Netanyahu’s Impossible Demand of the Recognition of Israel as a “Jewish” State Reveals Again His Intention to Scuttle Peace Negotiations [# 120]


January 5, 2014 by Alfred


Israeli PM Netanyahu’s demand that Palestine, having recognized Israel in 1993, must now recognize that Israel is a “Jewish state” as a pre-condition to peace negotiations is an appalling reminder that, going back as far as the Oslo Accord, when he boasted documentably to have sabotaged said Accord,  his real objective of considering negotiations for peace was never anything but a diversion while more and more violations of international law are meted out on the Palestinian people by his continuation of the violent annexations of Palestine property to finally declare the two state so-called solution null and void due to it having been rendered permanently inoperable.

This demand is cynical, absurd, bizarre, and disgusting and there is no state in the world which would be asked to recognized some state’s inner cultural or religious identity, and in Israel’s case this is even more preposterous since it is a synthetic “state” entity which was formed needlessly on the basis of the nationalization of a religion and on the basis of dishonest and mythical Zionist concoctions which exploited the crimes of the Nazis at the cost of the people of Palestine even though they were advocating religious nationalization by colonization decades prior to the advent of Naziism.   The objective of the demand is of course to insure that the millions of Palestinians living in Israel and occupied territories are not accorded their due political rights in their own homeland.

This is a particularly egregious move since it is also a myth that Jews are an ethnic entity.

Clearly Judaism is a religion like any other, except that it is the only which claims that its followers are God’s “chosen people”, and are entitled to the “promised land” of others, a clearly racist and classist invention.  Of course Judaism has also clearly become a world-wide vibrant and well assimilated culture.   But otherwise, extensive research by archaeologists and social anthropologists clearly indicates that the monotheistic Judaic religion originated in Zacharia, a province of Kazakhstan.   Hence it is Palestinians who were dispossessed in 1947 of their houses, and farms, who deserve a “right to return” and not those who claimed that land using the ancient biblical history as a lien to the Palestinians rightful land.

One of the most scholarly studies conducted on this subject resulted in a comprehensive book written by Jewish author Schlomo Sand.  It has become an international best-seller and its title is “The Invention of the Jewish People”.

Pulitzer prize recipient journalist,  Tom Segev,  reviewed the book and stated that “There never was a Jewish people, only a Jewish religion, and the exile also never happened – hence there was no return”.

The Washington Post published a very small article on this subject yet, properly, in the   Science News digest, which provides documentation to the reality that DNA now shows that the ancestry of the people who founded the Judaic religion  came from Eastern Europe and not from the Near East.  It goes on to state that there is evidence of past mass conversions to Judaism, especially among women, throughout the Mediterranean and that as a result, about one tenth of the Roman Empire’s population, or 6 million, had converted to Judaism.   The source of this article published on 10/15/2013 is, Bloomberg News….  Zionists would naturally characterize this as the findings of “anti-Semites” or “self-hating Jews”, however this false accusation has become inoperable a long time ago, besides being oxymoronic in this particular instance.

The author of the above-named book, as well as the writer of this blog, happen to be solid citizens, of Jewish ancestry, and respectful of people of all religions or lack thereof, as long as they do not infringe on the human rights of each other.

Our President and the Secretary of State John Kerry deserve credit for their earned efforts to reduce to practice the moral imperative of bringing about an end to the Palestine/Israel problem, but they must become more historically aware of the falsehood of the Zionist narrative to be effective, and that makes it obvious that there is no moral equivalence between the occupied and the occupiers and one cannot condemn the resorting to violence by the occupied and ignore the terrible state violence of the occupiers.

Violence generates violence and it is only through mutual rebuilding cooperation that violence will be stamped out on both sides and that, ideally, calls for the formation of a single humanistically secular and democratic state which will encompass all of Palestine/Israel.

The way forward must be to end the way backwards for irreversible and sustainable peace.

One thought on “Netanyahu’s Impossible Demand of the Recognition of Israel as a “Jewish” State Reveals Again His Intention to Scuttle Peace Negotiations [# 120]

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    What a powerful piece exposing the truth about the lineage of the people of the Jewish religion and a wonderful phrase which merits quoting: “…exploited the crimes of the Nazis at the cost of the people of Palestine…”

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