The Colossal and Shameful Failure and Dereliction of Duty to Inform by The Mainstream Media Hides Trump and Clinton Tax Avoidance


April 27, 2016 by Alfred


Tonight, and during all nights, the CBS evening news features a couple of newsworthy stories of no major consequence, which are then followed up usually by such stories, as for instance today (April 26, 2016) about who is going to benefit from the estate left by Prince…  The rest is typically made up pretty much of info-tainment and other chewing gum for the eyes so-called “news” items.

The same generally applies to ABC and NBC, on all nights.

Meanwhile, unless the American public researches the foreign media, such as the prestigious London-based Guardian, it will not become aware that Trump and Clinton have in common an address in the state of Delaware, namely 1209 North Orange Street in Wilmington, DE where they exploit one the greatest and most “outrageous tax havens” which shelter their companies.

This single fact exposes the dishonesty and hypocrisy of the Trump and Clinton campaign coupled to the mainstream media’s stunning failure to inform the public.

As the Guardian reported on Monday 25, 2016 by Rupert Neate, neither candidate is willing to reply to the question as to why they are engaged in this tax avoidance scheme.

The Guardian further reports the following :

Clinton, who has repeatedly promised that as president she will crack down on “outrageous tax havens and loopholes that super-rich people across the world are exploiting in Panama and elsewhere”, collected more than $16m in public speaking fees and book royalties in 2014 through the doors of 1209, according to the Clintons’ tax return.

The Clintons’ companies share the office with several of Trump’s companies. They include Trump International Management Corp and several companies that form part of Hudson Waterfront Associates, a Trump partnership to develop more than $1bn worth of luxury condos on the west side of Manhattan.”

The full report of the Guardian should have been read by every American prior to their voting in today’s Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island primary states.

If the mainstream media had done its duty to research, interview incisively, and report with professional integrity, the Bernie Sanders campaign would by now have assured his nomination and then, unquestionably, his presidential election victory would have been assured.

The full report of this relevant and revealing Guardian report must be read by all self-respecting and responsible American voters immediately.


2 thoughts on “The Colossal and Shameful Failure and Dereliction of Duty to Inform by The Mainstream Media Hides Trump and Clinton Tax Avoidance

  1. John Triplett says:

    Posted to Facebook.Seems all we can do is expose the efforts to avoid paying their share.

  2. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    Indeed a “colossal and shameful failure!” Thank you for always publishing the real news the mainstream media hides.

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