Israel’s Economy and Trade Minister Statement About His Killing of Arabs Not Being a Problem [#130]


January 8, 2014 by Alfred

This is the third of a trilogy of articles which expose facts highlighting the brazen and bizarre mindset of the extremist Zionist misleadership power structure of Israel, a state which sits on invaded and occupied Palestinian land in violation of UN Resolutions and of international law, but which nevertheless is funded by the US at the rate of $ 20 million dollars per day, $ 8.5 million of which, per day, funds Israel’s military.

In the first of said articles, namely the one written on 01/05/2014, Israel’s PM (Prime Minister) Netanyahu is reported as having declared to US Secretary of State, John Kerry, that unless the Palestinian leadership recognizes that Israel is a “Jewish State” , there can be no peace negotiations.  The fact that the Palestinian leadership recognized Israel in 1993 is now insufficient.  Clearly this was just a way to scuttle the prospect for peace talks.

In the second of said articles, namely the one written on 01/07/2014, Israel’s FM (Foreign Minister) Avigdor Lieberman is reported as declaring that ” I will not support any peace deal that will allow the return of even one Palestinian refugee to Israel “, notwithstanding that it is Israel which occupies Palestine on the basis of mythical Biblical grounds and that it is Palestinians who were forcibly evicted from their lands have a right to return.   Obviously from a historical and ethical perspective there is no moral equivalence between the authentic Palestinian claims and the claims of the Jews who have nationalized their religion on Palestinian territory.

So, in this final article of the series, namely the one written on 01/08/2014, Israel’s ETM (Economy and Trade Minister), Naftali Bennett, is reported as declaring that ” I already killed lots of Arabs in my life, and there is absolutely no problem with that “.  This horrific quote actually was reported by The Washington Post, to its credit, on 01/07/2014 in an article titled ” Israel says Palestine push a ‘culture of hate’ that could undermine talks “.  No comments are needed to highlight the irony that it goes without saying that people who are invaded, dispossessed, humiliated, suppressed, killed as “terrorists”, if they protest human and legal rights violating treatment, will not be predisposed to not feel ‘hate’ for the perpetrators of the unjust and criminal acts they have become victims of.

Finally in addition to the statistical figures referred to supra as regards to the amount of the American taxpayer’s funds which flow daily to Israel for it to become in effect a national security threat to itself by its unsustainable repression, and hence a national security threat to us the people funding this insanity with our tax funds whether we like it or not, it is worthy note that the US foreign aid to Egypt (which is now run by a murderous military dictatorship) and to Israel, amounts to more that the US foreign aid to all countries in the world, that the US had budgeted $ 653,110,000,000 dollars of our tax dollars for the military (Department of Defense, War, and Nuclear Weapons), and this amounts to 57% of our budget, with only 5% being allotted to Health, and this therefore translates into the spending of  $ 1.2 million dollars per minute of our military spending.   These are statistics based on the 2013 federal discretionary budget request sent to Congress in February 2012.

It is also important to point out that the US spend more on its so-called defense budget than the rest of the world combined.

So, literally, undue special interests and a grotesquely deformed foreign policy, particularly as relates to our Israel policy which adds fuel to the mideast devastation rather than dousing water on it, lies at the root of the precarious state of our infrastructure, our health care, our educational system, and our security.

We the people can and will reclaim our genuinely participative democracy and hopefully become and practice what our corrupt politicians falsely pretend us to be, namely a beacon of democracy and freedom.  If we want to be all we can be, we need to become a republic and end our hypocritical and self-destructive path along the “neo-liberal/neo-con empire” path.

The first step in that direction must be the provision of an IRV (instant runoff voting) system, whereby we will finally be able to have a third-party which can challenge the two parties which monopolize our electoral system, yet we will be able to designate the quasi lesser progressive party to become the recipient of our votes if our third (progressive independent) party does not receive a majority of our votes.  In other words, the unprecedented year 2,000 debacle will never occur again, i.e. we will be able to vote for a Ralph Nader (progressive-independent) candidate type who will enrich our national debate conversations without fearing that our vote for such a (progressive independent) candidate will syphon off votes from a less-progressive Democratic candidate if we (progressive independents) designate said less-progressive Democratic candidate the recipient of our votes if the progressive-independent party candidate fails to receive a majority of our votes, and therefore the scenario that some corrupt right-wing extremist candidate who would further erode our already now managed  and manipulated democracy could not come to power by the default of caused by the split of the progressive-independent authentically democratic vote.


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  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    Not only informative & inspirational but also delivers a great practical solution. Kudos!

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