Senator Leahy’s Commendable and Principled Blocking of Aid to Egypt [Nr. 260]

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April 30, 2014 by Alfred

Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy, who is also the head of the panel which appropriates foreign aid, must be highly congratulated for finally confronting the executive branch of our government which has bizarrely continued to fund the murderous military dictatorship of General Al-Sissi which carried out a violent coup against the only democratic leader Egypt ever had, and which subsequently went on to carry out a massacre of peacefully demonstrating dissidents.

Subsequently this military junta has sentenced twice, via a mass trials which lasted a few minutes, a total of more than one thousand dissidents to death.

Appallingly and incomprehensibly, this murderous regime continued to be the recipient of the usual $ 1. 5 billion dollars per year of the American taxpayers funds and recently the decision was made by the administration to deliver 10 Apache attack helicopters to this gang of criminals who tyrannically now rule Egypt.

It is worthy to note that for decades dictator-ruled Egypt, as well as,  international violating Israel, have received more US aid than the rest of the world combined has received.

This scandalous double-standard must come to an end now.   “We the people” deserve to have our democratic vote respected and not to have these human rights violating regimes, to be, in our name, the recipient of funds and weapons to continue to repress those who are entitled to live in peace and under representative democratic governments.

On the same day as so commendably and courageously, the principled Senator Leahy announces the freezing of the funding of those who are adding fuel to burning fires, we witness the end of the charade of the so-called “peace process” talks between Israel and Palestine, primarily because the Zionist misleadership of Israel under, particularly, Netanyahu never honestly had an intereste in the “Two-State” solution and simply was using the charade to continue to violate various UN resolutions which ordered the end of the construction of international law violating settlements in the invaded West Bank and in East Jerusalem.

As this writer has previously documented in an article, Mr. Netanyahu was caught live on video and sound at the residence of illegal settlers pointing out that he was proud to have undermined the Oslo Accords and that the US would let him do anything he wanted.

Furthermore, the more moderate and decent Israeli PM Rabin, the ideologue of said Olso Accords, was assassinated by a member of a Zionist right-wing organization, and still, the US has been going along with just about any of the plethora of violent human rights and international law abuses carried out by Israel.

In the interest of national and regional security restoration, and, coincidentally, in the interest of all decent, humanist, rational Jews everywhere, the current US policy to Israel must come to an end into accordance with the reality on the ground, and that means, support for the only viable and sustainable peaceful solution of the conflict between Israel and Palestine by the  “One-State”  solution must commence.  This will usher in an era of co-creative co-reconstruction of all Israel/Palestine by Jews and Palestinians, which will then ideally become a secular democratic state, where it goes without saying, there will be no Jewish-majority state, and that will not be a hindrance to an order where all will live in peace and harmony.  It must be remembered that Judaism is a religion and not a race, or nationality.    Seculars, Jews, and Moslems have in the past and and can and must live together in ways which may even inspire the rest of those involved in regional sectarian irrational violent conflicts.

The UN and the ICC may have to intervene for this reality to be reduced to practice and for that purpose, it also goes without saying, the BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) movement will have have a role to play and therefore it must be energized and engaged constructively in coordination with NGO’s and others in the global community.

Under Ariel Sharon and Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel has overplayed its hand horrifically, and Israel has wasted time, and countless lives unnecessarily, and so have the rightful owners of the land of Palestine.

It is time for Mr. Netanyahu to end his delusional distractions with his continuous hate and fear mongering ramblings and belligerent threats equating Iran to Nazi Germany, to rather feeble mindedly cover up his years of deceit and political corruption in the megalomaniacal quest for a so-called expansionist “Greater Israel” based on mythical biblical narratives.

A new era is about to dawn with unprecedented opportunities and that process will be accelerated if the US ends its undue lobby influenced disastrous financial and military aid to Egypt and Israel.

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