Palestinian Authority President Abbas Must Not be Criticized by How He Denounces the “Holocaust” [#255]


April 29, 2014 by Alfred

The most prominent newspapers of both, Washington DC and New York City, namely, The Washington Post and The New York Times, chose to report that the  Palestinian Authority President, Dr. Mahmoud Abbas, on the occasion of what is called “Holocaust Remembrance Day”, a day to remember the massacres of the Nazis against Jews, Homosexuals, Communists, Gypsies, and even decent German anti-Nazi dissents, denounced these crimes against humanity eloquently.   Both newspaper however felt that comments in their articles needed to be added which were irrelevant to Dr. Abbas’ statement.

In the reporting of Dr. Abbas’ declaration, these newspapers have decided to add that in the doctoral dissertation of Dr. Abbas which was made 31 years ago, he stated that about one million Jews were killed by the Nazis and furthermore he stated, quite correctly, that Zionists and the Nazis secretly collaborated during those horrific times.

Such critiques of Dr. Abbas are opportunistically exploitative.

The exact number of Jews killed is not known, but in no way can any discussion about the numbers of the Nazi victims be interpreted as somehow implying any intent to minimize the seriousness of these monstrous Nazi atrocities against humanity.  The quality and not the specific quantity is what is truly relevant in this context.

J​ust like torture, a massacre is a massacre and both are universally condemnable, so that when Dr.  Mahmoud Abbas correctly and laudably condemned the Nazi massacres of Jews and others,  and he must not be gratuitously criticized for what he has written in his doctoral dissertation he wrote 31 years ago.

Furthermore, and more importantly,  Mr. Abbas is correct in asserting that Zionists collaborated with the Nazis.     Zionist extremists have pressured both, Churchill and Roosevelt to deny entry of German Jews to Britain (except for women needed to work as au pairs), and to the US, and that was for the purpose of deflecting those Jews trying to escape the genocidal Nazis be sent to the then British empire occupied Palestinian colonization project.   This is a well documented fact.

The parents of this writer,  in 1937,  were denied entry visas to the US and Britain as a result of such horrific pressures,  and only at the last-minute an entry visa wired to the Bolivian Consulate in Paris by the Bolivian government saved my mother’s life.

The early Zionist were actually active in serving the colonial interests of the West as far back as in 1790 when they offered their support to Napoleon in his quest to colonize northern Africa.

The documented support for my supra statement as to the collaboration of he Zionists with the Nazis, is available in books published by scholarly researchers whose authors are mostly of Jewish, but not Zionist,  background.

To locate two well documented sources, one can refer to  two books.  One of them is titled “The Transfer Agreement : The Dramatic Story of the Pact Between the Third Reich and Jewish Palestine” by Edwin Black, and the other is  “51 Documents : Zionist Collaboration With the Nazis”, edited by Lenni Brenner.

On this “Holocaust” Remembrance Day one also needs to remember the Al-Nakba massacres which have been carried out  by the Zionist leaderships in Israel. To name a few, the Deir Yassin massacre in 1948, the Sabra and Shatila massacre in which Ariel Sharon was involved, and the massacres of tenths of thousands of Palestinian refugees in southern Lebanon in the mid 80’s and so on.   These are documented in books such as those of Jewish historian and author Ilan Pappe who wrote “The Ethnic Cleansing for Palestine”.

One also must remember other massacres on this Remembrance Day, namely the US massacres in Vietnam (Malay, inter alia), and more recently in Afghanistan and Iraq whereto our troops were sent to invade on the false claims that Iraq should pay for the crimes of the mostly Saudi criminals on September 11, 2001.

During the Al Nakba, close to one million Palestinians were forced off their lands and residences, and expelled from Palestine at the onset, in 1948, only three years after the Holocaust and only two years after the founding of the UN.   Palestine was then forcibly partitioned and initially lost 75% of its land.

The insidious colonization and international law violating settler occupation which began to be accelerated in 1967, also on false claims, has now all but extinguished a so-called “peace process” which was never meant to be real, so that now a Jewish minority is about to rule over a Palestinian majority which has to equivalent rights and representation, and which renders Israel the last and only Apartheid state in the world.

Palestinians therefore have cruelly and in a Kafkaesque fashion made to pay for the crimes of the Nazis and now that the leaders of Israel all but destroyed the possibility of a “Two-State” solution, only the “One State” solution can be the formula for a peaceful resolution and this will invariably have to mean that the “One-State”  must become an authentic democracy, unlike present day Israel,  and thus a democracy where all Jews in Palestine now,  as well as Palestinians including those still living in refugee camps will have to have a right to return.

In other words, this state will have to be a secular state, and yes, by modern democratic standards it will not a be a “Jewish State”, since Judaism is a religion and not a race, as Nazis referred hatefully referred to Jews, and in this state Jews, Christian, and Moslems will have the opportunity to co-create and co-produce in a vibrant and sustainable authentic state entity which may inspire others in the troubled Middle East to emulate.

No massive crimes by the Nazis against Jews and others are applicable as a justification for  how Israel was recklessly created and how the Israeli leadership has violated international law and the Geneva Convention in its brutal and illegal occupation and now is the time for the United Nations and the International Criminal Court to step in and Palestine should not be punished for addressing these authorities just as the US and Israel should not have punished Palestine for being accepted to become an observer member of UNESCO.


2 thoughts on “Palestinian Authority President Abbas Must Not be Criticized by How He Denounces the “Holocaust” [#255]

  1. Hamid amiri says:

    Very we’ll written and seemingly factual. Chapeau to the author for having the courage to point to this topic and showcase the history.

  2. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    Thank you for always speaking Truth to Power!

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