In a Capsule, The Debunking of the Propaganda re the Reality of the History of Mendacious Ilegitimate Zionism Right-Wing Hegemonic Ideology, and the Genuine Anti-Zionism Which Always Opposed It Is Now Exposed

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June 3, 2021 by Alfred

Zionism is a mendaciously perfidious racist, supremacist, lethally violent far-right ideology which has ALWAYS been opposed by a majority of decent, peaceful, humanistic, peoples of the Judaic faith and Judaic culture worldwide.

The writer of this Argentum Post is the directed descendant of German and Austrian parents who suffered immensely as a result of the energumenic persecution and almost execution by the Nazis.

In order to escape and survive in late in 1939 the future mother and father to be of this writer were forcibly separated and eventually managed to reunite in Bolivia, the only country which gave them asylum.

In the case of the father-to-be, even though he made it without hardly any money in a freighter to the port of Callao, Peru to then take a freight train to Bolivia which is a landlocked country, upon arriving at the port of Callao, the immigration authority barred his passage to Bolivia even though he had documents to proceed to Bolivia, and this was due to the long arm of the undue influence the of “ZO” (Zionist Organization) which served the interests of Europe’s and later the US’s imperial interests, and which got away with dictating to corrupt politicians in Lima, Peru that Jews without funds be forced back to Versailles so that therefrom they would be sent t to be used in the Palestine colonization process.

His father to be categorically rejected the notion of the ethno-nationalist Zionists,  and suddenly a tip from a humanitarian official of the immigration staff plus an outburst of adrenaline had his father running on a path in the woods in the direction of a freight railroad yard where he jumped on a slowly moving freight train which took him to Lapaz, Bolivia where this writer was born some four years later.  Had he been sent back to Marseilles so late in 1939 he would probably be sent directly to an extermination camp as the Nazis were already moving into France.

For anyone interested in an elaboration of this account, it suffices to enter into the Google search field the following words :

An Interview of Alfred Gluecksmann The Oneness of Humanity.

No link is needed. Simply clicking on this query opens the document.

Now, to cut to the chase of the objective of this article this writer presents to the readers of this Argentum Post a very succinct article written by a brilliant, humanist, Jewish scholar and activist whose name is Allan Bronwnfeld to the editor of the Tablet Magazine.

This very authoritative and highly educational article must now become available in all educational centers from high school levels to university levels.

This short article in the aftermath of the imminent collapse of the more than 70 years of the cover-up of the truth about Zionism by the Anglo-American and political Israel alliance in their British hegemonic empire initiated a takeover of Palestine, followed by the partition, expulsions, annexations, and violent assassinations, genocidal massacres, and other barbarities, has finally been exposed by the (a) the B’Tselem highly principled Israeli human rights organization which declared that Israel now officially is an Apartheid Pariah State, and (b) by the last unprovoked barbaric massacre for 11 days bombardments in the greatest concentration camp in the history of 2.2 million people.

Mr. Allan Brownfeld is the editor of the Issues Newsletter of the highly prestigious American Council For Judaism which the writer of this Argentum Post profoundly admires and respects.

So, here is the letter which was so excellently well written by Allan Brownfeld that it deserves maximal dissemination for the sake of ending the torturous suffering of the Palestinian autochthonous population as well as of the Jewish non-Zionist and anti-Zionist population, although at a much lower level.

This time the ICC and the UN and the rest of the world must be involved in serious negotiations and yes, BDS application must be applied for a final resolution of this relentless aggression on Palestine which is something which quite probably may spiral out of control and end up with a broader war which could involve a nuclear attack by the only country having nuclear weapons in the region which Apartheid Israel is.

It must be always kept in mind that these colossal, catastrophic relentless crimes against the humanity of the Palestinians were always carried out with Anglo-American acquiescence, and with their weapons, with the support of Israel at a rate of US $10 million dollars/per day with funds we-the-people must fork over with our tax payments badly needed for decent universal care and other much needed social programs, over whether we want it or not and in our name without our authorization.

Furthermore, to add insult to injury, the US and Israel kept getting away with getting away with invoking some kind of inexistent so-called “exceptionalist” right to violate International Law and the Fourth Geneva Convention and thereby go ahead with invasions, occupations, destruction of infrastructure and human lives without being held accountable.   That era is about to come to an end.

So, see infra the article which is the object of this AP article.


Subject : Article on Zionism and Anti-Zionism

This is a letter I have sent to Tablet, an on-line Jewish Magazine

Your article on Zionism and anti-Zionism completely ignores the long history of opposition to Jewish Zionism.

Zionism argues that American Jews are in “exile”and that Israel is the”homeland” of all Jews. 

Few Jewish Americans believe that this is true. Since 1942, the American Council for Judaism ( maintained that Jewish Americans are American by nationality and Jews by religion, just as other Americans are Protestant, Catholic, or Muslim.

Making Israel, not God, “central” to Judaism is a form of idolatry much like the Golden Calf in the Bible. 

Zionism, sadly, is a corruption of Judaism. 

This article is so caught in the controversies of the moment that it doesn’t see the larger question involved.

Judaism is a religion of universal values with a humane and ethical tradition.  The ethno-nationalism which dominates Israel—and those who call themselves Zionists in our own country—is a repudiation of these essential Jewish values. “

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