Fraud on Fox News Exposed by the Arrest of Its Criminal News Commentator


October 21, 2015 by Alfred

It is commonly known that to characterize “Fox News” as a credit worthy news organization is risible and highly deplorable.

Fox News is so tendentiously biased in support of right wing extremist groups in its news coverage that it can be considered to be nothing more than a GOP propaganda organization.

Unfortunately the average Americans who are not well-informed and/or educated or have not had the experience of being egregiously mislead by Fox News, are not fully aware of this reality and hence unfortunately and dangerously are exposed to and believe in some of the most toxic disinformation one can be exposed to in  television or radio broadcast media.

Now to rewind, let us focus on a comment about a film which has been shown in theaters throughout the US, namely “The Natanz Directive” put out by “Patriotic Pictures” and starring Scientologist actor John Travolta.

This film has been promoted as based on the true story of a former CIA operative of the most clandestine division who is a “super patriot” and who mounts an emergency mission inside of super dangerous Iran to prove Iran has the means and the will to launch a nuclear attack on Israel.

Of course he succeeds and his hailed for his patriotic act to rescue the innocent Israelis.

Turns out though, that the novelist who, along with someone else, supposedly wrote the story for the film who is described in reviews of the film as a former CIA agent is in fact a criminal impostor who has been now arrested and who has had a previous record of criminal activity for which he was convicted such as, inter alia, stealing $ 125,000.00 dollars he was trusted to invest in real estate by someone.

Shockingly this criminal who has now been arrested and charged with wire fraud, major fraud against the United States, and is now in detention, has until now been a frequent commentator on Fox News.  His name is Wayne Simmons.

So, not only has Iran been frivolously and falsely vilified as some kind of a major threat to the Middle East and Israel, by the corporatized mainstream media during  and after the hysterical attempt by Republicans to sabotage the Iran nuclear accord, but Fox News to ad insult to injury has had this hate mongering falsifier of reality working as a commentator, in brazen disregard for the fundamental principles of fairness and honesty on which the Federal Communication Commission licenses the use of our nations airwaves to broadcast its news.

It is scandalous, but not surprisingly so, considering the scandalous record of the owner of Fox, namely Rupert Murdock, that Fox obviously did bother to analyze the background of this criminal.

Fox News needs badly a strong dose of adult FCC supervision and/or should have its license to broadcast rescinded for its shameless quality control coupled to the disrespect it shows to its listeners and/or viewers by propagating disinformation of the worst kind , and doing so systematically.


One thought on “Fraud on Fox News Exposed by the Arrest of Its Criminal News Commentator

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    Thank you for helping to expose Fox’s propaganda station!

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