The End of Authentic Democratic and Diplomatic Debate in the Israel-in-Palestine Conflict and in Other Militarized Conflicts


January 6, 2015 by Alfred

In deference to the brilliant “stars” of this report and in recognition that less is more, this writer has opted to, on this day of January 5, 2015, take a back seat and channel one of the most informative, educational, and dramatic exposures of how our nation is losing the democratic debate in the mainstream media and in Congress and is thereby, by default abdicating its right to know the truth, as national secrecy elites are gradually moving in to drown us in a sea of secrecy as regards to issues of vital interests to the present and future generations.

The only alternative for this corrosion of our democratic prerogative to be informed, to participate in debate, to be represented in decisions – some of which may turn out to become irreversible and thereby will irreversibly damage future generations, is to become united in a push for an immediate end to the constantly building up of secrecy which corrupt elite autocrats use to obfuscate their greed and incompetence while we are relegated to remain in a passive state info-tained impotence due to the arrogance of the secrecy elites which renders us ignorant of reality, often without even realizing it.

So, with this preface, what follows is the dissemination of two segments of the highly prestigious, educational, and thereby informative Democracy Now program which aired today, on January 5, 2014.

The two most important segments are (I) a discussion of the Israel-in-Palestine debacle as it is finally turning into a global issue as it moves to the United Nations and to the International Criminal Court, and (II) a discussion of the secrecy elite state which not only the U.S. is embracing, but which is beginning to effectively drown out media and congressional debate about issues which affect all of the peoples of the world.

The main brilliant “stars” of this show of unfiltered debate on public TV are:  Amy Goodman, the producer of Democracy Now,  Ali Abunimah the author of  “Electronic Intifada”, Phyllis Bennis,  Fellow of the highly prestigious Institute of Foreign Policy, and Scott Horton, a human rights lawyer and the author of “Lords of Secrecy“.

The time has come when “we the people” recover our right to know and the dignity to be treated as participants in a genuine democratic process which must offer us  full respect and full representation which must hold our present and past manipulating corrupt and dishonest politicians accountable without recourse to pseudo arguments based on false “secrecy” consideration generated as a smoke screen to camouflage widespread wrong doing by an entrenched 0.1% group of oligarchs masquerading often , to add insult to injury as “patriots” or “top experts” without adequate elaboration.

Therefore  part (I) of this important discussion features as interviewees, Phyllis Bennis and Ali Abunimah on the issue of the U.N. and International Criminal Court involvement in the utterly failed and often occupier sabotaged so-called “peace talks” between the Israeli occupiers and the abused Palestinians for decade after decade.

Next,  part (II) of this equally important discussion features Scott Horton as the interviewee discussing his book Scott Horton, his book, Lords of Secrecy: The National Security Elite and America’s Stealth Foreign Policy

Both links are provided in the form of text as well as video.

2 thoughts on “The End of Authentic Democratic and Diplomatic Debate in the Israel-in-Palestine Conflict and in Other Militarized Conflicts

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    Yes, I read/saw both on Democracy Now yesterday. Thank goodness for the “stars” to guide us through the darkness!

    • Fred says:

      How well said, Marie.
      We need a constellation of stars guiding us through the nights of obfuscating foggy darkness imposed on us by the powers that be for their exclusive benefit.

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