The Confessions and “The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” : A Whistleblower’s Masterpiece


March 9, 2016 by Alfred

On March 3, 2016 this writer had the opportunity to personally meet the brilliant, principled, legendary whistleblower,  John Perkins.
John Perkins is a bright, intrepid humanist who is socially, politically, and ethically dedicated to conscientiously share with the American people and with the affected peoples of the global community, the unjust and predatory practices of institutionalized so-called, “social and economic development” practices which have in reality resulted in the lending of billions of dollars to the top of often autocratic and corrupted misleaderships of emerging economies of countries in Latin America, Africa,  the Middle East, and Asia.
The agents of these secretive institutionalized programs trained as “econometrists”, would travel to said countries to ostensibly conduct econometric studies and then on the basis of said studies would offer the oligarchic misleaders of such countries huge loans for, often, projects which said countries did not really need, but said corrupted oligarchic misleaders would accept and then apply partially to said projects but generally mismanage to the point that said loans and their interests would not become payable.
At that point, said oligarchic misleaders would socialize the debt owed, and since said debt was not payable, either through negotiations or threats said debt would be converted to liens by said lending institutions on either commodities, or real estate, or the profits of the extraction and/or exploitation of human and natural resources in said emerging economies nations.
Perkins is THE authority on this subject having been himself an agent of such heinous practices, and having reached a point when he could no longer in good conscience continue on this dishonest and inhuman path of exploitation.
John Perkins therefore courageously resigned from this secretive government/private sector practice, and in 2004 published his first book on this  program which involved the World Bank, USAID, and other foreign “aid” organizations and the corporate sector.
John Perkins’ firs book, copyrighted in 2004, was aptly titled “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”.   This book was highly successful in the dissemination of the truth about this monumental scam, and was translated into many languages.
John E. Mack, Harvard professor and Pulitzer prize-winning author of A Prince of Disorder : The Life of T.E. Lawrence” characterized John Perkins’ book as
A bombshell.  One of those rare instances in which someone deeply entrenched in our governmental/corporate imperialist structure has come forward to reveal in unequivocal terms its inner workings.  A work of great insight and moral courage.
His new book, copyrighted 2016, which John Perkins is currently presenting is titled “The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”.
At a time when not a single Republican neocon and neofascist candidate for the presidential election is ethically or intellectually qualified for the posit, and at a time when the hawkish neoliberal candidate for the position, Hillary Clinton, finds new religion by merely plagiarizing from Bernie Sanders progressive narratives and by desperately and dishonestly calumniating him , as she just did very recently when she had the audacity to falsely state that Bernie Sanders voted against the automobile industry bailout when in fact he voted for it, something she did presumably to gain votes in Michigan, a state she lost to Bernie Sanders, it is of utmost importance that this book is widely read and that its content becomes part of the national conversation so that the only genuinely qualified presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, becomes the president who will usher in an era of democratic reforms and social equalization so that America becomes all it can be.

One thought on “The Confessions and “The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” : A Whistleblower’s Masterpiece

  1. aliceny says:

    Thank you for this lead, Alfred.
    Had not heard of Perkins before…

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