While Incomprehensibly President Obama Continues to Support Israel, its Minister of Economics Deems Even Israeli Human Rights Groups “Irrelevant ” [ # 330 ]


July 18, 2014 by Alfred

President Obama’s continuing statements of support for Israel’s “right to defend itself” while Israel is doing nothing but offending, provoking, attacking, injuring, and killing innocent unarmed civilians, is bizarre, incomprehensible, and perplexingly out character for a President who, while campaigning, stated categorically that “the situation of the Palestinians is intolerable”.

To anyone not living in the realm characterized by Gore Vidal as the “United States of Amnesia”,  there is nothing defensive about the present savage and literally genocidal onslaught by the extreme right-wing nationalist Zionist power structure of Israel on Palestine.   The Hamas artisanal Qassam rockets which thus far have killed one individual, while deplorable and counter-productive, are but only a symptom of an exasperated reaction of a people confined to a blockaded concentration camp for the “crime” of having democratically voted for the Hamas party in an election which our former distinguished President Carter observed as a fair election.

Israel’s disproportionate crimes against humanity in violation of international law and the Fourth Geneva Convention, based on the totally unproved allegations of culpability of Hamas for the death of 2 Israeli and 1 American teenager coupled  now to additionally false allegation of Hamas rockets which were fired in response to the Israeli rampages, detentions, killings, and house demotions in response to these teenagers deaths are part of a Kafkaesque, cynical, sadistic, inhuman, and illegal campaign of crimes against the humanity of the Palestinian people.

Since the 1948 “war of independence” when Jewish immigrants to Palestine were trained and armed by the Palestine occupying British empire, unleashed a literally ethnic cleansing war on the legal inhabitants of the region, an event characterized as the “Nakba” when close to one million inhabitants were violently expelled from their homes and farms, as the Jewish religion was nationalized, on the basis of the Hebrew Bible, to be morphed into the embodiment of a so-called State of Israel, successive governments of this Western colonialist entity have engage in continuous provocative offensive activities which added a new dimension to the expression of “adding insult to injury”.

As we now witness the Gaza massacre, it numbs the mind of any educated and informed observer to view this massacre against a ruthless occupier as some kind of an exercise in “self-defense”.

The best and only self-defense Israel can and should have practiced going back particularly after its invasions and occupations of 1967, is a strategy of genuine withdrawal to at least pre-1967 levels which would not even come close to compensating Palestinians for the 75% of the territory that was literally stolen from them.

With this preamble it is noteworthy to note that when a few days ago Naftali Bennett, the far right nationalist Zionist Minister of Economics of Israel and a member of Netanyahu’s inner circle, was interviewed by BBC’s Lyse Doucet, in answer to her question as how he addresses the criticism by Israeli human rights organization as regards to the lethal collective punishment being meter out on Palestinians in Gaza,  he replied grotesquely and dismissively that these organization will criticize us ” even if we hand out chocolates to all Palestinians ” and then he proceeded to add the a punch of disgusting insult to injury by stating that these Israeli human rights organizations are ” irrelevant . [see Paragraph 8 of the linked article from the “Israel National News” ]

How do our leading politicians in Congress and in the White House expect the world to respect us if we condone this savagery and, to boot, continue to funnel millions of dollars of our taxpayers funds per day to a power structure which is adding enormously to the destabilization of the region in ways that are a threat to our own national best interests and security ?

The least the White House must do immediately is to follow through with the call by Amnesty International which is to declare an end to all military support to Israel, and to Hamas, although clearly, there is no moral equivalence between perpetrator and victim as there is none between international law violating occupier the occupied.



One thought on “While Incomprehensibly President Obama Continues to Support Israel, its Minister of Economics Deems Even Israeli Human Rights Groups “Irrelevant ” [ # 330 ]

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    Thanks so much for this eloquent and reasoned response to Obama’s outrageous statement on Israel’s right to “defend itself.” Even though I lost faith and trust in Obama a long time ago, I didn’t expect him to go this far. His support of these latest acts of war and cruelty shocked me to the core! I would like to find a way to start a campaign to take back his Nobel Peace Prize. He’s just a lackey to AIPAC and the military/industrial complex who runs the U.S. gov’t.

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