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  1. Daesh, The “Islamic State” Which Was Neither Islamic nor a State, is Now Dead : It is Now Time to Render Neocons and Neolibs Perpetually Irrelevant and to KILL ALL FOREIGN MILITARY INTERVENTIONISMS by ALL Nations. Period.

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    April 22, 2018 by Alfred

    This is not a call for irrational dystopia, it is a call for rational humanism to rise and permeate all …
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  2. Extenuating Vital Circumstances Were Omitted in a Washington Post Article Accusing General Cartwright of Wrongdoing


    October 22, 2016 by Alfred

    In the October 18, 2016 Washington Post article titled “Retired General Pleads Guilty to Lying to the FBI Leak Probe” ( …
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  3. The Middle East Crisis With Its Infernal Consequences, is Not Being Honestly Narrated to the American Public


    September 30, 2016 by Alfred

    “Lies, Incorporated : The World of Post-Truth Politics” by Ari Rabin-Havt and Media Matters, reads like a novel of horrors …
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  4. Fraud on Fox News Exposed by the Arrest of Its Criminal News Commentator


    October 21, 2015 by Alfred

    It is commonly known that to characterize “Fox News” as a credit worthy news organization is risible and highly deplorable. …
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  5. Alan Nairn Foresees The End of the Guatemalan Criminal/Genocidal Oligarchy In Ways Which Implicate Reagan and Israel


    August 28, 2015 by Alfred

    Alan Nairn is a stunningly sharp, award-winning, professional journalist who has reported on, inter alia, the genocidal killing of Ixil autochthonous …
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  6. No More U.S. Military and Other Aid to Pariah States Such as Egypt and Israel


    May 18, 2015 by Alfred

    “We the people”, including all decent liberals, conservatives, Christians, Jews, and Secular Humanists, have the fundamental right to demand an …
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  7. The Islamic State is Neither Islamic Nor a State and Its Characterization Must Defer to its Arabic Acronym “Daesh”


    March 25, 2015 by Alfred

    Since December of 2014, moderate Moslems in Arab states, as well as moderate Moslems in Turkey and in Iran, have …
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