Israel’s PM and FM Statements Highlight Imperative for “One-State” Solution Now [ #125]


January 7, 2014 by Alfred

After Prime Minister (PM) Netanyahu added recently the absurd condition for any peace conference that it must include recognition by the Palestinian leadership that Israel is “a Jewish State” (even though Palestine recognized Israel in 1993), the Foreign Minister (FM) Avigdor Lieberman added insult to injury on January 5, 2014 when he stated that ” I will not support any peace deal that will allow the return of even one Palestinian refugee to Israel “.

It takes historical amnesia for anyone to accept such an absurdity, since it is a well-known fact that in 1947-1948, with the facilitation of the British empire, Palestine was partitioned violently and as a consequence it lost 75% of its territory and close to one million were forcibly dispossessed and expelled from their land.  Mr. Lieberman is not entitled to not support the return of Zionist violently displaced Palestinians to their villages in Palestine.

The mythical Zionist narrative based on the Hebrew Bible would have the world believe that there was some inherent right by “God’s chosen people” to carry out this expropriation and furthermore said false narrative was correlated opportunistically with this violent occupation by linking it with the crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Nazis in Germany and thereby establishment of the an entity which is the product of the nationalization of the Jewish religion, at the expense of the Palestinian people.  These residents of Palestine are also referred as “savages”  by prominent Zionist ideologues and leaders.

This is the response of the Israeli Zionist misleadership to our President Obama’s commendable quest for peace negotiations which had our Secretary of State shuttling back and forth between Israel  established in Palestine and Israel occupied Palestine for 5 month to no avail.   It is also known that within the next few days, Israel’s PM will authorize a further establishment of settlements in Palestine which are brazen violations of UN resolutions and international law.

All of this is happening as the fires of factional warfare are spreading in Syria, now in Iraq, and probably soon in Egypt as a result of the murderous military coup against President Morzi, the only one ever elected democratically.

So, given that today’s (January 7, 2014) New York Times headline indicates that now the US and Iran are now united by their common opponent Al Qaeda, which is feeding on sectarian strife as well as it fed on the US military interventions in the region since 1991, it is clear that there is another opponent to peaceful conflict resolution, namely the Zionist misleadership of Israel with its undue influence in the US Congress.

Both extremist camps are stoking the devastating fires of destruction and destabilization of the Middle East with serious consequences to the US and Europe, inter alia.    And addiitionally and paradoxically both, Cheney’s / Bush’s  US and Israel further stoked fires of destruction when they and Tony Blair’s Britain supported the war on Iraq on fraudulent grounds using the Saudi Arabian  Al Qaeda criminal attack on the Trade Towers on 9/11/2001 as pretext, with Cheney endlessly suggesting falsely that Iraq was involved.

This state of affairs highlights now more than ever that the  “One State” solution to the Jewish conflict with Palestinians must be solved by the immediate inauguration of the cornerstone of the only viable and sustainable solution which is the establishment of a state which encompasses and embraces all Palestinians and all Jews have taken over Palestine.

This state must become a secular democracy with humanistic values and reconstruction and reform must and will unite all genuinely concerned with the non-military assistance of the UN, US, EU, and other governments and a NGO’s.

The statements by the PM and FM of Israel are as incendiary as their constant documentably false allegations that Iran is set on destroying Israel, that its former leader denied the Holocaust, etc., in a campaign of Iran vilification with fear and hate mongering which could wound up with a military attack on Iran by Israel with catastrophic consequences way beyond those for Iran, and Israel.

Let the “One State” solution become a veritable cauldron of good will and hope for the fruits of the endeavours of Jews and Palestinians to bring particularly the Gaza Palestinians out of their indescribable miserable squalor caused by monstrous abuse for decades.   Let the emergence of this oasis of rationality and humanism become that cauldron which will deplete the supply of oxygen which fuels the destruction caused by Al Qaeda and affiliates, and let this be the dawn of an outside-of-box experiment become a beacon to the end of all violence presently devastating infrastructure and wasting human lives.

The misconception that Jews and Palestinians will always fight each other is dishonest, moronic, cynical, and destitute of any historical accuracy.

The grandfather of the writer of this blog who was a secular German but of Jewish cultural background, left Germany in 1935 and emigrated to the USSR wherefrom he left after WWII in 1946 for Haifa, Palestine where he spent some peaceful and happy months which were then abruptly ended with the destruction by the violent partition  of  Palestine (aka then “Mandatory Palestine” because it was British occupied Palestine).   After the violent establishment of the synthetic entity which was that product of the nationalization of the Jewish religion, called Israel, said grandfather had to leave again in 1947 because it became immediately obvious to him that what would ensue as a result of the horrendous mistake of this phenomenon would be countless years of destruction and blood shedding.

On March 7, 2014 there will be an international summit at the National Press Club which will analyze this history and which will present alternatives calling for the urgent reform of the US outdated and counter-productive policies toward Israel as a result of pernicious and myopic national interests coupled to the undue influences of special extremist lobbies in Congress.

It is also worthy to note that in December of 2013, the prestigious organization of scholars known as the American Scholars Association (ASA) has gathered some 1,252 of its thousands of members world-wide and voted by a vote of 66.05% to endorse a resolution calling for the academic boycott of Israel.

The mainstream media continues to lag far behind the curve in giving coverage to the major changes that are occurring in the world, hence writers of blogs such as this one, take up the slack in the best interest of informing and educating Americans and others about the progress that is actually happening and is bringing the informed and affected people together to usher in a new era of authentically participative democracy in contrast to the degenerated one which is being managed and manipulated top down for the benefit of tiny elites which are recklessly out of touch and lack totally even a semblance of a collective humanistic conscience.




One thought on “Israel’s PM and FM Statements Highlight Imperative for “One-State” Solution Now [ #125]

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    Kudos for another critically important piece that I hope will be read far & wide! I believe that the U.N., U.S & the World must hold Israel responsible for criminal and apartheid acts against the Palestinian people in the International Criminal Courts for this to truly end.

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