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  1. Scott Ritter in an Interview by Chris Hedges Exposes How Mike Pompeo Uses Manufactured Intel to Sell the American People a Potential War on Iran

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    February 21, 2019 by Alfred

    Had Scott Ritter been listened to, and had the Constitutionally mandated War Powers Act been enforced, the dishonest, corrupt and …
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  2. Noam Chomsky Sets the Record Straight on Iran : A Comprehensive Exposé of Lies Underlying the Insidious Villification of Iran


    August 22, 2015 by Alfred

    Noam Chomsky is beyond reproach. This brilliant, legendary, humanist, scholar is right on point when it comes to debunking the …
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  3. Gary Sick : A Major Diplomatic and Scholarly Authoritarian Voice for National and International Security and Stability Underlines the Imperative for the Iran Nuclear Agreement


    August 21, 2015 by Alfred

    Gary Sick, Professor of Columbia University, National Security Council member during various presidencies, including Carter and Reagan, fully endorses the …
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  4. A Report Based on an Invitation to Obama’s Conference on the Iran Nuclear Deal


    August 8, 2015 by Alfred

    This writer was invited by Rabbi Lerner’s Tikkun organization to participate in the Obama Conference on the  Iran Nuclear Deal. …
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