A Resident of the World’s Largest Concentration Camp Speaks Out via TED in Trudeau’s Canada


April 28, 2016 by Alfred

TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to spreading ideas and factual history in the form of short yet very powerful content talks interfaced often with video documentary evidence.

The acronym TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design.  TED covers almost all topics from science, to business, to global issues and more in more than 100 languages.

In other words, TED is a blessing for genuine democracy, peace and justice supporting humanity as it penetrates all barriers erected to the blockage and/or spurious defamation by dishonest calumniating hate and fear incitement disinformation dissemination by the most depraved sectors of some of the most corrupted oligarchic and plutocratic actors within the power structures of a plurality of societies throughout our planet.

With this brief foreword, this writer defers to today’s (April 27, 2016) TED Talk which is given by a fascinatingly intrepid, intelligent, courageous, feminist, activist who is one of the inmates of the world’s largest and only concentration camp, namely the Palestinian Gaza territory, which in the Summer of 2014 was subjected to an Israeli bombing massacre which killed close to 3,000 mostly unarmed innocent civilians, which include some 500 children, some of who sought refugee in vain in United Nations run schools which were also bombed by the order of Prime Minister and misleader of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, and his Likud obscurantist, extreme-right wing, fundamentalist, supremacist racists power structure.

Not only Israel’s international law violating status contributes to this calamity, but it is as well with General Sissi’s cooperation that the crimes against the humanity in Gaza are perpetrated.    The Sissi misleadership of Egypt is a violently oppressive regime  which came to power via a coup against the only democratically elected president Egypt ever had, namely President Morzi who is now in prison wherefrom he quite possibly will leave to be executed, as has been a common practice against any and all dissidents against the present outlaw regime.

Incredibly, among the most ardent supporters of  the Israeli regime of Netanyahu, are their extreme right-wing neocon Republican Senators who colluded with Netanyahu in his intrusion by collusion into the Congress building in our capital against the expressed opposition by our President in an utterly failed and obscene attempt to sabotage the successful diplomacy of President Obama, in the ” P5+1″ engagement with the reformist democratically elected president of Iran, Rouhani, in order to resolve the impasse on the issue of the Iranian’s right to refine uranium to the 4% level which limits it for peaceful applications in energy generation and in the medical research.

Most importantly and even more incredibly is the stand taken by some so-called “Democratic” liberals which in effect are really “neolibs” comprising the Senator of New Jersey, Bob Menendez, now under indictment for corruption, and – stunningly – and extremely sadly, Hillary Clinton who is an ardent supporter of Netanyahu, announced that the first thing she would do in the White House was to invited Netanyahu and who has declared that the former ruthlessly violent and thuggish dictator Hosni Mubarak of Egypt is someone she feels such fondness that she considers him as a “…friend of the family...”, and to boot she in 2009 decided, as Secretary of State put in charge of handling the midnight abduction of democratically elected President Zelaya of Honduras in a brazen coup which forced him to escape to the Brazilian embassy for protection, that officially the United States will not characterize the coup as coup in view of our interests in Honduras, particularly as relates to our military base of Palmelora in that country, which is now run by autocratic murderous oppressors of their people as evidenced by their death squad killings of labor organizers and most recently by the assassination of the highly devoted human rights and environmental activist Berta Cáceres alone with the shooting of a Mexican social anthropologist friend of hers, Gustavo Soto.

With this admittedly not-so-brief foreword, the TED Talk by Ameera Harouda is hereby introduced.   Ameera was invited to speak in Vancouver, Canada.   She should be invited by the Bernie Sanders campaign to speak in Washington, DC.

2 thoughts on “A Resident of the World’s Largest Concentration Camp Speaks Out via TED in Trudeau’s Canada

  1. Yasemin Babayigit says:

    She is the modern day Islamic hero, men dont do what she does.
    I am counting the hairs till I am able to join her.

  2. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    That is a remarkable heroic woman! Thank you for sharing. I have posted this on Facebook and Twitter.

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