AP Fact Checker : Netanyahu et al. Declared Dishonestly that Hamas is ISIS and ISIS is Hamas


July 4, 2015 by Alfred

The criminal dishonestly of the Israeli Prime Minister knows no bounds and facts will not get in the way of his relentless, pathological lies, particularly when it comes to his feeble-minded attempts to vilify calumniatingly the Palestinian government and its civilian unarmed population.

Netanyahu has crudely and falsely declared, time and again,  that “Hamas is ISIS and ISIS is Hamas“, and he had the temerity to declare this brazen falsehood at the United Nations.

Never mind that Hamas is a political movement which by a democratic vote came to lead the Gaza region of Palestine, in clear distinction to ISIS which is actually characterized by Arabs as “Daesh”, but most importantly a barbarically violent literally terrorist organization and most importably  ISIS is the enemy of Hamas and has carried out attacks on Gaza.

What is most concerning though is that these toxic lies which make up a decades old, stale,  false narratives of revisionist Zionism are disseminated not only with impunity but are endorsed by the Republican neocon and by some Democratic neoliberal corrupted and/or totally ignorant and therefore incompetent politicians, and notably by all of the Republican candidates for the 2016 presidential nomination.

This fact alone makes it an imperative that the United States start now to drastically and publicly reassess its “special” relationship with Israel.

The U.S. must now begin to embrace immediately the law abiding, decent, rational, Israeli and American Jewish peace movement which opposes AIPAC and supports BDS, so that the present misleaderhip of Israel as well as its corrupted political U.S. congressional supporters are isolated and held accountable for their dishonesty and cover up of criminal activity something which  undermines our vital national interest as well as our national security as they continue to relentlessly and obsessively use  inflammatory attempts to sabotage an assertive internationally led peace process aimed at  once for all forcing Israel to end its international law violating occupation, illegal settlement constructions, as it now morphs into an Apartheid state entity which is totally unsustainable and inoperable.

For those not familiar with this writer’s background it may be relevant to conclude this “AP Fact Checker” article with the observation that this writer is the son of direct descendants of parents who by virtue of their Jewish religion were declared stateless by the Nazis in Germany and therefore are escapees of their genocide against Jews and others.

2 thoughts on “AP Fact Checker : Netanyahu et al. Declared Dishonestly that Hamas is ISIS and ISIS is Hamas

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    Liar, Liar, pant on Fire! Thanks always for speaking truth to power. Shared on Facebook & Twitter…

    • Fred says:

      If Netanyahu would be “just” a liar, that would be the least.

      His pathological lies cause innocent people by the thousands to die, mostly in Palestine but as well elsewhere, particulary a few in Israel during unavoidable reprisal attacks by desperate Palestinians, attacks which are wrong, and counterproductive, yet understandable since they are what happens when Israel commits massacres and the rest of the world, looks the other way, while most bizarrely, the United States actually has the temerity to state that idiotically cruel mantra, namely, that “Israel has a right to defend itself” ???!

      This is a perverse and cynical reaction designed to confuse the uniformed as to who is defending and who is offending. Since 1948 Israel has been a perpetrator of crimes against the humanity of the Palestinians, and since 1948 Israel has gotten away with impersonating falsely to be a “victim”, misusing and abusing the characterizations “Holocaust” and “terrorism”.

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