At Long Last Netanyahu’s Years of Generation of Falsehoods and Hate Mongering Has Reached Critical Mass, Something Which Will Lead to His Political Demise


October 22, 2015 by Alfred

One day prior to Netanyahu’s trip to Germany, Netanyahu suggests in a speech to the Word Zionist Congress that Hitler did not intend to kill Jews, but that it was a Palestinian Mufti who in 1941 gave Hitler the idea to “burn them”.

The opinion of this one mufti, was the result of his hatred and fear of Communists who the Nazis often conflated with the characterization of Jews, and since this man felt that Hitler would win the war, he expressed what he did hoping to avoid a major influx of Jewish/Communist refugees into Palestine.   In no imaginable way is this contextualization to be interpreted by any reader as an endorsement or an excuse for the totally unacceptable and repulsive suggestion the mufti made to Hitler.

But regardless though, this mufti was and is historically largely irrelevant.  What is not irrelevant at all, and contrariwise a sign of major alarm, is that of all people, the Prime Minister of Israel has the temerity to cast Hitler in a positive light as one “not wishing to kill Jews” in order to somehow, in his pathological mind and decadent moral compass, exploit this irrelevance to cast criminally inflammatory aspersions on innocent Palestinians as some kind of haters of Jews, a calumniating attempt for Netanyahu to justify his Nazi-like tactics in the way his and other previous Zionist colonialist governments have carried out atrocities against the humanity of Palestinians.

One more important point.   The myth that Moslems were haters of Jews is totally debunked by scholarly historians and journalists.   One example of that is the documentation of how Moslems have risked their lives to protect and shelter members of the Jewish community during the Nazi genocide.  This example, inter alia, is found in BBC Asian Network report of April 17, 2013 titled “The Muslims Who Saved Jews From the Holocaust”.  It is about an exhibition which aims to celebrate the role Moslems played in saving Jewish lives and Yad Vashem, Israel’s official memorial to victims of the Nazi genocide, honors nearly 25,000 thousand so-called “righteous persons” who risked their lives to save Jewish lives, and unfortunately only recently, have the names of some 70 Moslems been added to this list.

The caricaturistic amplification, grotesque distortion, and decontextualization of what some single mufti said being opportunistically and exploitively  used by a head of state to disinform, distract, and cover up his own crimes,  is pathetic and obscene.

This outrageously racist, dishonest, hate and fear mongering, sycophantic feeble-minded attempt to lie about Hitler and to cast blame on Palestinians, a day prior to his visit to meet German chancellor Angela Merkel, is disgusting beyond the pale as it is meant to ingratiate himself with the Germans and bizarrely to imply that it is not Israel’s international law and Geneva Convention violating invasions, annexations, massacres, house demolitions, illegal settlement building which has the people of Palestine enraged with the Zionist colonialist leadership, but instead that it is the “hatred” for Jews which has them commit anti-Semitic resistance (an oxymoron since Palestinians themselves are Semites).

To Angela Merkel’s credit, she immediately pushed back on Netanyahu’s lie saying “You cannot say that it was the mufti who gave Hitler the idea to kill or burn Jews.  It is not true.  All Germans know their history…”

Israeli lawmaker, Itzik Shmuli, Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon, Israeli opposition Isaac Herzog, and many many others in Israel and elsewhere have denounced Netanyahu’s fabrication.  Herzog also pointed out that when the mufti and Hitler had the conversation, in November of 1941, the systematic execution of Jews had already begun

This is a historical milestone in that (a) the notion that Netanyahu has ever had any proclivity to engage in a so-called “peace process” has been demonstrated as false, (b) the notion that the Zionist colonialist mythical narrative has had any schred of legitimacy has been debunked and (c) that the United States can plausibly deny being a  comp lice to a charade of cruel and Kafkaesque deception by ignoring a reality which is now no longer sustainable, and (d) the present power structure of Israel is now documentably established as morally, intellectually, and politically bankrupt and therefore the mantra that “Israel has a right to defend itself” has ceased to be operable since in reality under the Zionist colonialist regime it does nothing but offend by sabotaging any sincere peace negotiations with criminal provocations and egregious Palestinian dehumanization acts, so that it thereby engenders violent reactions which it can exploit by tagging the Palestinians as “terrorists” with whom no one can negotiate.

Since the founding of the Argentum Post on July 7, 2013 this writer has published a statement of purpose which essentially stated that the Argentum Post is dedicated to the exposure of the truth in support of social and economical justice, democracy, human rights, and peaceful conflict resolution.

It was not originally the intention of this writer to dedicate so much time and effort to expose the hypocrisy of the veritable conspiracy of silence by the mainstream media when it came to the crimes against the humanity of the autochthonous Palestinians by the Zionist colonialist since their violent take over of 75% of the land of the Palestinians in 1948, with the expulsion of some 750,000 from their homes and farms, a year which initiated a horrific process of ethnic cleansing of Palestine which became even more lethal in 1967 when Israel invaded Egypt and the United States became the sole military and financial supporter of this rogue synthetic state which to this day receives some 10-15 million dollars per day from our tax payer’s funds as it continues on its hegemonic path to take over all of Palestine, all in the name of the Hebrew Bible’s Deuteronomy 6, 10-12, and in name of the Nazi crimes against the humanity of mostly German but as well as other Jews in Europe,  a process also known as the Holocaust.

A vast majority of even educated Americans have zero notion as regards to the close collaborations which existed between the Zionists and the Nazis.   These secret collaborative activities have been documented by, inter alia,  Lenni Brenner, a son of Orthodox Jews, who also was a civil rights activist and an anti-war activist during the Vietnam war.   His book is titled “51 Documents : Zionist Collaboration with The Nazis”.

The book is a jewel of historical facts.   It reveals how the mass murderer Adolph Eichmann was Invited to Israel as Zionists wanted and needed German Jewish settlers to colonize Palestine which at the time was existing as a British empire occupied land and referred to as “Mandatory Palestine”.  The word “Mandatory” comes from the Latin man datum  which means ‘something commanded.’  In other words, Palestine was commanded by the British empire prior to it falling under the man datum of the present Zionist colonialist regime.

Hanna Arendt wrote in 1963 a scathing critique about the Zionist role in her celebrated “Eichmann in Jerusalem” .  Albert Einstein likewise excoriated the Zionists as a band of criminals with whom he would never have anything to do with.

As a direct descendant of German/Austrian parents whose relatives were exterminated in Auschwitz and who survived the Nazi genocide against Jews and others,  this writer always felt compassion and the obligation to distinguish in starkly contrasting ways between the millions of decent and humanist Jews, who are happy to live thought-out the world where they have been and remain totally adapted and assimilated,   and the racist, fundamentalist, Zionist colonialist kind whose behavior in Israel towards the people they often refer to as “savages” has done Judaism tremendous damage.

This writer’s own grandfather, left Nazi Germany for the USSR, and after the war ended thanks largely to the USSR war effort coupled to the liberation by the Soviets of Jews from concentration camps, he emigrated in 1945 to Haifa, became a Palestinian citizen there, and enjoyed making friends with Moslem, Christian, and secular Palestinians.  Suddenly, in 1947, when the Partition occurred and just prior to the 1948 take over of Palestine, he emigrated to London and therefrom to São Paulo, Brazil where he told my father that his sole reason for leaving was the said unjust take over and partition of Palestine and that this event would usher in decades of despair, violence, and hopelessness.

With one clear declaration, Netanyahu has revealed to those who did not know him, what a low life, opportunistic, hate and fear monger he is, and how dangerous it is now for the U.S. to continue to support the brutal oppression and illegal occupation of Palestine.

It would be the height of naiveté, ignorance, and a reckless disregard for human rights and international law, for President Obama to, again, go through the motions of sending John Kerry to Israel to negotiate with a delirious hate consumed and collapsing misleader who has the audacity to state that “Hitler did not intend to kill Jews”, it was some Palestinian Mufti who told him do that.

Netanyahu must be forced to resign, must be indicted for a whole host of crimes, and convicted.

The prestigious American Council for Judaism has reported coincidentally how former Israeli Ambassador, Michael Oren, a native-born American, is also bizarrely and dishonestly attacking our President Obama declaring that he “intentionally, maliciously, is abandoning Israel”.  Nothing could be further from the truth and in fact some of Oren’s colleagues in Jerusalem and Washington thought that he has gone mad.  The same can be said of Netanyahu, but unfortunately this is not the case, these people are for real injecting incendiary rhetoric in an issue and a conflict which at this time begs the direct and immediate intervention of the UN and the International Criminal Court.

The reality is that neither Jews, nor Catholics, nor Moslems, nor any other group of religiously faithful people need or should nationalize their religion, and particularly so when it is at the expense of the rights and lives of innocent people anywhere.

So, the best solution imaginable, one supported by countless decent and rational humanistic Jews throughout the world, and that includes many in Israel, is not even anymore the rather untenable two-state solution, although that would be far better than the present Apartheid Israel whose days are now counted, but for the dissolution of the Jewish character of Israel so that peacefully the area where Jews now live will become a province of the original Palestine with the condition that it become the new Palestine become a vibrant democratic state which will prosper via co-healing, co-creation, and co-producion.

This state will  naturally  have a Palestinian majority since the real “right of return”, which is the right of Palestinians in the diaspora whose natives and their families became refugees the way Syrians and Iraqis are becoming refugees now,  must be guaranteed.

The pseudo so-called “right of return” for someone such as this writer must be abolished, since it is solely predicated on the basis that his mother was of the Jewish faith.  This is a cruel and racist absurdity since Judaism is not a race, but a religion, and yes a culture, which does not need a ghetto called Israel anymore.   This writer’s parents survived, adapted, and assimilated seamlessly in South America and then in Washington, DC.

There is no “promised land” , nor a “God’s chosen people”, except in the mythological biblical passages, and this reference in no way entitles anyone to rob the real estate of others and to kill them if they to not “obey” since they are supposedly “inferior” by virtue of being “savages”…Neither is does there exist that vague notion that some states in the world can enjoy an fictitious “exceptionalist” existential mode and thereby take liberties to violated the sovereignty of others.

Incidentally, Netanyahu and former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, are close friends and were partners in a some kind of brokerage firm when Netanyahu was living in the United States.    The reason  this is pointed out is that, when during the last camping when Romney failed to be elected – a real blessing  for all Americans – during his campaign when asked what his feeling was about the violence in Israel occupied Palestine, he had the temerity to declare that what one must understand is that the Israelis are “superior” to the Palestinians.

This brings to mind that infamous series of ads which Pamela Geller’s oxymoronically called National Freedom Defence Initiative organization forced onto the transportation systems in New York City, Washington DC and other U.S. cities which declared that  “In any war between civilized man and savages, you must support civilized man, you must support Israel

No further comment needed.

2 thoughts on “At Long Last Netanyahu’s Years of Generation of Falsehoods and Hate Mongering Has Reached Critical Mass, Something Which Will Lead to His Political Demise

  1. Marie Spike says:

    Finally, Netanyahu is being condemned worldwide! Excusing Hitler to place official blame on the Palestinians! Actually, that’s what they’ve been imagining and acting out all along. At last, Netanyahu has publicly put into words the psychological transference and projection that’s been playing out since 1947, to which the ‘Civilized’ World has been complicit or indifferent! Time to hold him and the violent, crazed Zionists accountable or find another Planet!

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