APNFD Nr.131 Breaking News re: How The NSO Group of Apartheid Israel Creates and Infects with “Pegasus” Spyware/Malware Smartphones In Order to Facilitate the Targeting of Of Such Organizations as Investigative Journalists/Human Rights Organizations/Peace Activists/Labor and/or Environmental Protection Organizers, for Criminals to Attack Them.

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November 10, 2021 by Alfred


Since its inception, the ARGENTUM POST has been a form of a literary activism in support of peace, justice, genuinely participative, progressive, Constitutional democracy.

Its founder and present writer is the son of German/Austrian parents who after being forcibly separated, had to escape and thus survive the racist, pervasive, murderous, Nazi power structure in 1939.

In its close to 700 articles, the ARGENTUM POST covered, inter alia, the absurdity of the attempted conflation of Judaism with Zionism since the latter harmed egregiously and documentably the former when even before the 1948 violent, brutal, illegal, murderous, forced exodus of close to 1 million Palestinians were expelled from their homes.

The father of this writer was forced to escape with on a freighter  with hardly any money to the only country which gave him asylum, namely Bolivia, which is landlocked,  but upon arriving at the port of Callao, Peru was told by the immigration offiicials that he would have to return to Marseilles where he boarded the freighter because the ZO (Zionist Organization – today the ZOW, Zionist Organization of the World) had the (bizarrely undue) influence to demand that Jews with no financial resources should not disembark because they were needed for the Palestine colonization project.

Luck, and adrelanine, plus the generosity of a customs official led my father to escape and run to field where cargo trains where leaving for Bolivia.    Had he been sent back to Marseilles late in 1939, he would probably been jailed and sent to an extermination camp and this writer would not have been born in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

The qualifying adjective which right-wing extremist criminal imperialists invoke, namely the notion that they can employ the ficitional “exceptionalism” or worse the “divine exceptionalism” in the real world is risible and inoperable. 

The notion that the Israeli – Zionism in its settler-colonialist hegemonic murderous and slow motion ethonocide,   or that the the far-right NeoNazis which attempted to destroy what is left of the democracy in the United States,  are somehow “excpionalistically entitled to commit crimes is  tragic-commically also fictional and inoperable.

To this day, the crimes against the humanity of the Palestinians continue by the minority of not only right-wing extremists, Jewish Zionists, but as well extremist pseudo-Christian Evangelical right-wing extremists, as well as non-religious agents of hegemonic imperialism word-wide.

To this day, the now criminal cartel of the Zionist power structure of Israel masquerades behind the mantel of decent, Torah universalist, humanist values abiding Jews to carry out their treacherous mendacious international law violating murderous acts.

With this foreword, the ARGENTUM POST cuts to the chase and goes to the crux of this breaking news article which exposes the reality that once for all, the perfidious crimes of the supra described Zionist evil-doing cartel to which it must be held accountable and for which it must be dismantled.

As published in the publication “Issues” by Allan C. Brownfeld of the very prestigious, progressive “American Council for Judaism” in its Fall 2021 edition, in July over 600 intellectuals from more than 45 countries, signed a declaration calling for the dismantlement of what they called “the Apartheid regime” set up on the sovereign territory of historic Palestine, and calling for the “establishment of a democratic constitutional arrangement that grants all citizens equal rights and equal duties.”

Hence, fast-forwarding to today’s November 10,2021, critical mass has been reached, the proverbial rubicon has been crossed and EVERYONE is urged to read the highly commendable exposure by The Washington Post of the Zionist’s worldwide “Pegasus” spyware/malware created by the Zionist -Israel NSO Group and its horrific spying scandal of the hacking into 50,000 iPhones which makes it easier for criminals and terrorists to assassinate human rights activists, investigative journalists, union representatives, civic activists, peaceful conflict resolution activists, Citizens Lab, a technology research center at the University of Toronto, and several Mexican nongovernmental groups.

Until now, primarily independent, progressive media such as the prestigious daily Democracy Now program hosted by the indefaticable Amy Goodman and co-hosted by Juan Gonzáles, as well as “60 Minutes”  and foreign news media,  Amnesty International, and “Forbidden Stories” which is a Paris journalism non-profit based organization, have reported on this inchoate huge scandal.

To the credit of the U.S. Commerce Department the Zionist – Israeli NSO Group firm recently has been blacklisted on the basis that its spyware had been used to “maliciously target “the innocent organzations and institutions supra mentioned.

So, with this foreword, the ARGENTUM POST presents its readers with the link to the supra noted today published article on this Pegasus Zionist-Israel criminal scandal. 

Mexico Makes First Arrest in Pegasus Spying Scandal

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