The Israel Indicting Massive Demonstration in Washington, DC Has National and International Ramifications 08/12/14


August 12, 2014 by Alfred

This writer has participated in the Washington, DC massive demonstration against the appalling Israeli massacres which now number about 2,000 Gazans, 400 of them children, and the overwhelming majority unarmed innocent civilians.

While The Washington Post duly noted the “Thousands” who marched in opposition to  Israel’s atrocious killing of innocent unarmed civilians in Gaza, it is quite disappointing that the Washington Post decided to relegate the reporting of this historical event to the Metro section, and reported it in conjunction with another unrelated protest on immigration.

This historical event which drew tenths of thousands to denounce the veritable massacre being carried out in Gaza was comprised of people of all backgrounds, including and ​most noteworthy,  Orthodox Jews and anti-Zionist Jews.

The protesters carried signs such as  “Resistance is Not Terrorism, Occupation Is “, clearly reflecting the reality that Israel has been violating countless UN resolutions to withdraw to pre-1967 borders, continuing to build illegal settlements to the point that it is now becoming an Apartheid state, as our former President Jimmy Carter recognized in his book “Peace Not Apartheid”.   The same President traveled to Gaza in 2006 and recognized the legitimacy of the electoral process which brought the political movement Hamas to power.

This huge march at a time when the White House and Congress are stunningly at odds with the global condemnation of the atrocities against the humanity being committed in Gaza in our name, is an event that has major national and global relevance and therefore must urgently be resolved now and in ways which do not require the acquiescence of those who are occupying Palestine in violation of international law.

“Never Again” became a rallying demand by all decent people in response to the heinous Nazi crimes against the humanity of Jews and many others.   It is incredibly ironic that now it is Israel which is violating that commitment to humanity and that it is the United States which is enabling this horrific travesty.

The US must end being the enabler of this insanity by ending the funding of Israel which  amounts to about  $ 10 million per day.

Since Israel came into being as a result of terrorizing violence coupled to the British occupier of Palestine facilitation of the Zionist colonization of Palestine prior to and after 1948, and since the US became geopolitically interested in said colonization process  after  Israel invaded Egypt in 1967 and then went on to occupy the West Bank, Gaza, and the Golan Heights, it is imperative that it be the UN and the International Criminal Court who must  end Israel’s now genocidal crimes, and not the US since it has proven over decades that, as shown by its voting record at the UN, it is not an objective actor in any viable and sustainable solution to end once for all the genocidal abuse of the Palestinians who are, regardless of dismissable mythical Biblical claims, the legitimate owners of the land forcibly and violently taken from them.

The writer of this letter happens to be the a son of parents who survived the Nazi genocidal crimes against the humanity of Jews and others.


One thought on “The Israel Indicting Massive Demonstration in Washington, DC Has National and International Ramifications 08/12/14

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    Thank you for marching and always speaking truth to Power!

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