An Addendum to : “She Is Not Necessarily Our Next President But Already Clinton is Signed Up to Address AIPAC Next Year Where the Director of An Israeli Think Tank is Addressing His Support for Preserving IS/Daesh “To Use It to Destroy Iran”

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September 6, 2016 by Alfred

The article described in the supra title, was published on September 5, 2016 as an AP News Flash Digest (APNFD) Nr. 5.

To provide additional documentation to the extraordinary nature of what said article reveals, the following is an RT interview of the Director of the Israeli Think Tank called the “Begin Sadat Center for Strategic Studies” whose name is Efraim Inbar.

The sole objective of this addendum to said previously described article is to provide readers with the this link of said RT interview of Efraim Inbar which is titled :

Islamic State Serves Positive Function in Syria – Israeli Think Tank

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