Israeli Historian Ilan Pappe Calls for Dealing With the Cause of The Palestine/Israel Debacle Which is The Zionism Ideology [#135]

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January 13, 2014 by Alfred

The internationally known and highly respected historian, author, and documentary producer, Israeli intellectual, Ilan Pappe, who holds the Chair in History at the University of Exeter, has recently given a university presentation in Stuttgart, Germany, where he called for a focus on the core  of the cause, not only the symptoms,  of the state of Israel’s forcible removal of the indigenous population from Palestine, and that cause is the ideology of the biblical mythology-based Zionism.

In this excellent and educational presentation of a 30 minutes video which was broadcast by Free Speech TV,  Ilan Pappe is convincingly making it transparently clear that the sustainable peaceful solution of the conflict generated by the intransigent and racist ideology of Zionism,  which dates back to the early 19th century, will have to involve the so-called “one-state solution”, which will in effect “de-Israelize” Palestine in a process which will lead to the creation of a potentially prosperous democracy whereto the expelled Palestinians and offsprings thereof will have the inalienable right to return and coexist with the European and North American Jews who have displaced said Palestinians in a violent process in 1948 which was facilitated by the British empire when which was occupying Palestine at that time.

The alternative “two-state” solution has been rendered impracticable by the misleadership of Israel and the regional conflict destabilizing status is not an option, since Israel is now the only and last Apartheid state in the world and its continued violent suppression and segregation of the Palestinians in the land it occupies is a violation of international law and further inflames the instability of a region which is crucial to global stability and whose peoples yearn for the evolutions of solutions which could usher in an era of hope and reconstruction.

The methodical peace and reconstruction metamorphosis of Palestine/Israel will have to come about with UN/EU/US cooperation, not to mention the cooperation between Jews and Palestinians which was a reality prior to the establishment of Israel in the midst of Palestine.

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