Berta Caceres Assassination Highlights Hillary Clinton’s Egregious Support for the Honduran Coup in 2009


March 8, 2016 by Alfred


Berta Caceres, a legendary indigenous Honduran human rights worker, and environmental activist who was the recipient of the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize,  was assassinated in her home on March 3, 2016.

Ms. Caceres defended the land of her people against a government which came to power by a violent coup against democratically elected President Zelaya on June 28, 2009.

The military coup in 2009 was led by Honduran graduates of the U.S. Army School of the Americas, the same infamous school wherefrom the decadent dictator of Nicaragua was trained and a host of other depraved Latin American military officers and murderous right-wing extremist and corrupt to the core political misleaders were trained.

The right-wing extremist government which overthrew President Zelaya has since then approved hundreds of dam projects around the country, has privatized rivers, land, and has uprooting entire communities.

In “Confessions of An Economic Hit Man”, author John Perkins, an econometrists narrates in a fascinatingly vivid account how we have been misled into supporting the exploitation of natural and human resources by creating and supporting pseudo leaders who with our help have done horrific damage to their own peoples worldwide.

On the day of Berta Caceres’  assassination at her home, a Mexican sociologist from the Chiapas region of Mexico,  named Gustavo Castro Soto, was visiting there.  He  became thus a witness to this monstrous crime. He was also shot during the criminal assault but did not suffer serious injury.

On  Sunday at 5AM,  Mr. Soto,  was ready to depart for Mexico at the Tegucigalpa International airport, when government officials aprehended him and prevented his departure.

What makes this course of events so shocking is that then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton not only refused to condemn the coup by the military thugs in 2009,  but stalled and rationalized this criminal act to the point that she would simply stall and not even use the term “coup” to characterize the event but instead she used the power of her office to make sure that Zelaya would not return to office.

In the subsequent days after the coup  Clinton wrote :  “We strategized on a plan to restore order in Honduras and ensure that free and fair elections could be held quickly and legitimately, which would render the question of Zelaya moot. ”

President Obama did declare that “…this was an illegal coup…”  Of course, all coups are illegal, but it apparently was Hillary Clinton who managed to convince President Obama not go beyond this statement, and this is extremely deplorable and damaging to the U.S. best interests.

As reported by Truth-Out,  “Clinton’s strategy to help the coup succeed, as revealed in her e-mails, was “delay, delay, delay,” as Donald Trump might say. Delay any action that might help force the coup government to stand down and allow the democratically elected president to be restored to office”.

So, the essence of this article, is in fact to further document the long list of ample documentation which clearly establishes that Hillary Clinton, far from being a supporter of democracy, or a liberal, and much less a progressive Democrat, is has in reality revealed herself by a long track record to be a shrewd, manipulative,  chameleonic politician which renders her untrustworthy  to become the president of the U.S.

Hillary Clinton supported the invasion and bombing of Iraq, Libia, Afghanistan, which have led to catastrophic consequences now 13 years later, she condemned President Obama when during his campaign he promised, and kept his promise, to engage in diplomacy with Iran, a move which has been extremely successful to all who genuinely aspire peaceful conflict resolutions, and a comprehensive move away from counter-productive aggressive militarist power projection policies.

Hawkishly and unthinkingly Hillary called for the U.S. to impose a no-fly zone over Syria, an incredibly dangerous and downright stupid move which would have run into an utterly unecessary confrontation with Russia.

Additionally Hillary Clinton is an “Israel- can – do- no- wrong” politician who panders to the Israel lobby, particularly to AIPAC, and who, after all the criminal damage Israel’s misleader Netanyahu has done to the Palestinians and to Judaism in general, will not only not waiver from taking such unprincipled stands, but to boot, when pressed into a corner as she was in the debate with Bernie Sanders who opposed to war on Iraq of false claims,  will risibly resort to that non-sensical mantra “if I knew then what I know now”…(as if she did not know what tenths of millions in the U.S. and abroad knew).

At this time, as an IRS office in Manhattan shows outdoors, when  our ever-increasing debt by the dollar, which now stands at $ 19 + trillion dollars which is the equivalent to $160,000 dollars per family, the urgency for a deflection of military spending to the homeland needs was never as essential for our health, education, security, and happiness.

We must not continue to fund and/or provide advanced weaponry to hate and fear mongering nation states such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and most particularly Israel which is receiving approximately the equivalent of $ 20 million dollars per day of our precious taxpayer funds to, inter alia, sit in violently occupied Palestinian lands settled in defiance of international law, and whose Palestinian houses it demolishes for their audacity to defend themselves, and whose young people it shoots when they throw stones at the settlers.

America has never been in a situation when it would be imperative that a seasoned, wise, honest, humanist, incorruptible, noble man as  Bernard Sanders to become the White House occupant to thereby with a majority of Democrats and independents to undertake the reforms we all need to immediately start an era of  equitable property,  with real liberty, justice, and security for, literally, ALL !




2 thoughts on “Berta Caceres Assassination Highlights Hillary Clinton’s Egregious Support for the Honduran Coup in 2009

  1. Corey, Michael says:

    Thank you for that well written piece!
    MC ☺

  2. How tragic for Ms. Caceres, Honduras, the environment and all of humanity! Thank you for once again shedding light on the evil and corruption that our mainstream media keeps in the dark!

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