A Visionary Founder of the Concept of a Home for Jews Persecuted in Czarist Russia Would Decry Present Israel’s International Law Violations and Crimes Against The Humanity of Palestinians


January 7, 2015 by Alfred

The name of said visionary founder of the concept of a home for Jews persecuted in Czarist Russia is Theodor Herzl.  He lived between 1860 and 1904.

Herzl was an Austro-Hungarian journalist, playwright, political activist, and writer. He is considered by some to have been the father of political Zionism.

The Washington Post’s “Book World”  publication, on Sunday January 4, 2015, of the review of the book “Herzl’s Vision” could not come at a more opportune moment when fundamentalist extremist misinterpreters of Herzl’s Zionist vision in Israel’s power structure are adding horrific and bizarre insults to the injuries they has relentlessly and shamelessly meted out on Palestinians by not only occupying their land in violation of international law, but by also carrying out horrific violent attacks on Palestinians for decades while getting away for far too long with a brazenly arrogant and reckless attitude of ignoring the fundamental human and civil rights of the Palestinians and thereby by ignoring international law and UN Resolutions which have called, since Israel started 1967 war on Egypt, for Israel to withdraw to its pre-1967 borders when it used its war on Egypt to expand its territory into the West Bank, Gaza, Golan Heights, and East Jerusalem, thereby leaving only 25% of what was left of Palestine to the Palestinians and even that land is now being hacked away with along with any semblance of Palestinian sovereignty and dignity being left intact.

This book review, by Jonathan Kirsch in the Washington Post, highlights documentation of a declaration of major relevance which the moderate, pragmatic, humanist Theodor Herzl made and which thereby puts him directly at odds with the present reckless march of the misleadership of Israel and which most probably would have had  Herzl welcome the involvement of the UN and of the International Criminal Court to reign in said misleadership which is presently potentially is leading into an abyss Herzl’s vision of a Jewish home.

The teachings of this visionary ideologue of the desirability for the establishment of a home for Jews who at the time were victims of discrimination as documented by the “pogroms” against Jews in Czarist pre-Revolutionary Russia, are being misused grotesquely and deceptively and thereby dismissed by the arrogant, fundamentalist, racist, demagogue  power structure of Israel.

Herzl had in mind some contractual agreement with the leaders of Argentina or Uganda for the objective of generating a tract of territory whereto persecuted Jews from pre-revolutionary Czarist Russia could move to live in peace but not at the expense of any dwellers who had been legally established in those empty lands.  He also made references to Palestine but not in a context wherein a serious valid claim can be made based on some Hebrew bible passage of a “promised land” for some “God’s chosen people”, something which is inoperable to establish a lien on the land of others.

Most importantly though, was the declaration by Herzl which clearly demonstrates that he would have been horrified by what the extremist Zionist misleaders have done to the autochthonous legitimate Palestinian owners of the land of Palestine for centuries, when they violently occupied their lands and forced close to a million to flee, and from then on, relentlessly implemented the basic message to the ones who stayed, namely “abide or die”, and from then on engaged in a systematic literal process of “Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine”, a phrase which is in quotations marks as it is the title of one of the most authoritative books on the history of the abuse on Palestinians by the Zionist, written by the internationally  well-known and respected Israeli scholar, Ilan Pappe.

Said important declaration by Theodor Herzl therefore, is about his idealistic and well-meant intention at the time,  for a home for persecuted people of the Judaic religion was as follows:

And if it should occur that men of other creeds and nationalities come to live among us, we should accord them honorable protection and equality before the law” (bolded and underlined emphasis added).


The Palestinians of course did not “come to live among the illegal Zionist settlers of the land of Palestine.   The settlers came to violently take their land  forcing hundreds of thousands off their lands, and then, particularly after the 1967 Israel provoked war on Egypt, the 25% of the original land of Palestine was occupied as well and their legitimate land dwellers were then submitted to a systematic program of harassments,  horrific psychological and physical abuses, incarcerations without charges, house demolitions, assassinations, and literal massacres such as the recent criminal massacre in Gaza where 2,600 were killed, including 600 chidden and countless were injured.

These legitimate Palestinians have often been referred to offensively as “savages” by Zionist ideology officials and organizations whose posters characterizing them thusly recently were posted on the Metro transit authorities of New York City and Washington, DC.

So-called “peace negotiations” arranged by the U.S. to engage Israeli leaders in Palestine, were always a charade, a ruse to generate time to establish in violation of international law, illegal settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.   The barrier would always be set so high that no self-respecting Palestinian leader could accept the conditions imposed.  Furthermore, there is no moral equivalence between the claims of Palestinian victims and their Israeli aggressors.  For sure all peoples concerned yearn and deserve peace, peace with justice for Palestinians, which would automatically result in peace with security for Israel, if it is finally forced to embrace democracy and bring down those odious walls which not only separate Israelis from Palestinians, but as well Palestinians from Palestinians.

This writer has also provided a video of PM Netanyahu, which more evidence of how the recent administrations mocked so-called “peace talks” as it captures his statement to a group of illegal settlers wherein he brags about having been proud to have scuttled the Oslo Peace talks.

The world now realizes that this intolerable situation has now reached critical mass, and is only adding more fuel to the fire of violence in a Middle East destabilized by the Cheney/Bush neocon invasion of Iraq on fraudulent claims, and therefore it is an imperative that the world community and its institutions step up and end the violence by redressing the legitimate grievances of the people of Palestine.

It was preposterous for the U.S.  and Israel to “punish” Palestine for having been accepted to membership of UNESCO, and it is even more preposterous and Kafkaesque for the U.S. to condone Israel’s “punishments” for Palestine to avail itself of the support of the United Nations and of the International Criminal Court, particularly as this move is accepted by a preponderant majority of the world’s nations, leaving the  U.S. and Israel totally out of touch and isolated.

Only the U.N. and the International Criminal Court, can resolve this conflict  now, and therefore it is equally an imperative for the  U.S. to stop sponsoring and enabling the right-wing extremists crimes against the humanity of the people of Palestine and thereby become effectively and honestly part of  this final peaceful resolution of this pestering crisis once for all.

The now desperate and bizarrely inaccurate spins made by the irresponsible hawkish politicians in Congress as a result of their vulnerability by virtue of historical and legal ignorance and/or sheer corrupting greed as they embrace the Zionist pernicious undue influence lobbies, must be dismissed as they are specious and inapplicable to the issue of peaceful and just conflict resolution.

These spins which in effect constitute and adulteration of history,  not only do not represent the perspective of majority view in the U.S. and abroad,  but also in effect, actively oppose the best interests of the U.S., of the decent Israelis who are earnestly yearning for a just and peaceful conflict resolution, and of decent Jews worldwide whose values are in opposition to those valueless, deceitful, violent and outlaw practices that embody the present Israeli government’s destructive, failed, and bankrupt strategies and tactics.

4 thoughts on “A Visionary Founder of the Concept of a Home for Jews Persecuted in Czarist Russia Would Decry Present Israel’s International Law Violations and Crimes Against The Humanity of Palestinians

  1. aliceny says:

    I just sent you a reply but ‘sent it’ before I added my WordPress password. Don’t have a copy and would not be able to repeat verbatim. Can you get it from WP?

    • Fred says:

      I do not believe I can obtain a reply from someone from WP, Aliceny. I am only privy to replies sent to my Argentum Post. Sorry, I wish I could see your comment since all of your comments are always creative, constructive, and therefore interesting.

  2. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    I would imagine Herzl is turning over in his grave! Thanks always for your guiding light of wisdom, compassion and facts in this dark night of treachery.

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