In a Historical Pronouncement Now Israeli Intelligence Chief Commendably Joins U.S. and European Partners in Criticizing Netanyahu’s Relentless Undermining of the President’s Talks with Iran Which Are Aimed at Resolving via Diplomacy the Nuclear Issue


January 25, 2015 by Alfred


Netanyahu at UN Inciting Risibly and On Specious Claims,  War on Iraq

The Head of Mossad, Tamir Pardo, in a historical and principled as well as courageous pronouncement, came out commendably and courageously  criticizing attempts by Netanyahu to incite tougher sanction and threats of war on Iran.  This is an exact rerun of an old show when Netanyahu joined the Neocons in fraudulent claims which lead to the horrific wars on Iraq and Afghanistan resulting in nothing but an utterly unnecessary hemorrhage of U.S. as well as Iraqi blood accompanied by a huge loss of U. S. Treasury funds which are so badly needed for social programs and infrastructure development.

Israel’s intelligence chief, Tamir Pardo, in discussing the destructive impact additional severe economic sanctions on Iran will have, as a result of the improper and protocol violating invitation to Netanyahu by the Republican House leadership to come to the U.S. and incite against Iran in Congress, as they push mindlessly and strenuously for said sanctions in the midst of successfully evolving negotiations between the U.S. and its European partners, made an impassioned case against said additional sanctions on Iran and added that, according to Secretary of State John Kerry, he stated that said sanctions would have an effect akin to  ” throwing a grenade into the process “.

Republican House Speaker Boehner is recklessly and irresponsibly set to attempt to sabotage President Obama’s constructive diplomacy with Iran on the nuclear issue, by inviting PM Netanyahu to carry out his toxic ranting and destructive hate and fear mongering against Iran.

What ensued the last time after misleading and dishonest shows of this kind were put on by  Neocons and Netanyahu, were those two one trillion-dollar wars which to this day are having catastrophic consequences in the Middle East.   The hemorrhage of blood and treasury were irrelevant to Netanyahu and company. A war with Iran would be even more permanently wastefully damaging to all sincerely concerned, except of course, for the profiteers of the industrial military complex which President Eisenhower warned Americans about in his farewell speech.  It must not be forgotten that Genera Eisenhower assertively condemned the United States’ first and only in history, nuclear attacks on unarmed civilians.

The conduct of foreign policy is a constitutionally protected prerogative of the executive branch of the United States.   In that capacity President Obama correctly and commendably warned Congress to not vote for additional sanctions on Iran while he and his European partners conduct diplomacy with Iran to ensure that their legal right to generate nuclear energy is not used for weaponization objectives.

The President is additionally fully supported in his principled stand by British PM David Cameron, and by our other European partners in the negotiation process.

Additionally and most importantly, any attempt to sabotage these diplomatic talks by those hell-bent on slapping more damaging economic sanctions on Iran, is not only unpatriotic, but can also be plausibly viewed as treasonous, as it endangers our national security.

This comes at a time when we are barely beginning to recover from the financial meltdown and two trillion-dollar wars which not only were unnecessary, but which resulted in the generation of a whole new wave of asymmetric terrorizing reprisal attacks by movements which capitalize on instability, poverty, hopelessness, and destruction generated by the West’s invasions coupled to the incarcerations of countless thousands without charges in prisons abroad, particular in the occupied Cuban concentration camp in Guantanamo, with the routine use of abuses such as the application of torture on “militants” or “suspects” and further coupled to the extensive use of drone strikes whose “collateral damage” figures are either not reported at all or grossly underreported.

Mr. Netanyahu was caught on video proudly declaring  in 2010 to illegal settlers, that he  deceived the U.S. and   scuttled the promising Oslo Peace talks .  Jonathan Cook documented this incredible statement in the  July 18. 2010 edition of The National World, titled “Netanyahu Admits on Video He Deceived the U.S. to Destroy Oslo Accords“. He was never a sincere and trustworthy peace talks practitioner, in fact such “talks” were used as a ruse for the occupation and annexation of additional illegal settlements in Palestine.

It is now, more than ever, an imperative that “we the people” learn the lessons of the opportunistic wars demagogues succeeded in launching on Iraq and Afghanistan weeks  after the 9/11 tragedy when in reality, the perpetrators of those crimes were almost exclusively from Saudi Arabia.

The Congressional Republicans must not be allowed to use destructive tactics against the White House, and against the best interests of the people of America,  to satisfy their insidiously pernicious political agendas.

In case it is relevant, this reader is a son of parents who survived the “Holocaust”.   “Never again” must any nation generate another holocaust by the use of nuclear weapons as only the United States did, and twice on two cities,  on unarmed civilian populations whose children to this day suffer from radiation effects their parents were exposed to.

All nations must start now dismantling their nuclear arsenals.

This is most particularly applicable to Israel, the only nation in the Middle East which documentably has a nuclear arsenal acquired clandestinely and yet not a single member of Congress of official of the State Department or a single President dares to bring this tabu subject up, all along we all sing the “freedom of speech” and the “democracy” songs.

Iran has declared that on the basis of its religious principles it will cannot and will not weaponize nuclear energy which it, as  signatory to the NPT Treaty, has a right to use for electricity generation and medical applications.   Iran is also opened to intrusive inspections by AEIA inspectors its uranium refinement centers.

Israel never signed on the NPT Treaty and documentably proliferated its weaponization technology to Apartheid South Africa regime.  See “The Unspoken Alliance : Israel’s Secret Relationship With Apartheid South Africa “, by Jewish author Sasha Polakow-Suransky”.  His Austrian parents are of the Jewish faith, and were forced to leave South Africa whereto they had emigrated from Austria.

When asked about their nuclear weapons of mass destruction, Iraeli officials cling to the mantra that they maintain a policy of “strategic ambiguity” about it, yet when one of their weaponizaton of nuclear energy worker in Dimona in the Negev desert, left Israel and warned the world that Israel would cause a nuclear arms race in the Middle East, in 1986 the world in an interview by the London Financial Times, he was abducted in Italy on the way to live with his brother in Australia, and was whisked to a freighter which returned him to Israel where he was incarcerated for 11 years in solitary confinement in a 6′ by 9′ cell.

It is the height of hypocrisy to incite the U.S. to war on Iran because it “may have” the knowledge and capacity to build nuclear weapons, and to suppress the reality and threat of Israel’s nuclear arsenal of these weapons of mass destruction, particularly as it is Israel and not Iran which is in violation of international law and of the Geneva Fourth Convention, builds illegal settlements in Palestinian land it invaded, and it is Israel and not Iran which has clearly demonstrated its political will to carry out massacres on the Palestinian population as it just months ago when 2,600 Palestinians, including 500 children were subjected to a literal holocaust inside the largest and most densely populated veritable concentration camp in history, namely Gaza.

This reader’s parents were forced out of Germany by the Nazis and emigrated to Bolivia and Brazil, wherefrom in 1964 they emigrated to the U.S. at a time when, with U.S. support, the democratically elected President João Goulart, was overthrown by a military junta which plunged the country into 20 years of a torturing reckless dictatorship.

This reader has no political agendas, just a passion for social and economical justice, peaceful conflict resolution, and an a peaceful evolutionary transition to an end of  opaque pseudo democracies in exchange for a new world of vibrant transparent participative democracies in the form of a mosaic-like diversities wherein secular humanists and spiritual humanists communicate through the medium of co-creation and co-prodution.

What needs to happen NOW in Washington, DC  is a multimillion march organized by secular and spiritual humanist which is ALL EMBRACING .   This will marginalize the pseudo extremist and violent religionists as well as seculars who are bereft of humanist dimensions.

If there is a will there is now critical mass more than ever for survival’s sake, a strong will to bring about such a demonstration in our beautiful capital city, a demonstration which will enable us to inspire, not “lead”, by the power of example, and never again by the example of power, which is self-destructive as violence leads to violence as todays extremist individual terrorizers as well as state terrorizers demonstrate, since humanity is not intrinsically evil, but to comprehend that it we must stop living in “the United States of Amnesia” – a phrase borrowed from Gore Vidal who also was the author the book “Perpetual Wars for Perpetual Oil”.

We must teach unadulterated history objectively in every school as importantly and resourcefully as we teach math, science, languages and other disciplines.

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2 thoughts on “In a Historical Pronouncement Now Israeli Intelligence Chief Commendably Joins U.S. and European Partners in Criticizing Netanyahu’s Relentless Undermining of the President’s Talks with Iran Which Are Aimed at Resolving via Diplomacy the Nuclear Issue

  1. aliceny says:

    As far as I am concerned, Netanyahu is the devil personified – as was Hitler and Stalin and other evil persons of their ilk!

  2. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    It appears the pressure is mounting in the US, as well as in Israel against Netanyahu’s push for war with Iran, as well as all their other heinous acts. Thanks for all you do to report the facts and keep the pressure on!

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