Hillary Clinton’s Hysterically Inflammatory Tirades and Actions Constitute A Total Disqualifier for her Presidential Suitability


July 11, 2016 by Alfred

As incredible as it may sound, the following are some of the Hillary Clinton quotes which the mainstream media has largely suppressed of ignored but which brazenly further add to the body of documented evidence of statements and action which should categorically disqualify her from becoming the President of the United States, particularly when this is considered in synergy with the other plethora of such statements and actions which would literally constitute a most serious liability for our nation’s not just political best interests, but as well for our nation’s national security interests, since said statements and actions, are bereft of rational basis, are utterly undiplomatic, and unnecessarily and irreparably provocatively  incendiary.

Statement (a) :

I want the Iranians to know that if I’m president, we will attack Iran…

Statement (b):

The nuclear option should not at all be taken off the table… ”

These are only a sprinkling of hysterically provocative statements Hillary Clinton has made in her tirades against Iran and against President Obama’s diplomacy with Iran and they are discussed by, inter alia, Michel Chossudovsky in his Global Research article of July 6, 2016 titled, ” Do the American People Want an ‘Extremely Careless’ President ?…”

It is important to note that while Hillary Clinton is using obscenely the nuclear weapons threat of collective punishment against an innocent nation which is not documentably transgressing, today on July 12, 2016, President Obama is going in the exact opposite direction, namely he has announced his drive to reduce the role of nuclear weapons and eventually to rid the world of them by taking a series of executive actions to advance this nuclear agenda during his final six months in office.  (See The Washington Post’s “Obama’s Parting Shots on Nuclear Policy”, July 11, 2016).


Hillary Clinton’s view of Iran as an aggressor nation and of Israel as a victim nation is perversely false, her constant Iran bashing is pathological,  and is utterly historically unsupportable and her devotion to the obscurantist, delusionary, right-wing extremist regime of Israel and its AIPAC lobby is nauseatingly appalling.

Iran is the most stable nation in the middle east, recently its people elected a moderate president, namely Hassan Rouhani,  and in contrast with Israel it has not invaded any of its neighbors, and in contrast with Israel is not sitting in occupied land in violation of international law, and furthermore in contrast to Israel, has never come close to carrying out a massacre of innocent unarmed people as Israel has done most particularly and egregiously  during the Summer of 2014 when it killed close to 3 thousand mostly unarmed innocent people, including some 500 children, in the greatest concentration camp on earth which is what the Israel blockaded and embargoed Gaza strip was rendered by Israel.

Yes, there was that American hostage taking event in 1979 which ideally and legally should not have occurred.   Not a single hostage was harmed however,  when the hostages being held were finally released.

The context of said event was preceded by events the mainstream media studiously either ignores or suppresses for political reasons, which renders such media highly unethical and unprofessional and violates the American public’s right to be objectively informed.

In 1979 the Iranian nation undertook a collective revolt against the depraved, murderous tyranny of the Shah of Iran.  It was Great Britain and the United States along with Israel’s cooperation which in 1953 were instrumental in crashing the democratically socialist government of Mossadegh so that the brutal regime of the Shah dynasty would be imposed on said Iranian nation.

As the only state in the region (until 1980) sympathetic towards the international law violating Israel, the U.S. saw Iran as potentially a strategic ally should another conflict erupt. Fred Halliday said that “virtually every general officer in the Shah’s army has visited Israel and hundreds of junior officers” trained there.   These general went on to create the terrorizing Savak security apparatus which torture and murdered thousands of Iranians.

From 1980 until 1988 the shameless divide to conquer  Regan/Bush U.S. supported Saddam Hussein’s war on Iran was cost one half million lives.  Yes, the same Saddam Hussein that was eventually overthrown was the one literally embraced by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.  The U.S., along with its “allies” the decadent Sunni dictatorships of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait went all out to destroy the Shiite Iranian nation after it successfully liberated itself from the yoke of the Anglo-American/Israeli alliance imposed tyranny of the Shah dynasty.

There is an abundance of historical documentation supporting this reality.

Hillary Clinton opposed strenuously President Barack Obama’s offer to meet without precondition to constructively engage in diplomatic talks and negotiations with leaders of  nations such as Cuba, North Korea and Iran and this touched off a war of words, with rival Hillary Rodham Clinton who called him “naive”  while  Obama correctly linked her attitude to President Bush’s/Cheney’s  catastrophically disastrous lack diplomacy, something which along with his dishonest partner Tony Blair led to the calamitous wars on Iraq and Afghanistan, both of who criminally mislead their nation using grotesque exaggerations and falsehoods.

President Obama’s present support of Hillary Clinton, while difficult to understand, does seem based as an effort to prevent the election of Donald Trump.

Ironically, while Hillary Clinton does have that metaphoric “blood on her hands” for her long and notorious support of democracy activist crushing autocrats from Honduras, to Baharain, to Saudi Arabia, to Egypt, and to the Israeli ethnocentric nationalist occupation regime (as The Argentum Post has extensively reported on)  and beyond, being the shrill hysterical war hawk she is, Trump in effect comes across in contrast, notwithstanding all of his huge shortcomings,  as being broadly a “noninterventionist”, as is reflected by his choice of Carter Page, an energy executive tapped for his business experience in the former Soviet Union.  Trump talks about negotiating good deals, and respecting sovereignty, and Carter Page complements that by expressing that when it comes to “…U.S. policies toward Russia, Iran, China and other nations, sanctimonious and hypocritical expressions of moral superiority stand at the root of  many problems seen worldwide today…” (The Washington Post, July 8, 2016).

The Chilcot Inquiry Report lays it all out in some 2.6 millions of words which hopefully and in an ideal world should constitute part of the brief for the indictment of the Bush/Cheney et al. neocon junta plus of Britain’s Tony Blair who said to Bush as regards to the catastrophic trillion dollar + wars on specious and fraudulent grounds, “…I will go with you wherever…”  – and off they went recklessly bringing about a human tragedy of incalculable consequences which continues to unfold to this day, leaving behind a path of debt and destruction for which we the taxpayers will have to pay  beyond the end of our generation.

The prosecution of this atrocity against humanity cannot go unpunished if we are to conserve the notion that we are part of civilized society.

With the former Republican, neoliberal, hawkish, reckless, dishonest (she lied to the American people as documented by the Comey’s FBI investigation) hegemonic, Wall Street and AIPAC controlled,  establishmentarian Hillary Clinton, “we the people” will not see an end to the “perpetual wars for perpetual oil” , will not see an end to the grotesque undue influence of the industrial military complex greedy need for wars which deflect trillions of our taxpayer’s funds which will not fund a single payer health care system, which most developed nations enjoy regardless as to whether they are run by conservatives or liberals, will not fund a modernization of our railroad network, will not fund a move towards social equalization by guaranteeing a universal minimal wage which is realistically one which provides a real living wage, will not fund a living social security payment which will enhance the badly needed social class equalization process, and all of it because we are spending more on our offensive defense budget than the rest of the world combined in wasteful spending which does not improve our homeland security.

Meanwhile our corporatized mainstream media will keep us info-tained so as to continue to make sure that “we the people” continue to live in what Gore Vidal characterized as the
“United States of Amnesia”.

Incidentally a most potent antidote to living there is the documentary “The Occupation of the American Mind ” which has drawn audiences into public libraries and into other forums but whose existence is not being widely disseminated as it debunks too much mythology which the powers that be cannot tolerate becoming widely distributed.



2 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton’s Hysterically Inflammatory Tirades and Actions Constitute A Total Disqualifier for her Presidential Suitability

  1. mukul chand says:

    great post, though from a far away land, i do not trust the lady at all.

  2. Marie Spike says:

    I wholeheartedly agree and will now join the Green Party and vote for Jill Stein! I give up on the Democrats!!

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