A Sequel to a Previous Article Which Comprises a Critique of the Serious Human Rights Violations of Egypt’s General Al-Sissi Regime and the U.S. Military Support for Said Regime

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November 12, 2015 by Alfred

In an Argentum Post article titled  “Not Only is There an Imperative for the US to End Military Aid to Israel Immediately but Such Aid to Egypt and  Saudi Arabia Must End Now TO SAVE HUMAN LIVES ”  and published yesterday on 10/11/2015, this writer brought up the case of the Egyptian journalist and human rights activist  Hossam Bahgat as just one of a plethora of examples of how the ruthlessly autocratic regime of General Al-Sissi ,who came to power via a murderous coup d’etat against the only democratically elected government of Mohamed Morsi,  enjoys impunity and military support from the U.S.

In the relevant portion of said article, this writer stated the following.

Point in case, therefore is today’s (11/11/2015) report from Cairo, Egypt by Democracy Now’s Sharif Abdel Kouddous of a brief interview of Egyptian intrepid, courageous, dedicated human rights activist, Hossam Bahgat,  who paid a  severe price for doing is job by being arrested by Al Sissi goons, being held in detention, and still is not being out of the woods.

It so happens that today, on November 12, 2015, one day after this article was published, the world learns that due to the worldwide outcry and UN protests against Egypt’s horrific record of suppression of its people, and specifically of this journalist and human rights activist, who was criminally arrested by that regime which is absurdly supported by the U.S. to this day with billions of dollars for military aid,  the Egyptian government decided  to set free Hossam Bahgat.

Egyptian and foreign journalists and democracy activists have faced a widespread crackdown since the military coup against Mohamed Morsi in 2013.   People of all backgrounds are arrested and in many cases sentenced to decades in prison or executed without any reasonable due process.

According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, 19 journalists are currently in prison in Egypt.   All they have done is what this U.S. supported junta does  not tolerate and that is, they were doing their jobs ethically and professionally and exposing thereby the truth.

It is not clear whether the ridiculous charges against this journalist are being dropped, but it is clear that the U.S. military support for such an egregious military regime in Egypt  is highly unethical, repulsive, and undemocratic as “we the people” would not support this misuse of our taxpayer’s funds, and most importantly, it is irrationally counter-productive since this autocratic murderous regime is bound to violently collapse and then we will be in the same situation as we have been in countless of other times when in our name our misleaders have supported bloody dictatorships from Latin America, to Indonesia, to Iran, to the Philippines, to Israel, to name a few, only to then have to face the dire consequences when the peoples of those nations finally rise up.

While Iran is being vilified often on the basis of propagandistic falsehoods, often fabricated by the Netanyahu regime of Israel which also has been behind the assassinations of several of their scientists on the false accusations that they were working on the weaponization of nuclear energy, Egypt, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Israel get literally away with murder with hardly a word of condemnation by our government, and this, incredibly, is the case regardless as to who is in the White House.

The one exception to this rule was when President Carter was in the White House.

If anything is to change in our democracy it is the pervasive undue influence of the “invisible government” which is behind such national and international law violations.

Thus far, only Bernie Sanders addresses this issue candidly.   He truly should be blessed for that, as his principles will save lives, will end needless hemorrhage of blood and badly needed treasury for the reforms our partly dysfunctional democracy needs urgently.

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