Zionist Crimes Against Palestinian Humanity Have Crossed a New Intolerable Rubicon Brazenly and Biden Must Act

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October 28, 2021 by Alfred

Zionist Crimes Against Palestinian Humanity Have Crossed a New Intolerable Rubicon Brazenly and Biden Must Act

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October 28, 2021 by Alfred

As the son of progressive and humanist German/Austrian Jewish parents who survived the crimes against the humanity of Jews and others by the Nazis, and as an activist in support of human rights and genuine participative democracy, I feel obliged to congratulate The Washington Post for publishing in its Digest the article titled “6 Palestinian Human Rights Groups Banned” (in Israel).

I also as much feel obliged to call to the attention of the American people that thanks to such progressives, humanists people as Rabbi Emil Gustav Hirsh, that in July of this year 600 illustrious intellectuals in more than 45 countries (among them Israeli Daniel Boyarin – Professor of Talmudic Culture at the University of California, and Adi Ophir – Professor Emeritus at the Tel Aviv University, as well as Alice Rothchild – Professor Emeritus at Harvard Medical School ) are now calling for (inter alia)  the urgent dismantlement of the Israeli Apartheid (Zionist) regime by peaceful means.

This was published in the Fall 2021 publication of “Issues” which is provided by Allan Brownfeld and its author, as stated supra, is the progressive and humanist Rabbi Emil Gustav Hirsch and it is provided by the prestigious American Council for Judaism.

Thanks to The Washington Post’s Digest article of yesterday – October 23, 2021 – the American people learned that  6 prestigious Palestinian human rights groups were banned by the Zionist power structure of Israel by simply having these organizations labeled as “terrorists”.

The designated organizations targeted were the following:

Al Haq, a human rights group founded in 1979 ; the Addameer Rights Group; Defence for Children International Palestine Group, the Bisan for Center for Research and Development; The Union of Palestine’s Women’s Committees;   and the Union of Agricultural Work Committees.

To add insult to injury, according to the Associated Press report in this Digest,  this declaration appeared to pave the way for Israel to raid offices, seize assets, and criminalize any expressions of support.

Israeli and international human rights groups called this criminal move an assault on civil society.

Given that Israel is the recipient of the incredible sum of $10 million dollars of aid per day, and given that the present Biden/Harris administration is as indifferent to the crimes against the humanity of Palestinians as all administrations since 1948, one can soundly state that the U.S. is an accomplice to what has been since 1948 a crescendo of settler takeovers overs via invasions, annexations, expulsions, house demolitions, massacres, and in effect a slow-motion genocide of Palestinians.

During the most recent unprovoked massacre of peaceful Ramadan prayers at the Al Aqsa Mosque and follow up killings for 11 days, President Biden had the temerity to repeat in meme-like fashion “Israel has a right to ‘defend’ itself” (?!) and then to add insult to injury by brazenly stating ” I am a Zionist “.  Whether it is ignorance or outright malevolence, such proclamations are absolutely intolerable and it is purely nonsensical to use this pseudo-justification by implying the myth that the US and Israel somehow can act so on the so-called mythical “exceptionalist” basis which the is supposed to suggest that this catastrophically criminal behavior can be justified as being backed up by some “divine” intervention.

It goes without saying that there is not a scintilla of “anti-Semitism” in anything stated supra, but contrary-wise, it is the hardcore Zionists who now have done major damage to Judaism and therefore are in reality the authentic “anti-Semites” most particularly since they are a minority and are not genuine Torah abiding practitioners of the universalists and humanists values of Judaism and furthermore because Zionists are NOT at all necessarily “Jews”  but are extremist right-wing racist supremacists, misogynists, sexists, eugenics believers and their violence practicing behavior are more due to the lack of any values.

There are also,  of course so-called  “Zionist” extremists right-wing evangelists, who are pseudo-Christians and do not qualify to be characterized as pure and noble Christians, since they are extremist right-wing disinformation generating corrupted politicians who are also at times members of crime cartels nowadays.

We the people hence need to press our present administration to the maximum to end and demand accountability from once for all its Trump gang-like “friendly” relationships which the horribly egregious misleaders as Zionists are as well as with the world’s most dangerous and terrorist, human rights-violating,  and democracy forbidding regimes, namely Saudi Arabia.   This however must at almost all costs not be done via offensive military means if we have learned anything from our past failures.

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