The US Mainstream Media Scandalously Biased Reporting on the Israel Massacre in Gaza Ignores or Blocks the Voices of Scholarly Palestinians such as Rula Jebreal and Ali Abunimah [# 340]


July 24, 2014 by Alfred

At a juncture when the United Nation Office of the High Commissioner has announced today (July 23, 2014) that it will conduct an investigation of Israel’s violations of humanitarian and human rights laws, not to mention violations of The Fourth Geneva Convention,  which are occurring in the present Gaza massacre, the US mainstream media as well as so-called “liberal” networks such as MSNBC, is brazenly and relentlessly biasedly suppressing coverage of historic reality not only in Gaza but  in all of Israel’s illegally occupied Palestinian land, including East Jerusalem.

The brazen Zionist right – wing extremist misleadership centric propaganda is being instead relentlessly reported in a mantra like series of recitations which repeat the nonsensical  and non applicable simplistic and baseless declaration that “Israel has a right to defend itself” as if Israel has not been the occupying perpetrator since 1948 and then again in 1967, but is to be viewed as some king of a “victim”.

This constitutes a literal media scandal which manipulates and brain-washes Americans by robbing them of their right to know the reality behind this tragedy which is having catastrophic consequences to all genuinely concerned or not.

The conspicuous absence of Palestinian scholarly voices of rationalistic humanistic authors, journalists, political  analysts, international law attorneys, in the reporting of the US mainstream media about the present Israel massacre where about 74%  of the Palestinians assassinated are unarmed men, women, and children in Gaza, a blockaded concentration camp of almost 2 million humans, since 2006.   This is shockingly even more scandalous than the silence of the said media when the American people were criminally mislead by the Cheney/Bush neocons  into the invasion of Iraq on falsely concocted claims, a move which continues 11 years later to have catastrophic consequences for all involved, except for the stockholders of the “industrial-military complex” which President Eisenhower warned us about in his farewell speech.

The rare exception to this norm is the publicly supported independent media, and as an example of a most outstandingly prestigious organization in that category  is the one produced by Amy Goodman, called “Democracy Now”.

With this preamble, this writer wishes to focus on just two of the most extraordinarily principled, educated, passionate Palestinians who are courageously and articulately clamoring for justice for Gaza , namely Rula Jebreal, an author, journalist, political analyst who recently had her contract suspended or ended by MSNBC for reporting the reality without aligning with the special interest groups which are engaged in blocking it, and Ali Abunimah, an author, journalist, and co-founder of the website “Electronic Intifada” and who also wrote, inter alia, the book “The Battle for Justice for Palestine”.

Both of these outstanding Palestinians, namely Ali Abunimah and Rula Jebreal were interviewed today (July 23, 2014) by Amy Goodman and an associate on said Democracy Now program.

These dedicated scholars of course focus on all of Palestine which since 1948 has been subject to such barbaric mistreatment that the globally respected Israeli citizen, Ilan Pappe, wrote a book describing this horrific process which is titled “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine”

These and other noble Palestinians and Jews are now part of a broad movement which even includes Orthodox Jews who support the ushering  in of a peaceful reconstruction era which can gradually become the inspiring focus of a future when immigrant Jews in Palestine and Palestinians of the Christian religion, of the Moslem religion,  as well as seculars, will begin the long journey by communicating through the medium of co-reconstruction, co-production, co-creation, and co-healing.

This is not a utopian ideal, but since the Two State solution has been so sabotaged by the Zionist extremist power structure of Israel that it has ceased to be viable, and most particularly responsible for this is the power structure headed by the former PM Netanyahu, who actually was caught on audio and video documentation admitting that he scuttled the Oslo Peace Agreement talks, it is the One State solution which seems to be the most sustainably viable now.


One thought on “The US Mainstream Media Scandalously Biased Reporting on the Israel Massacre in Gaza Ignores or Blocks the Voices of Scholarly Palestinians such as Rula Jebreal and Ali Abunimah [# 340]

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    So very sadly true! Thank you for always shining the light of truth and hope into the dark abyss of malice and falsehoods, especially during this time of crisis!

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