Silencing the ” Breakers of the Silence ” – And Then What ?

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December 24, 2015 by Alfred

Brave and principled Israeli soldiers are increasingly becoming dissidents and using their democratic and human right to speak out in protest against the disastrous policies of oppression and violation of human rights of the legitimate Palestinian residents of Palestine whose land has been invaded, whose properties have been confiscated, whose houses by the tenths of thousands have been demolished during a period which started in 1948 with the so-called “war of independence” which implanted the nationalized embodiment of the Judaic religion into Palestine, a process which continues to this day, and which is turning Israel into a racist Apartheid regime similar to that of the former South African white supremacist regime with which Israel was allied and to which it transferred its technology for the weaponization of nuclear energy (documented in, “The Unspoken Alliance : Israel’s Secret Relationship with Apartheid South Africa” by Sasha Polakow-Suransky)

Many of these noble and conscientious and realistic former soldiers have been jailed because they refused to serve in what is territory which both, the UN and even the U.S., not to mention the rest of the world, correctly and documentably characterizes as Palestinian land, and on which, in defiance of international law, Israel has colonized by establishing illegal settlements which by now number about 500,000.

Prime ministers Ariel Sharon and Benjamin Netanyahu among others,  when challenged about this violation of international law, cynically reply that they are merely establishing “facts on the ground” – which presumably can be interpreted as declaring “might makes right” and as long as the United States, and the United States alone, is on the one hand criticizing this posture, on the other hand continues to be the enabler of this criminal activity by providing Israel with  some $ 15 million dollars per day of our taxpayer’s funds, this travesty will continue to generate extreme anger directed at us, while  “we the people” who when we become aware of this reality, naturally and by a huge majority totally condemn it.

With this background, this writer describes contextualizingly, the genesis of the now exponentially increasing opposition by the large sectors of Israel’s progressive and conscientious population, and this now includes its former military officers, and former members of Shin Bet (Israel’s security agency), and other former chiefs of defense and intelligence.    This is all amply documented but most noteworthily so in the documentary  “The Gatekeepers” is one of the most startlingly inspiring and  enlightening of the kind produced in recent times.  The supra provided link contains the complete one hour and 45 minutes documentary.

Now, as regards to the dissident Israeli military officers who dare to now speak out, many do so not only in Israel, but in other major countries of the world which are the homes of more Jews than those living in the land taken over from the Palestinians.

The name of the organization of such principled military officers is “Breaking the Silence“.

Now, however, in reaction to message from “Breaking the Silence” there is a crescendo of desperation by the ideologues of the false and now increasingly exposed and decaying Zionist supremacist ideology who are part and parcel of the mislearship power structure of Israel who vehemently oppose their freedom to express what they do.

Furthermore their ire is now reactionary and hysterically  directed not only at “Breaking the Silence” but as well to the message expressed by all decent, rationalist, humanist, Jews who aspire an end to the present status quo of Zionist supremacist domination, a domination which is clearly  unsustainable and which not only worsens the horrific violence perpetrated on Palestinians for defending their legitimate claims but also worsens the horrific violence, although at a much lower level of casualties, which these decent Jews suffer when exposed to the consequent result violent reprisal attacks which inevitably are generated by this untenable status quo.

So, what is now the strategy of the present decadent regime of Netanyahu to deal with evolving crisis ?

To spuriously  and nefariously tag as “traitors” and/or “leftists” or, worse  – oxymoronically – as “anti-Semitic”  all dissidents in Israel and  world-wide who are working to expose the plethora of lies built into the Zionist extremist ideology.

These veritable democracy activists are simultaneously striving for a sustainably peaceful conflict resolution which calls for either the “One State Solution” or the “Two State Solution”, to be implemented.    The former is the more viable one as it envisions the broadening of Palestine into a vibrant secular democracy wherein Israel is “de-Zionised ” but continues to exist as a province of said broadened Palestine which includes its Moslem, Christian, and secular population and which, of course will have to give the Palestinian descendants of those close to one million who were violently expelled from their homeland in 1948, and of all others who were forced to seek refugee elsewhere subsequently, a genuinely based right of return from their refugee camps.

This documentable  genuine right of return is in stark contrast to the fabricated “right of return”  which was invoked by Zionist ideologues who have dared to use Deuteronomy 6, lines 10-12 to of the Hebrew bible to posit that French people, or German people, or American people, or people living everywhere, who happen to be of the Judaic faith and who have a Jewish mother, as the writer of this article does, to somehow be endowed with an inherent and divinely bestowed lien on the land of the Palestinians and therefore, as Netanyahu said in Paris exploiting a mass shooting “must come home to Israel” when their real home is France, or Germany, or America, or wherever their real home is.

In the meantime though, the Netanyahu regime is now brazenly considering to literally unleash a campaign to silence not only the “Breaking the Silence” former military officers, but all who do not align with the false and failed Zionist ideology mentality.

This means that while Israel has indeed been to exclusively Jewish inhabitants a democratic society, once the silencing of this dissent begins this suppression will end said democratic dimension and inexorably will usher in internal struggles and violence, all of which  are avoidable if the rationalist and humanist Jews prevail.

The lack of foresight by the United States as regards to the denouement of the Zionist dimension of Israel which renders it incompatible with the definition of a “democratic” society, is dangerous and against the best interests of the Jews in Palestine and against the best interests of the United States and calls for an urgent reassessment of the U.S. so-called “special relationship” with Israel which in effect constitutes an enablement of a status quo condemned to fail.

This article is ending with a clip from alternate media video documentation which buttresses the points covered supra.

Said clip includes, inter alia, declarations by Yair Lapid, Chairman of Israel’s Yesh Atid party.

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