“Hidden In Plain Sight” : Jill Stein/Ajamu Baraka is the Only Selection of a Viable Candidate for This Choice-Less Election

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September 12, 2016 by Alfred

Two aphorisms are germane at the onset of this article.

People have the government they deserve

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free” (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

So, to cut to the chase.

“We the People…” who support genuine constitutional democracy can and will have the government we deserve, provided we cast ourselves off the yoke of falsehoods which are culturally programmed into us by the powers that be for their own, and exclusively, own benefit.

To sum it up, for too long “We the People” have been led astray by our bipartisan power structures to falsely believe that Democrats and Republicans are the only viable governance alternatives we have and that anyone countenancing a third-party alternative is either an “extremist” or a “spoiler“.  This is sheer rubbish meant to disinform and intimidate.

Yes, we have had some good Democratic leaderships such as, inter alia, the FDR and the Carter led ones.

We have hardly had any good Republican leadership unless we go back to the Abraham Lincoln led one, but then “Republicans” were not who they have decayed into becoming, and most recently, the Democrats have also followed the Republicans into that abyss, because on a bipartisan level, both parties have become ethically and politically decadent and the result has been a ravishing erosion of our constitutional democracy and a capitalism run amok whose deregulated cornerstone was laid by President Reagan.

This has been a process which has been taking place over decades but its acceleration into a state of bipartisan ethical, intellectual, and political decadence to the point that putrefaction has set in, advanced at a geometric, if not exponential, rate of progression, and the calamity of the Trump/Clinton 2016 election is the climax thereof, and therefore should be the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back” and that will break the back of all well-meaning, peace and progress aspiring, Americans unless “We the People” united NOW to rise to the occasion and with an iron-will, discipline, determination, and peaceful and constructive means, use our prerogative to marginalize the bipartisan imposed pseudo consensus which imposes their bipartisanship for the benefit of a tiny top elite of the richest and greediest elements of our society and present power structure of special interests backed up  by corporatist and militarist resources, all but totally damaging to levels almost without repair, our constitutional democracy which must be untouchable for  our survival as a nation sake.

The 2016 campaign is worse than a circus act which entertains, but unfortunately, at times at the cost of its animals and its sad clowns, and is acrobats who take serious risks to their lives.  So, in a way to characterize this charade campaign as a circus in unfair to circuses.

This 2016 campaign is a repulsively destructive charade which mocks what an authentic political campaign should be like, since the very campaign process has collapsed under the weight of special interest and toxic lobbies of undue influence, and due as well to childish focus on two personalities who are documentable misfits for the presidential campaign and therefore the victor of either one is without question,   major loss for America.

This article does not need to repeat what is already amply documented as regards to Trump and Clinton.  Trump is such a buffoon that while he does not need to be discussed he certainly has not shown any evidence of being qualified for the presidency.

Clinton, while intelligent, is even more unqualified to lead this nation, given to the myriad of reasons the Argentum Post documented in the past, which shows that she has that proverbial “blood on her hands” in how she supported dictatorships from Honduras to the Middle East, how she is totally subservient to one of the most depraved self-confessed peace talk sabotaging misleaders of Israel, namely Netanyahu, and how likewise she is totally uncritical of the undue influence Israeli lobby (AIPAC), plus how she documentably asked Israeli multibillionaire Saban (after he made donations to her Clinton Foundation), in a leaked e-mail for instructions on how to proceed with countering the BDS movement supported by countless assimilated Jews in the U.S., abroad, and even in Israel, since BDS is the only peaceful mechanism to end Israel’s international law violating occupation and its incipient status of becoming an Apartheid state such as that of South Africa was.

Of course these are just a few reasons which categorically disqualify Hillary Clinton from occupying the White House.  Norman Pollack, who is professor emeritus of world history at Michigan State University, has many  more reasons to consider Hillary Clinton’s quest for the White House, literally shameless.

America is not really a “melting pot” at all.  Its vibrant human energy is derived from the synergy of a host of factors, but primarily it is also based on the fact that said synergy is derived from the vibrant “mosaic” it has become.

We are at a bifurcation though.

Said “mosaic” may either be poised for a major evolution, yes, still during this 2016 election, or it may disintegrate and set us back for generations.

For the evolution phenomenon to occur we must start today to understand that it is in our power to marginalize the two parties and to once for all, utilize the energy which generated the powerful progressive movement during the inspiring Bernie Sanders campaign, a movement which is now a fait accompli and will not necessarily need its catalyst, Bernie Sanders, to proceed with an evolutionary (not “revolutionary”) reaction which will establish a quantum leap forward in our re-democratization on constitutional basis, so that we move forward to a new chapter of prosperity, peace, and electoral reform era which will be sustainable for generations to come.

So, what is immediately necessary is that the “movement” unite Americans of all backgrounds, and even of all ideo-political orientations, excluding of course those of the neocon, or neolib, fascist destructive mindset.

This movement which will be characterized by a determination of zero tolerance for the status quo of perpetual wars, perpetual invasions, for perpetual violence at home, for the perpetual benefit of the toxic undue influence lobbies of the military contractors industry, of the NRA, and of the Israel  AIPAC lobby, will inexorably usher in a new era of rationalistic, humanistic (secular as well as religious, particularly of he progressive spiritual mode), pragmatic, technocratic, eclectic governance of the kind we have not had for the last half century or more.

Since the 9/11 tragedy, all of the malevolent influence lobbies opportunistically  exploited this calamity and that resulted to this day in  $ 6 trillion-dollar invasions, the thousands of Americans killed in Iraq and Afghanistan and the hundreds of thousands killed in the Middle East whose states have been bombed into statelets, whose infrastructure and institutions have been decimated by the our bombings, and by the generation of first Al Qaeda in Iraq and now Daesh / ISIS sectarian horrific reprisal as well as intramural attacks.

Added to this scenario is our bizarre and downright criminal support to our two so-called “allies” in the Middle East which are part of a festering problem and further inflame the fires of devastation, namely Saudi Arabia and its formerly British and now U.S. supported bombing massacres in Yemen, and Zionist extremist ruled Israel with its U.S. supported atrocities against the legal and human rights of the Palestinian people, which also most recently carried out a bombing massacre in Gaza.

The U.S. bombing of countries around the world has deprived us of respect, of funds for a single health care system, of funds for other badly needed social services, and yet “We the People” are invisible to those who pretend to become our next president.

Just as an example of how our destructive behavior abroad has been institutionalized so that not only have we become inured to the damage caused by our military interventions abroad but we also are now more than ever being subjected to a dearth of knowledge about historical reality due to the dereliction of duty of the mainstream media to inform and thereby educate us about said historical reality, the AP provides you with the following statistic which is truly mind-numbing.

The United States dropped 2 million tons of bombs on Laos, during the Vietnam war.  The secret bombing of Laos amounted to one plane load every eight minutes during 24 hours per day for 9 years.  The 80 million cluster bombs dropped on Laos did not all explode and to this day farmers fear stepping on this type of munition.   President Obama has just been in Laos promising to their people $ 90 million dollars to help clear the Laotian countryside of such munitions – but, he has (had to?) refuse to apologize for this infernal bombing.

A book was published on this subject titled “Eternal Harvest : The Legacy of the American Bombing of Laos” by Karen Coats and Jerry Redfern.   The progressive and independent legendary Democracy Now news program hosted by Amy Goodman has reported on this one of uncountable war atrocities.

Neither Trump, nor much less Clinton, would end the status quo of perpetual wars which is so profitable for the industrial military complex, and “We the People” have no say in this matter as long as we impassively stand by and let this election occur without finally using our magnificent power by strength through unity , to end this calamity.

It if furthermore noteworthy that while by no means Hillary Clinton is assured the electoral victory, she has already signed up to participate to the AIPAC meeting in Washington, DC on March of 2017, when AIPAC will also host a representative of a “Think Tank” in Israel who is urging, get this, that Daesh/ISIS not be destroyed as Israel wants to use it to destroy the only nation which has democratic elections and is stable, and is politically and economically evolving, nation of Iran, where the largest number of Jews outside of Israel live well and are assimilated, just as they are elsewhere in the world.

If the above paragraph sounds incredible for readers not acquainted with the Argentum Post, they are hereby referred to an Argentum Post article on this article which was recently published on September 9. 2016 and is titled She Is Not Necessarily Our Next President But Already Clinton is Signed Up to Address AIPAC Next Year Where the Director of An Israeli Think Tank is Addressing His Support for Preserving IS/Daesh “To Use It to Destroy Iran”   .

It goes without saying that the corporatized mainstream media did not and will not report of this reality, until and if it is shamed into having to report it.

So, to sum up the following is the main message of this article.

It is an imperative that for the sake of the best interest of our nation,  “We the People” united as never before notwithstanding obvious differences which always can and must be polemically debated with all the due respect we must have for each other, ignore and therefore marginalize the two absurdly unqualified malfeasant candidates for our presidential election, by selecting the only viable choice for an evolutionary quantum leap forward progressive move in governance by electing Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka.

As stated previously, the Argentum Post’s mission is to report what the mainstream media either misreports, under-reports, or does not report at all.   The AP is not a political blog, but at times such as this most critical one, the historical facts must lead to urge its writer to report what is widely known in some countries abroad, but ignored due to the lack of information, that there is only one viable set of candidates for the White House and they  cannot be Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

We cannot afford another four years of rule by dishonest, greedy, corporatist-militarist, hawkish, corrupt, divisive, hate and fear mongering, perversely self-interested, neocon or neolib misleaders.

It is time that we rid ourselves of those who spread the myth of our “exceptionalism” qualifications to intervene in the internal affairs of every nation on earth,  only to thereby deceive, cause major damage abroad, yet thereby generate “crisis” which then has our social security, national security, prosperity, peaceful coexistence, public health, and environmental health, endangered and has our taxpayer’s funds criminally misused and siphoned off our public priorities in ways which has them downright depleted, all the while the benefactors of these insidious strategies and policies  laugh their way to the banks.

Literally overnight, ALL of us who comprise “We the People” affected have the immense power to decide that Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka will be in the White House after this election.

And while small donations by ALL of us will count and help, NONE of us will be controlled by Wall Street, by toxic fear and hatred mongering war lobbies, by gun control legislation thwarting lobby which renders us vulnerable to become one of the 35 thousand innocent people shot annually.

In other words, there is NO REASON why we cannot inspire by the power of example, instead of treating and intervening by the example of power – to the absurd extend that not even President Obama could pledge to not become the first to use nuclear weapons.

I.e., there is NO REASON why we cannot become more like our neighbor to north, Canada,  who while having been settled by the conservative “loyalists”, today is a beacon of exemplary liberal and progressive governance with an exemplary single payer health care system, and with a healthy and harmonious equilibrium between a wholesome capitalism with a modicum of moderate socialist values of the kind which work in Germany, Britain, France, Australia, and in the Scandinavian countries.

Let us, i.e., “we the people” usher in the evolutionary mode of governance of our nation, starting tomorrow morning, and declare firmly and irreversibly that we are tuning out of the Donald Trump-Hillary Clinton show.

“We the People” have what it takes.

Is that not simply marvelous ?

So, on with it !



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