An Israeli Teacher Exposes the Degree of Perversion of the State of Education of Israeli Children as Regards to the Reality of the Palestinian History


January 9, 2016 by Alfred

The following brief foreword is about the 28 minute documentary the readers of this article are about to view.

In this documentary, Nurit Peled-Elhanan speaks of her research related to the content of textbooks in Israel. It exposes in detail how these books are designed in order to dehumanize the Palestinian people and foster in young Israeli students the basis of prejudices that allow them to act cruelly insensitive to the same during military service.

As explained by Nurit Peled-Elhanan, world constructs made from textbooks when they are the first to sediment in the minds of children,  are very difficult to be eradicated. Hence the importance that the Israeli establishment dedicated to the ideology being conveyed in textbooks. In them, the Palestinians are never presented as ordinary human beings. Never appear in conditions that can be considered normal. According to Nurit Peled-Elhanan, there is in these books not even a photograph of a Palestinian that shows his/her face. They are always presented as constituting a threat to the Jews.

The narrator is a distinguished Israeli professor of languages and human rights activist whose name is Nurit Peled-Elhanan.

This teacher’s daughter was killed in a suicide attack in Israel, and yet amazingly, commendably, and inspiringly this noble mother and teacher became a human rights activist who has dedicated herself in a highly principled way to exposing the damage the Zionist ideology has wrought on decent, peaceful, rational Jews in Israel and elsewhere in the world were they live quite happily assimilated, as does the writer of this article who is the direct descendant of parents who survived the genocidal Nazi crimes against the humanity of Jews and others.

Nurit Peled-Elhanan is the sister of Miko Peled, an equally distinguished peace activist who dares to say in public that needs to be said and widely disseminated about the present state of affairs in an Israel which is, as Nurit puts it, “…approaching racist fascism at an unbelievable speed…”

Miko Peled in turn, is the son of famous Israeli Major General Matti Peled.

This writer met Miko Peled personally and highly recommends a fascinating book he wrote titled  “The General’s Son : Journey of an Israeli in Palestine“.

Without further commentary, this writer now turns to the objective of this article over to Nurit Peled-Elhanan’s video taped message which exposes to what extend  Zionist supremacist power structure, particularly that of PM  Netanyahu,  is literally engaging in the cultural programmation of young children in Israel so as to distort the reality of the genesis and context  of how Israel came into existence as result of the nationalization of the Jewish religion concomitant with the violent take over of what is by now about 85% of the land of the Palestinians.

This video is in english with Portuguese subtitles.

PS Incidentally it may be noteworthy that the Brazilian government has rejected a new Israeli ambassador who was dispatched to Brazil on the basis that not only did the Israeli government not proceed through the formal channels to request his accreditation by the Brazilian authorities, but to boot, said ambassador is a resident from an occupied settlement which is in Palestinian territory and hence is in defiance of international law.  Said ambassador’s name is Deni Dayan

One thought on “An Israeli Teacher Exposes the Degree of Perversion of the State of Education of Israeli Children as Regards to the Reality of the Palestinian History

  1. Marie Spike says:


    Thanks for reminding me of this precious work by Nurit Peled-Elhanan. I shared it on Twitter.

    Hugs, Marie

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