by literally criminals who benefit from the profits of our interminable continuous wars of imperial aggression because these demoniacal agents of violence who are firmly entrenched in our odious industrial-military complex profit from the said wars of the destruction of infrastructure and innocent human lives at abroad and at home.

Additionally feeding this frenzy of nations destructions by remote-controlled machines such as drones and other means, are individuals who are simply apathetic and who hence just “do their jobs”.

Of course, the scandalous lack of honesty and self-censorship plus the abominable education of national and international history contribute further to a culture degradation which creates a veritable “deep-state” secrecy and worse, a state of veritable cultural programmation of our society by the generation of an industry of subliminal and/or outright fake news by hawkish and hegemonic sociopaths who also profit and/or get a perverse “high” on the damage they cause, and most pronounced is this phenomenon in the despicable dissemination of the most mendaciously malevolent lies and more than often directed at the invented bogeymen of the season which at the moment are the nations of Russia, Peoples Republic of China (PRC), Cuba, Iran, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, and a few more.

Most nations that have chosen independent systems of development which comprise socialistic elements are immediately targeted for phony fear and hate campaigns and then the sanctions and other destructive destabilization campaigns are directed against them in order to bring so-called pseudo “democracy” to them.

The greatest dangers at the moment, though, at this moment, sadly are our President Biden who while having been a major relief after the deranged, fascist, energumenic Trump, has done a good job as regards to the COVID crisis, but now seems to suffers from an incapacity to fulfill campaign promises and hence has not confronted and demanded accountability from the world’s most murderous terrorism supporting nation of Saudi Arabia and who now recently made the oxymoronic statement that he is a “Zionist” either on the basis of ignorance and/or on the basis of hegemonic malevolence since “Zionism” has long been exposed not as a religion but a far-right-racist murderous form of organized crime which also enjoys the support of far-right pseudo-Christina Evangelists and other crackpots.

Biden’s support of Zionism while embracing the indicted PM Netanyahu of the country that was involved in the attacks of 9/11 and in the CIA-certified assassination of The Washinton Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi displays dangerous mental myopia.

There are of course precedents of other Presidents who supported terrorist organization and one of the point in the case is Ronald Reagan who received as a gift a T-shirt which say ” I Am a Contra Too ” given to him by Aldolfo Calero who was a supporter of the Contras.  The Contras were terrorists who supported the murderous dictator of Nicaragua, namely the decadent and brutal Anastacio Somoza.

At this point, the Argentum Post presents its readers with a short video which inspiringly contributed to the writer of the supra article as it elaborates on the subject of how  we-the-people  have suffered needlessly in our aspirations to have universal health insurance, free of affordable public universities, and a host of other public program entitlements which modern democracies enjoy abroad and even those who are poor nations but not so much that they cannot prioritize the obvious entitlements which we do not have and which Neocons and Neolibs do not even want to talk about, given the trillions of dollars we have spent in provoking and then carrying out utterly unnecessary nations while we wasted precious lives in wars carried on the basis of outright fraud, as the war on Vietnam where Johnson used the attack on the Gulf of Tonkin as a pretext to double down on it, and just as egregiously the two wars on Iraq by Senior and Junior Bush and many others, not to mention the $ US 10 million Dollars the U.S. sends to Apartheid Israel per day.

The infra video is that of an excellent interview by the eminent Afshin Rattanzi of the RT Program Going Underground, of the daughter of Martin Luther King, namely Bernice King.




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