Again, Hillary While Campaigning for the Presidential Election as a Democrat, Dishonestly Defends Her Role in the Military Coup Against a Democratically Elected President in Latin America


April 14, 2016 by Alfred

Dana Frank, who is a Professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz, with  M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from Yale University,  has emphatically condemned Hillary Clinton’s outrageous and chilling dishonesty in her futile attempt to falsify the reality that she was instrumental in devising a strategy to ignore and thereby support the 2009 military coup against the populist, progressive, democratically elected President Zelaya.

While the U.S. ambassador in Honduras clearly declared the midnight abduction and removal from office of President Zelaya as an “illegal and unconstitutional military coup, Hillary Clinton continues to this day to defend her incredible strategy which called for her decision to consider, in her own words, “…to render the question of (the removal) of President Zelaya moot…”.

This dishonesty also violates U.S. law which states that when any democratically elected president of any country is violently removed from office, the U.S. must immediately suspend all aid to said country.

Given the U.S. interests in its military base in Honduras (the Palmerola base, aka Soto Cano base), coupled to the historical fact that Honduras has been one of, if not the one, most captive country in Latin America for U.S. perniciously exploitive neocon and neoliberal interests, Hillary Clinton decided to act as if the democratic election of Zelaya in Honduras simply never occurred.

This is an unheard of posture for a “Democratic” candidate for the presidential election of the United States.

This is the perspective presented by illustrious American  professor, Dana Frank and this perspective is amply shared and documented.

It is worthy to note at this juncture that the distinguished Professor Dana Frank, is the author of the book ” Just Like the Old Times in Central America “.

Hillary Clinton’s dishonest and revisionist attempt to assume responsibility for her role in the installation of a corrupt puppet regime in Honduras, is also a behavior which is similarly characterizable by the behavior of previous presidents which,  “just like in the old times in Central America” (and in South America) would consider that part of the hemisphere “our own back yard” and hence only “elections” which would bring to power often autocratic and corrupted regimes, would be deemed “legitimate” and acceptable (to Washington).

One of the best examples of such horrifically criminal behavior is that of President Nixon and State Secretary Henry Kissinger, who were instrumental in bringing about a bloody coup in Chile on 9/11 of 1973 when two Chilean Air Force planes bombed the Moneda Palace in Santiago, which resulted in the death of the democratically elected President of Chile, Dr. Salvador Allende, an ouster which was led by the ethically decrepit fascist Minister of Defense of Chile, General Augusto Pinochet, who was told by Henry Kissinger ” …do not worry about criticism… we like what you are doing down there…”.

What ensued this coup was the disappearance of thousands, torture, and terrorizing intimidation of all who dared to voice dissident opinions.

One of the best and most thorough accounts of this sordid crime against the democracy and humanity of Chile is the 550 page book Peter Kornbluh, a National Security Archive analyst, titled “The Pinochet File : A Declassified Dossier on Atrocity and Accountability”.

Now, 36 years later, in an effort to again push back on democratically elected governments in Latin America, it became Hillary Clinton’s turn to cover up the truth, and devise a strategy for ignoring a violent coup, and thereby usher in a post-coup authoritarian misleader who stole millions of dollars from Honduras’ national health care system.

Furthermore, the post-coup regimes of Roberto Micheletti and Porfirio Lobo have empowered organized crime and the drug cartels to the extend that Honduras is now the country with the highest per capita homicide rate in Latin America.

The repression of any form of dissent is terrorizing labor organizers, human rights activists, and the general public.

Just very recently, one of the most vibrant, respected, and devoted environmental activist and human rights activist, Berta Caceres, had her house invaded and was assassinated.  Shot in her house was as well a prominent Mexican social anthropologist, Gustavo Castro Soto, who survived feigning being dead, but then was prevented from leaving for Mexico by government officials, something which evoked a strong protest by the Mexican President as well as an order for his release by the Inter American Agency for Human Rights.

An article on this tragedy was reported which is titled “Berta Caceres Assassination Highlights Hillary Clinton’s Egregious Support for the Honduran Coup

Dana Frank states that President Obama turned Latin America policy over to his secretary of state.  It goes without saying that the President is as well responsible for having made this stunning error in judgment.

It also goes without saying that the mainstream media is derelict in its duty to inform the American public, and yet this dishonest behavior by Hillary Clinton should by itself be more than enough to thoroughly disqualify her from the nomination for the presidential contest.

Enclosed in this article is therefore the video of the Democracy Now program interview of Hillary Clinton by its co-producer Juan Gonzales.

Followed by said video is the Democracy Now interview of Professor Dana Frank by its producer Amy Goodman.


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  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    She’s a wicked war monger!

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