Catholic Churches Must Not Incitingly And Hyperbolically Conflate the Terms “Fertilized Ovum” with “Baby”


January 18, 2016 by Alfred


A Catholic Church In Silver Spring Misleads the Public with Hyperbole and Vagueness


As taught by , inter alia, Women’s Health News in an article by Rachel Walden, MLIS, a fertilized ovum that does not implant is only the potential for a baby. If it does not implant, it will simply pass from the body, undetectable by any modern tests, and unnoticed by the woman it passes from. In fact, a good-sized percentage of fertilized eggs do pass from the body in this manner, without notice.

So, on this basis, a Catholic church, while entitled to avail itself of the constitutionality guaranteed freedom to its religious belief as well as to its freedom of speech, it is NOT entitled to display on its sidewalk a sign which misleads and mis-educates passerby non-members of the Silver Spring community by a sign next to a nativity scene which states that ” Three Thousands Babies Were Aborted Today“.

The specific church which is hyperbolically misleading and thereby divisive and hate inciting with its provocative sign on its sidewalk which is depicted supra is the Saint Michael The Archangel Catholic Church of Silver Spring, Maryland.

Said church lists on its website among the various “Education” and “Community” ministries the Knights of Columbus.

According to the prestigious Catholic organization “Catholics for Choice“, there is a dark side to the Knights of Columbus and said dark side must not prevail in projecting a dark image by engaging in mis-education of all of members of the Silver Spring community, including of the respectable Catholic members of its community which are equally offended by said false projection of image.

Silver Spring is a wonderfully integrated, intelligent, peaceful mosaic of the best of America and no religious institution must engage in the  deliberate incitement here or anywhere,  by using hyperbolic misnomers placed outside of its house of worship, namely the building of its institution.

Saint Michael must ordered to either correct its sign  to read that “Three Thousand Abortions Were Carried Out in the United States Today” or else it must be ordered to withdraw the sign and the flags implanted next to said nativity scene.

Not only is the word “babies” dishonest, but to add insult to injury the sign fails to inform the passerby that said three thousand “babies” are aborted, not in Silver Spring, or Montgomery County, or Maryland, but in all of the United States.

Post Scriptum : In case it is relevant to some, this writer is married to a catholic wife and is the brother-in-law of a former Jesuit priest.







One thought on “Catholic Churches Must Not Incitingly And Hyperbolically Conflate the Terms “Fertilized Ovum” with “Baby”

  1. Fred you should send your article to Catholic Reporter for best distribution. Keep writing !

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