As a Sequel to the Previous Article : Education Ministry of Israel Bans Israeli Palestinian Romance Book


January 9, 2016 by Alfred

As if to buttress the content of the Argentum Post article published a couple of hours ago which is titled An Israeli Teacher Exposes the Degree of Perversion of the State of Education of Israeli Children as Regards to the Reality of the Palestinian History, and  which documents the extend to which the Education Ministry of Israel in effect abuses the right of children to be honestly educated about the reality of the history of the Palestinians after Israel was implanted into into Palestine, Reuters has now reported that said same Israeli Education Ministry has just banned a book which is a fictitious novel about a couple who meet in New York City and fall in love and kiss prior to returning home.

The “serious problem” for the Education Ministry of Israel is that the female in this fictitious romance is an Israeli and the male is a Palestinian, and to make things worse for the warped perspective of said Ministry of Education officials, a lovely Facebook posting has appeared in which shows a woman and a man exchanging a romantic kiss.

So, the consequence of this event has led the Education Ministry to ban the book which has been just published and furthermore said Education Ministry ordered copies of said book to be taken off the bookstore and library shelves which contain it.

Likewise, the picture depicting a couple made up of what was titled as an Israeli woman and a Palestinian man, kissing has also been “disappeared”.

As reported in said previously reported article, the professor of languages narrating the video which is the object of said article, namely distinguished language professor and human rights activist Nurit Peled-Elhanan,  was quoted as stating that Israel is “…approaching racist fascism at an unbelievable speed…”

This brings to mind the era of fascist Generalissimo Franco in Spain in the mid 30’s when he imposed a ban on public manifestations of affection, such as kissing.

In the case of Israel though the picture is more complex and worse.

In addition to the phenomenon  characterizd as the “…approaching [of] racist fascism at an unbelievable speed…” the acceleration of the progression of said speed has been occurring for a long time, and most particularly  lately, in view of the Netanyahu 2014 Gaza massacres, in view of the mindless and hysterical incitement by Netanyahu on Iran coupled to bizarre and attempts to sabotage the P5+1 nuclear talks with Iran, and this and many other factors have led to the consequence that this progression of the speed of the approach to the supremacist racist Zionist fascism state modality of Israel has gone from from geometric to exponential.

Two other factors further continue to reveal the immense abyss which has widened by quantum leaps the always existent divide between liberal, assimilated, humanist, Jews globally and in Israel, and this is now on daily basis separating irreversibly the Zionist right wing extremist ideologues who are not only driving Israel into a dead end alley irrationally and consumed by hate and fear mongering obsessions, but furthermore are doing to the Judaic communities, to their religion, and to their culture tremendous damage by the bizarre notion that the Jewish religion can be conflated with the Zionist right wing bankrupt and exposed ideology which is not limited to Jews, but includes, opportunistically,  as well the right wing extremist evangelists, as well as the non-Jews mostly neocon Republican but as well on a smaller scale sectors of non-Jews neoliberals who are united by agendas driven by greed, hegemony, military power projection, and dishonesty to the point that it endangers the already precarious security of the Middle East as well as our national security.

It must be said that the only exception to the blind alliance of the right-wing Evangelist Zionist with the Jewish Zionists is now the 24 thousand member Willow Creek Church of Chicago which has just announced its adherence to a policy of challenging blanket support of Israeli governments.

Bottom line is (a) the mainstream media must be held accountable for its dereliction of duty to objectively and comprehensively inform the average American who cannot spend the time to engage in research to become aware how AIPAC and the Israeli Zionist power structure have for decades mislead public opinion, and (b) the U.S. must immediate use its leverage to reassess and reform its counter-productive policy towards Israel  and to halt the unconditional financial and military aid which flows into Israel  at the rate of about $ 20 million per day of the precious taxpayers funds, and finally (c) the same must be done as regards to the billions of dollars which flow into the fascist regime of General al Sissi in Egypt and to the decadent and brutally violent dictatorship of Saudi Arabia which is quaintly, euphemistically, and hypocritically characterized as a “monarchy”.

Incidentally, for those interested in learning more about this complex issue, an excellent source of information is the Center of National Interest Foundation as well as The American Council for Judaism, to mention a few.

Another major all day conference on this subject will be held by a coalition of organizations to be held at the National Press Club on March18, 2016.   The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs can be accessed for more information on this conference titled ” Israel’s Influence : Good or Bad Or Bad for America ? ”


One thought on “As a Sequel to the Previous Article : Education Ministry of Israel Bans Israeli Palestinian Romance Book

  1. Marie Spike says:

    I never imagined that America could be so thoroughly corrupted by power and money: In this particular instance AIPAC!

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