Saudi Arabia and Iran : A Study in Contrasts and in Hyper Hypocritical Bias Against Iran by Politicians and Mainstream Media


January 9, 2016 by Alfred

Saudi Arabia’s latest mass killing which included the assassination by decapitation of a democracy activist and peace preaching cleric, namely Sheik Nimr is but one tiny spec of a long history of barbaric acts by the  most depraved and murderously authoritarian Saudi dictatorship of the world who is euphemistically characterized by  “princes” and whose collective elite is equally euphemistically characterized as a “monarchy”.

The people of Iran naturally expressed their profound anger at this yet additional provocation by the Saudi misleardership against Iran therefore  in that attacked the Saudi embassy in Teheran.   Yes, an embassy is an extension of a nation’s territory and its sovereignty must not be violated, and the Iranian violators of said sovereignty numbering about 50 were apprehended and are being charged by the Iranian government.

The Saudi government is most probably the most retrograde and bizarrely egregious violator of the most fundamental human rights.  The Saudi elite has zero tolerance for the slightest nuanced criticism leveled at it and that means it brazenly uses the most draconian terrorizing acts to suppress dissent by democracy activists be they by clerics, students, intellectuals, or anyone else.   When it comes to the punishment for those who dare to critique the parasitic Saudi collective which lives in splendor as a result of its petrodollar wealth and nothing else, its behavior hardly differs from that of Daesh (aka ISIS).

For victimless crimes, the citizens of Saudi Arabia are often mutilated, and executed.  Its women are banned from driving and can only enter a vehicle in the company of a male relative.

The few bloggers which dare to express the mildest yearning for democracy and freedom are lucky if they only meet severe bodily and psychological torture.  To wit, case in point is that of the young man Raif Badawi who has been sentenced to years in prison and thousands of public lashings.

Additionally, inspired by the international law violating September of 2014 massacre of close to 3 thousand mostly unarmed civilians by the Zionist Netanyahu misleadership’s power structure of Israel in Gaza, a massacre which included 500 children,   Saudi Arabia has invaded Yemen where the Shiite Houthi minority demanded to be treated with human dignity and that meant democratic representation. That invasion has resulted in the massive and merciless destroyed massive infrastructure, which included badly needed hospitals,  in Yemen  and that atrocity has killed some 6 thousand mostly unarmed civilians there.

This has happened after the Saudi misleadership has sent its troops into Bahrain in 2011 when  Tunisia inspired “Arab Spring” democracy activists were demonstrating against the dictatorial and ruthless regime there, which has also been attacking its own people and which has arrested nurses and physicians who followed their ethical and professional duties to come to the aid of the injured protestors.  Incidentally, the U.S.Fifth Naval Fleet base is in Bahrain.

One could go on and on  listing the most horrific violations against humanity by the Saudi junta, but what is most stunningly noteworthy, and reflects a major crisis in ethics,  is that said Saudi junta has been supported by the United States and its industrial military complex which has made countless billions of dollars arming these thugs.

While the mainstream media occasionally has reported on this wretched gang of risibly called “71 Princes” and their “King”, which – BTW – under Quranic law are not recognized by their royalty designations as under Quranic law there is only one “King” and is their deity, when it came to the latest bloody provocation by the Saudi regime against Iran, shamelessly the reaction by our mainstream media, by our corrupted neocon and neoliberal politicians, as well as by the leaders of the EU, and by the Secretary General of the UN, Banki Moon, is obscenely muted or hyper hypocritically and falsely characterized by the false notion that it is part of a historic  Saudi Arabian – Iranian conflict.

Often either ignorantly or maliciously an analogous false suggestion his made that the conflict which resulted from the violent and bloody implantation of Zionist Israel, the nationalized embodiment of a religion, into the heart of Palestine, is unavoidable due to the (false) notion that Jews and Moslems will always fight each other.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

In neither case is there a scintilla of moral equivalence or symmetry when it comes to the aggressor and the victim.

Iran in contrast to Saudi Arabia, is a stable and vibrant democracy, its women are present in all areas of private and public business domains, it has not invaded any of the territories of its neighbors, quite on the contrary, it has been the victim of a war by Saddam Hussein against it for 8 years from 1980 to 1988, which was actively supported by the United States to the extend that it was former Secretary of Defence who embrace Saddam Hussein as the U.S. provided Iraq with weapons to attack Iran.

Iran of course, had its popularly elected democracy of Mossadegh from the Tudeh (socialist) party crushed by the direct intervention of the Anglo-American alliance in 1953, a criminal act which resulted in the imposition of the ruthless tyranny of the Shah and its terrorizing Savak secret service on the Iranian people.

Credit must be given to the courageous and principled stand President Obama took as he engaged the Iranian leadership in diplomatic discussions with foreign minister Javad Zarif,   negotiations which were successfully completed with the signing of the nuclear agreement which recognizes Iran’s rightful use of nuclear energy for exclusively peaceful applications, something which is in stark contrast to Israel’s clandestinely acquired, by a secret agreement between Republican President Nixon and Prime Minister Golda Meyer, an arsenal of nuclear weapons of mass destruction,

Since Israel did not then and has not until today signed on the Non Proliferation Treaty, it has proliferated the weaponization technology of said nuclear energy to the white supremacist racist Apartheid regime of South Africa, as documented in, inter alia, by Sasha Polakow-Suransky in his book titled “The Unspoken Alliance : Israel’s Secret Relationship With Apartheid South Africa“.     As confirmed to this writer by a former intelligence analyst, Carlos Pillar, with Israeli assistance the Apartheid regime of South Africa did detonate a nuclear explosion underwater off the coast of South Africa.

Every step of the way during the complex negotiations with Iran on the nuclear issue, President Obama was sabotaged by the Republicans and by some hyper hypocritical Democrats such as Senator Bob Menendez, Senator Cardin, Senator Shummer and even to some extend by Hillary Clinton who during one the early debates with candidate Obama, upon hearing his promise to negotiate with Iran said to him, “…have you no shame, Mr. Obama…”

Senator Cotton who spearheaded the intrusion by collusion of Netanyahu into Congress in  sign to total disrespect for the President, had the temerity to state that ” …Iran is a threat to its neighbors and the proof of that is its occupation of Teheran…”

Bottom line is, Iran indeed supports and reaches out to its Shia community in the Arab world and that means that it has been supportive of Hezbollah which is not considered a so-called “terrorist” organization in Europe and the rest of the world,  since it is a movement which is part and parcel of the Lebanese society and which coalesced in response to the Israeli invasions and aerial bombardments of Palestinian refugee camps whereto Palestinian fled as a result of Israel’s international law violating invasions and occupations of Palestine.

Luckily and again thanks to President Obama a potential military aggression on Iran by the U.S. and by the Israeli Zionist supremacist power structure was avoided.

The way forward therefore is to end once for all  the insane notion of the imposition of “regime change” on any country whose leadership does not automatically align itself with our corporate run amok and other nefarious interests, since as we could have expected, in 2003 when the Cheney/Bush junta invaded and destroyed Iraq on false claims, it resulted  in something which we could have expected, namely the death or some 5 thousand Americans, and of some 100 thousand Iraqis,  and which furthermore lead to the evolution of Al Qaeda in Iraq and now Daesh in Syria, Iraq, Libia, and elsewhere.   This has become a major catastrophe whose effects will take generations to repair.

Ideas cannot be bombed.  People and mostly innocent people, are bombed, maimed, and killed and this then becomes a recruitment tool for such extremists and Daesh in addition to generating incalculable burdens on refugees who have to flee to other countries who in turn then conflict among themselves with the right wing nationalist abusing and mistreating said refugees and the more civilized sectors then stressing to the maximum to give said refugees the dignity and aid they deserve.

This writer ends this article with the suggestion to its readers to view the documentary “Where to Invade Next ” , something which may well happen if ANY of the candidates of the failed and intellectually,ethically, and politically decaying Republican party makes it to the White House.

And this is not say that if Hillary Clinton makes it to the White House such an insane path forward would not happen, given that, bizarrely, she declared recently at a presentation at the Brookings Institution to a largely AIPAC funded group that the first thing she would do if elected is to invite Netanyahu,  to the White House !

To give Mr. Netanyahu such an invitation is literally a form of political prostitution,  given that he very well may be indicted by the International Criminal Court of the 2014 Gaza massacres,  and who grotesquely disrespected President Obama who was characterized as an “Anti-Semite” by Netanyahu’s recently named chief of staff, and who was caught on video telling a family of settlers on Palestinian land occupied in defiance of international law that he was proud o have scuttled the Oslo Peace talks, and who is now again being investigated by the Israeli police for embezzling funds for personal use,

She also declared that she would declare  Syria a no fly zone, as if the Russians will just sit by obediently.

She also declared non-believably that if “she knew then what she knows now” she would not have endorsed the Cheney/Bush & neocons/neolibs in their fraudulent attempt to conflate the September 11, 2001 attacks by  most Saudi Arabians to Iraq and having failed in that to link war on Iraq on the evidence of no evidence of its fictitious arsenal of nuclear WMD’s.

While this writer does not express his political views via the Argentum Post, however this writer posits that it is Bernie Sanders who is the only viable candidate who deserves, as “we the people” deserve,  his becoming the next White House resident.

This seems clear from any unbiased scholarly political analyst’s perspective that Sanders is the only rational, compassionate, authentic, competent candidate which can ensure for the United States and for the world, a future based on reform, compassion, zero tolerance for corruption, equitable distribution of rights and obligations across the board, security by providing not the best justice money can buy, or the “best democracy money can buy” but by providing jobs, a single health care system, free college education, infrastructure maintenance, modernization of public transportation via bullet trains and most importantly of all, by becoming instrumental in ending the Supreme Court’s miscarriage in  Citizens United v. FEC, plus an end to the undue influence of lobbies and super PACs, particularly as regards to the industrial military complex lobby undue influence, an end to the big pharma complex undue influence lobby, an end to the AIPAC undue influence lobby, an end to the NRA undue influence lobby, and least but not last, a drastic cut in the so-called “defense” budget by rendering our defense more robustly defensive and defusing its offensive dimension which embroils us in those “foreign entanglements” which President Eisenhower warned us about,  a  President who also warned us about said industrial military complex, a President who also had the courage and the principle to critique President Truman’s only use by any nation in the world of atomic weapons at time when the Japanese already had declared that they were ready to surrender.

This way forward by truly  inaugurating an era of unadulterated representative democracy, will unleash wondrously energizing long latent capacities for us rekindle hopes of living in harmony amongst ourselves and peace with a world from which we have become alienated, this will bring us back to a prosperity that does not buy into consumerism run amok.

This will transform our nation to morph into a United States of America from its present embodiment of what seems a Fragmented States of American, a USA which will  be more a truly united sustainable and effective mosaic rather than a melting pot.

A United States which is liberated from a decaying and an extremist right-wing saboteur pseudo – party whose candidates for governance in fact give winks and nods to anti-governance anarchistic and individualist saboteurs who occupy federal wildlife lands and who abuse the constitutionalistic foundation of our democracy by attempting to blur the solid lines which separate state and religion.




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  1. Marie Spike says:

    Yes, and I believe much of the bias is driven by Israel, especially toward Iran!

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