From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Genially and Uncannily Sapient Pulitzer Prize Recipient Investigative Journalist Glenn Greenwalt Exposes Indictingly the Opportunistic Political Agenda Driven Exploitation of the Paris Attacks


November 20, 2015 by Alfred

Legendarily brilliant, principled, and dedicated to the truth, and literally “nothing but the truth”, investigative journalist Glen Greenwald, exposes the grotesque, greed and lust for political and capital power generation by the politically corrupted misleaders in the U.S. governance sectors, as well as by the shameless corporatized tendentious mainstream media, as it now deferentially and obsessively pursues a policy based on a veritable conspiracy of silence and disinformation in the wake of the horrific tragedies of so-called “terrorist attacks” now in France and before in the U.S. and in Britain,  and today in the former French colony of Mali.  Of course not overlooked is the sectarian violence unleashed as a consequence of the devastating Cheney/Bush war on Iraq on the base of false claims.

All of these attacks have historical antecedents within the context of the colonialist and post-colonialist neoimperialist policies and terrorizing activities of the Western oppressors in France vis-a-vis Algeria, Britain vis-a-vis India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Palestine  and in throughout the Middle East, as well as Portugal vis-a-vis Angola and Mozambique, and Holland vis-a-vis Apartheid South Africa, and more recently the post-1967 involvement of the U.S. in further enabling the terrorizing repression of the Palestinians by the implantation into Israel of that embodiment of the Judaic faith which was bizarrely nationalized by the Zionist ideologues, namely Israel, not to mention the U.S. military support of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Egypt, all of which have carried murderous and terrorizing attacks against their own people and in the case of Saudi Arabia, against Yemen where it has by now, with U.S. support killed close to 6 thousand people.

Right wing neocons and neoliberals now demagogically exploit the Paris attacks as they did the September 11, 2001 attacks by generating dishonest and sleazy calumniations against Moslems, against the Syrian refugees, and against the honorable  whistleblower Edward Snowden who was characterized by CIA Director John Brennan as having “blood on this hands” even though he is not only innocent of false charges and in effect made a hugely commendable contribution to the truth by never having leaked a classified document having disclosed the abuses of the wide net surveillance and of the invasive recordings of the phone conversations of the leaders of such allied nations as, inter alia, Germany’s Angela Merkel, and Brazil’s Dilma Rouseff.  So, in effect, Edward Snowed is being punished for exposing government wrongdoing and thereby embarrassing those involved in said wrongdoing.

Yesterday, Glen Greenwald was interviewed from scenic Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with the Sugar Loaf mountain and Guanabara bay scenario in the background.  Glen Greenwald now lives in Rio.

Greenwald was interviewed by the equally legendary independent producer of the only 100% transparent and publicly supported daily news program in the U.S., namely the prestigious Democracy Now program which is literally at the service of all of us who genuinely aspire and hope that our corrupted democracy will be restored to the status of an authentically  participative American people’s democracy.

In his interview by Amy Goodman, Glen Greenwald covers some of the same basic points this writer touched in the Argentum Post’s last article dated 11/17/2015 and titled “Hidden In Plain Sight is the Outline of a Potentially Peaceful Solution to the Violence in the Middle East“.

Given Greenwald’s background, wisdom, passion for peace with justice and accountability, he of course went way beyond this writer’s article and therefore this writer owes it to his readers to incorporate the declarations of this incisive and inspiring humanist scholar.

So, with this preface this writer turns the limelight over to  Amy Goodman and Glen Greenwald for a refreshing focus away from the clichéts and other banalities the printed and broadcast mainstream media distracts and misinforms the American people when it comes to crucial moments such the ones we are now experiencing.


One thought on “From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Genially and Uncannily Sapient Pulitzer Prize Recipient Investigative Journalist Glenn Greenwalt Exposes Indictingly the Opportunistic Political Agenda Driven Exploitation of the Paris Attacks

  1. aliceny says:

    Excellent, Alfred. Needs to be said – and you have said it.

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