A United Call for Christian, Moslem, and Jewish Rational and Progressive Top Leaders to Expound How Ilegitimate Extremists of All Three Religions Violate their Foundational Teachings


January 3, 2016 by Alfred


As a preface to this article, this writer would like to focus on an interview of a Jewish Hungarian philosopher, namely Agnes Heller,  by  Deutsche Welle journalist Thomas Spahn,  which addresses the curse the notion of a what is characterized as a “nation – state” concept potentially can be when carried to its extreme right embodiment.

It is this interview which inspired and motivated this writer to compose and publish the present article.

BTW, at the onset, for those not familiar with this writer and the Argentum Post the following should be stated.

This writer is of Jewish background and his parents were survivors of the Nazi genocidal crimes against the Jews and others.    This writer guides himself by secular humanist values and considers himself a literary activist who does not subscribe to any specific political or religious agenda.

In a historic urgent call for unity among Moslems and for a categorical condemnation of sectarian violence between Shiites and Sunnis,  reformist Iranian President Rouhani is using his prestige, popularity, intelligence, integrity, and good will to call for all Moslems to unite for the sake of the preservation of their own humanity and the preservation of their respect for themselves and for the preservation of their image to all non-Moslems, so that a united front can then deal with the Daesh (aka ISIS), al Qaeda, and al Nousra criminal brutality which is considered a fundamental violation of Quranic law.

This historic moment parallels the historic pronouncements of reformist, progressive, Pope Francis, the supreme Catholic leader who has won the wide and profound respect of not only Catholics world-wide but as well as of Jews and Moslems and secular humanists, who as this writer, celebrate the Pope’s messages and actions.

What is now needed is the urgent emergence of a reform-minded inspiring Jewish leader who will similarly speak out and act in support of the imperative for the end of the violence which since 1948 has emerged as a result of the brutally violent and unjust implantation of the product of the nationalization of the Judaic religion in the land of the autochthonous Palestinians, something which can only happen by a process comprising the end of the international law violating occupation in order for the either “One State” solution or the “Two State” solution to be ushered in, in both cases though, requiring the de-Zionization or denationalization of the Judaic religion.

The main obstacle for either solution lies in that the present Israeli’s regime power structure which is commanded by Jews who consider the “nation-state” entity called Israel as one which is “exceptionalist” and nationalistically extremist in that they consider bizarrely to have a lien to the land owned and inhabited by Palestinians for centuries on the basis of their religious belief embodied in the Hebrew bible, most particularly in Deuteronomy 6, 10-12.   The absurdity of such a rationale is too obvious to be discussed.

With respect to the problem generated by this Zionist nationalist extremist supremacist racist ideology, it is now clear that said ideology is collapsing at an exponential rate as this organized crime nature of the decaying Zionist narrative and its regime is now being exposed.   This phenomenon is now having said power structure targeting human rights organizations within Israel such as Bet’selem as well as the Israeli military whistleblower organization  Breaking the Silence.   Additionally the Israel Supreme Court has now contradicted its own ruling and is about to legalize segregated communities thereby further fomenting the evolution of the racist Apartheid nature of this  Israeli regime.

Falsely and bizarrely on the base of ignorance, corruption, and corporate meddling, the mainstream media and Congressional politicians have relentlessly, shamefully, and risibly characterized Israel as “the only democracy in the Middle East“.

In reality though, Israel is the product of a violent 1948 war called euphemistically Israel’s “war of independence” which in actually  was the product of the British empire’s facilitated massive transfer of Jews from Europe, from the USSR, and from North America to the West’s Palestine colonization process,  coupled to its arming and training said transferred Jewish immigrants to enable their project of morphing the Judaic religion into a nationalized nation-state embodiment which was named “Israel” and which would enable better control by the British and the French and others of the fossil fuel resources of the region.

This Zionist ideology implant into the land of the Palestinians obviously cannot be called a “democracy” and furthermore said extremist ideology is damaging to Judaism and is not unique to Judaism as most Evangelist movements which are also damaging to the Christian religions, are also ideologically Zionists.

These extremists have used and abused the foundational teachings of Christianity to carry out such barbaric terrorist attacks as McVeigh who claimed to be a Christian who in the bombing of the Oklahoma Court Building  killed some 140 innocent human beings, or attacks such as Breivik’s  in Norway who also claimed to be a Christian and whose barbarity cost the lives of 76 students and their teachers.

The one exception to this characterization of extremist evangelists is found in the 24,000 member Evangelical Willow Creek Church nondenominational church in Chicago which challenges the blanket evangelical support for Israel’s government.

An article about these noble evangelicals who, for endeavoring themselves to support a peaceful resolution to the conflict rooted in the Israel implantation in Palestine, are now characterized falsely as “anti-Semites” , was recently published in The Washington Post and is titled  ” A New Angle on Peace in the Mideast “.

Furthermore, now, since Israels’ 1967 war of aggression for expansionist hegemony over more and more Palestinian territory,  in addition to the 75% of the Palestinian territory taken over in said so-called 1948 “war of independence”,  it has started to take over more and more territory from the 25% of the Palestinian land which was left after the 1948 take over,  and this has accomplished  by the most egregiously  oppressive and violent means often enabled by the U.S. policy of providing Israel with huge financial and military support at the rate of about $ 15-20 million dollars a day of our taxpayers funds.

This “might makes right” criminal audacity has been declared unanimously by the  UN as being in violation of international law  which all governments of the world, including the U.S. consider a land grab by illegal settlers in brazen violation of the most fundamental human rights, civil rights, and legal rights of the people of Palestine.

This insidious process has proceeded incessantly to this day when more than a half million settlers have built illegal settlement in occupied Palestine which includes most egregiously the ones in East Jerusalem, city which the Zionist nationalist regime wants to convert into the capital of the anomaly which the present Apartheid regime of Israel already is.

Bottom line is that, the result of the lack of law enforcement by the UN, UK, and the US,  literal massacres were carried out by the nationalist state Zionist power structure of Israel since 1948, where entire Palestinian villages were destroyed and their populations were genocidally eliminated, spanning from the Deir Yassin massacre in April 9, 1948  to most recently, the last Summer of 2014 massacre of some 2,700 mostly unarmed civilians which included some 500 children.

One of the most detailed bibliographic references to the history of the barbaric brutality perpetrated on the people of Palestine from 1948 to this day, is that by Ilan Pappe who happens to be among Israel’s bravest, most principled and most incisive historians who wrote the book “ The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” a must reading for all members of Congress, of the Executive Branch, and of the Judiciary Branch of the United States.

Therefore, to sum,  this writer suggests that the President of the prestigious American Council for Judaism, Stephen L. Naman, be the one, and/or be among the ones,  chosen to jointly issue united calls with Pope Francis and with President Rouhani of Iran, to urge reformist, progressive, and humanist  Moslems, Christians, and Jews to engage immediately and comprehensively in teaching the followers of their religions globally to expose the damage the violent extremists do to these religions which most of these extremist profess falsely to believers in.

The damage these criminal pseudo religionist nationalist state extremists cause not only on the base of their mindless killings and infrastructure destruction,   but as well on the basis that their irrational and perverse acts stand in direct violation of the foundational teachings of the religions they falsely purport to represent will undoubtedly result in their collapse, in due course, particularly if the West ends its reactionary massive air bombardments which in effect in the short run continue to have positive effects on their ability to recruit those who have been affected by said massive aerial bombardments which avoidably as well as unavoidably generate what is disgustingly referred to by politicians as “collateral damage”.

The greatest detractors of the best members of all three Abrahamic religions are their insane, criminal, national state extremist mass murderers.

A united from of the leaders of these Abrahamic religions will more effectively deal with the defusing and sidelining and apprehension of the leaders of this aberrant movement than the  devastation causing bombing campaigns which mostly benefit the investors of the military-industrial complex which President Eisenhower warned our nation during his farewell speech.



One thought on “A United Call for Christian, Moslem, and Jewish Rational and Progressive Top Leaders to Expound How Ilegitimate Extremists of All Three Religions Violate their Foundational Teachings

  1. Marie Spike says:

    Thank you for highlighting the need for religious leaders to actually take the lead in creating a peaceful and just World. Imagine what they could achieve if they tried! “A united from of the leaders of these Abrahamic religions will more effectively deal with the defusing and sidelining and apprehension of the leaders of this aberrant movement than the devastation causing bombing campaigns which mostly benefit the investors of the military-industrial complex which President Eisenhower warned our nation during his farewell speech.”

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