The South Carolina Assassin Received a .45 Caliber Gun as a Birthday Present from His Father


June 20, 2015 by Alfred

Reuters news agency just reported that the white supremacist terrorist who carried out the massacre at that historic Church in South Carolina received a .45 caliber gun on this birthday from his father at his 21st birthday.  This is sheer insanity which is the result of a sociopathic addiction to the bizarre notion that every citizen no matter his or hers background is entitled to own and carry a weapon.

The greatest scandal which underlies each of the countless mass killings in the United States is that the corporatized media seems to have a self-imposed gag order which translates in what appears to be a ban on the words “gun control legislation” and/or NRA.

Commendably President Obama in his announcement in reaction to this additional massacre of too many by either mentally deranged individuals and/or racist home-grown terrorists, did very clearly urge again the need for the enactment of strict gun legislation.

More people are assassinated by automatic and semi-automatic weapons per capita in the United States than anywhere else of in the world.

The undue influence of the NRA lobby, it goes without saying, contributes most significantly to the facilitation of the home ground terrorist attacks on the people of the United States and this lobby’s toxic undue influence  must be severely reigned in as a first step in a comprehensive program to insure the safety of all Americans and foreign visitors to America.

While each time such an event occurs, the nation naturally mourns, but to do justice to victims of these terrorist murderers  which can buy killing machines with greater ease than citizens can purchase an ounce or two of marijuana, we can longer go continue to engage in business as usual until the next massacre occurs.

The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution needs also to be further scrutinized by Constitutional law experts.  What is clearly established is that the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution does NOT prevent Congress from enacting very strict gun legislation.

2 thoughts on “The South Carolina Assassin Received a .45 Caliber Gun as a Birthday Present from His Father

  1. John Triplett says:

    Agree that media is in the pocket of NRA and the misreading of the second amendment.

    Founding Fathers clearly intended guns to be in the hands of “a well regulated militia”.

  2. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    Thank you for always speaking out on the critical and criminal issues ignored by corporate owned, mainstream media!

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