All Who Inspired The South Carolina Terrorist Must Be Investigated Now

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June 22, 2015 by Alfred

As a sequel to the previous Argentum Post article titled ” The South Carolina Assassin Received a .45 Caliber Gun as a Birthday Present from His Father “, the following must be noted.

Magistrate James B. Gosnell, Jr., the Charleston County Magistrate who presided over the initial hearing on the white supremacist terrorist massacre at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, had the temerity to declare the following as regards to said murderous terrorist, ” There are victims on this young man’s side of the family…”.

As it turns out, even though the murderer had previously been banned from a shopping mall   by security personnel, his male progenitor on “his side of the family” , namely his father, gave this troubled son a caliber .48 Colt gun for his birthday.

Additionally, when a NBC reporter went to the residence of this killer’s parents, and politely asked in on the porch of said residence if he could ask a few question, his father  without saying anything in response to the reporter who had properly identified himself, told said NBC reporter that he “would call the police“. Period.

So, this is one of the immediate parents of this murderer which Magistrate Gosnell asks the court to regard as “victims” ?!

Of course, sympathy is due to parents of those who commit egregious crimes generally.  But generally as well as specifically one also must first become better informed by investigators and by the media about who these parents are and to what extend they have been enablers of such young criminals by inculcating them with racists hatred and to boot, giving them human killing machines as birthday gifts.

The plot thickens.

Now we also learn that the same Magistrate Gosnell who asked the court look at the family of the murderer as “victims” had been reprimanded in 2003 by the South Carolina Supreme Court for using the “N” word racial slur in a 2003 bond hearing for an African-American defendant.

The public has so far learned very little about the parents and possibly others who have been cooperating or influenced the murderer.

As in the case of another mass murdering terrorist, namely McVeigh, even though it became documentably established that he was linked to a criminal racist hate group called the “National Alliance” which has many cells nationwide and whose leader was William Pierce, and whose book “The Turner Diaries” McVeigh had in the truck which he blew up in the garage to bring down the Oklahoman Courth House, and even though this organization advocated violent attacks on government buildings , Bush’s  Attorney General Ashcroft pushed immediately for an expeditious trial and a death sentence, while writer Gore Vidal decried such sinister and counterproductive rush move primarily on the grounds that with McVeigh’s execution, valuable intelligence data about this terrorist act would never be discovered.

Similarly in this case, there are already those calling for a death sentence before all facts about his terrorist case are known.

And then there are those who will attack anyone who expresses anger against the paralysis of legislative and executive action to curb the excessive and undue power of the NRA and to moderate the politically misconstruct which is allowing for the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution to be erroneously interpreted by those who harbor extremist political agendas and use them to advocate the unlimited acquisition and bearing of arms.

As E.J.Dionne Jr. so articulately expresses it on his June 22, 2015 Washington Post article titled “Our Culture of Evasion”, ” Right off the top, anyone who wants to discuss the implications of this shooting is scolded for “politicizing a tragedy”.  We are told we must heal and mourn first, that it is “disrespectful” to the victims to ask what this slaughter means and what we must do as a nation.  How manipulative“.

The NRA and the misinterpretation of the Second Amendment, particularly by extreme right-wing hate groups, must now be more than discussed, they must become the basis for an urgently needed set of legislative reforms without which the present sociopathic phenomenon of mass shootings facilitated by the reckless ease of automatic killing machine acquisitions and right to carry them, will only claim more and more precious innocent lives, and life in the United States will become like life in a nightmarish war-like scenario.

PS As this writer is composing this article, the New York Times online edition posts a “breaking news” article which  buttresses some of the points of this article.

Said article reveals that the leader of a white supremacist group that has been linked to Dylann Roof, the terrorist who killed the 10 member of the Emanuel Baptist church,  has donated tens of thousands of dollars to Republican campaigns, including those of 2016 presidential contenders such as Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum, and others.

It is more than well known that Republican support for the NRA seems unconditional, but this documented revelation is of major consequence, particularly at this time.  It is a sign of a state of cultural values decadence inside that party which uses and abuses the expression “family values” ad nauseam.


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