Jews and Israelis Reached Critical Mass and are Now Breaking the Conspiracy of Silence and Denouncing the Gaza Massacres [#335]


July 19, 2014 by Alfred

There has been for too long a veritable conspiracy of silence when it comes to the reporting by the U.S. mainstream media that Jews and Israelis of varied backgrounds are now, and have in the past, condemned in the strongest terms the Zionist extremist misleadership of Israel in its dishonest narratives and brutal and international law violating occupation of Palestine and now particularly in its provocations of Gaza Palestinians in order to use their responses as ruses to carry out literal massacres, something which only is exacerbated by the shameless and cynical mantra issued by members of Congress and, stunningly incredibly, by President Obama who campaigned in 2008 declaring that ” …The situation in Palestine is intolerable…”.

This writer has been to various demonstrations in Washington, DC against the Gaza massacres carried out by Israel and has witnessed the presence of decent, conscientious, rational,  and humanist Jews not only protesting with all of us, but in some cases being the featured speakers at the rallies during said demonstrations.   See the pictures taken by this writer below.


In Israel, dissident protestors are raising their voices passionately and articulately, and most noteworthy is how the Israeli media is engaged in indicting exposes of the atrocities being carried out in Gaza in ways that are totally absent not only in the U.S. mainstream media, but as well in the U.S. government’s legislative and executive branches.   One can only surmise that this is the result of the corrupting undue influences of AIPAC and the “industrial military complex” which President Eisenhower warned the American people about in his farewell speech.

As an example of the Israeli dissident media speaking out and reporting on the atrocities being carried out is the distinguished Israeli journalist Amira Hass which reports for the prestigious, balanced, and professionally principled Israeli  newspaper Haaretz.

In the supra paragraph, the linked report by Amira Hass comes from an interview of her by Amy Goodman the producer of the highly independent US news television program “Democracy Now”.

It is shockingly scandalous that President Obama continuous to repeat a mantra based on false and propagandistic basis by Israel’s notoriously dishonest Prime Minister Netanyahu which says ” Israel has a right to defend itself “.

If Israel was not the offensive international law violating occupier which has “Eretz Israel” as its expansionist objective, and if Israel had not torturously confined almost 2 million Palestinians to the blockaded concentration camp which Gaza in effect is,  and if Mr. Netanyahu had not sabotaged the Oslo Peace talks, as he was caught on video proudly admitting to illegal settlers of occupied Palestinian lands, then Israel would not have had to use as a ruse the oxymoronic falsehood that it has a “right to defend itself” from artisanal Qassam rockets which Hamas is foolishly using to practice its genuine right to defend its people.    These rockets have thus far killed one single individual while Israel has killed at least more than 300 thus far, the vast majority of them being innocent unarmed children, women, and men.    This heinous crime  has now reached the point where hospitals and rehab centers have been deliberately targeted and destroyed.

The President and the mainstream media must cease immediately to defend the indefensible for the sake of our own national security, as we are perceived correctly as the enablers of these crimes against humanity by a run amok regime which has entered into a dead-end path as it is now a full-fledged Apartheid state of worse conditions for its abused victims than the last Apartheid state of South Africa with which Israel had a 20 year military relationship and to which, in violation of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which it refused to sign on to, it proliferated the technology of weaponization of nuclear energy.  The details of this clandestine program are documented in the book “The Unspoken Alliance” by Sasha Suranksy Polakow.

One can neither individually nor collectively use a right to claim to be defending oneself when one has been relentlessly over decades offending provocatively after stealing real estate, expelling its lawful owners, and then when they are driven to insanity and carry out reprisals to hypocritically and simplistically tag them as “terrorists” in order to execute them and to proclaim to the world that there are no negotiations possible with terrorists.


One thought on “Jews and Israelis Reached Critical Mass and are Now Breaking the Conspiracy of Silence and Denouncing the Gaza Massacres [#335]

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    The American public has been brainwashed for sure about Israel, as well as all American wars! Israel is our partner in the Middle East, perhaps our only trusted partner and strategic nuclear base left in that region. We have lost ground in Iraq and Afghanistan, so ever more reason we either condone or put up with their brutality to keep them our ally. We even pay them billions a year. I can see now that it was very naive of me to think Obama would criticize their recent barbarity since he’s proved to be just a lackey to the Complex that elected him and keeps him in office. Also, we justify and glorify all war! How to override the mainstream media to re-educate and re-orient the public is the true challenge! I praise you for relentlessly trying to speak truth to all the widespread myths created to keep the war machine operational. Additionally, until International Legal Systems bring all these war criminals to justice, they will continue to wage war in collusion with the powerful and wealthy Military Industrial Complex on a global scale and the public will continue to accept it as necessary and justified. If and when the human race ever evolves into more enlightened beings, we have a monumental job to do!

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