APNFD Nr. 12 : The Clinton Camp Accusations Against Russia’s Putin Are Fabrications


November 3, 2016 by Alfred

This is the Argentum Post News Flash Digest (APNFD) Nr. 12

Minutes after the last (11/03/2016)  published second article of a series of two, focusing on the Saban – Clinton “Pay to Play” scandal at the expense of, most particularly, the decades long-suffering of the Palestinian people by its humiliation, oppression, expulsion from their lands, mass killings, thousands of house demolitions by the right wing extremist Zionist ideologues of the nationalization of the Jewish religion embodiment now called a “state” implanted into Palestine violently, and as well at the the expense of our constitutional democracy, it has been just officially determined that the blame game by the Clinton camp to impugn Russia’s Putin for the exposure by Wikileaks of Clinton’s dark side and wrongdoing, was 100 % a fabrication of said Clinton camp.

Julian Assange declared that he feels sorry for Hillary Clinton’s tormented drowning by her own misguided ambitions.

The false accusations by the Clinton against Putin / Russia are have just been exposed.

This link will provide initial elaboration on this news break of huge ramifications.


2 thoughts on “APNFD Nr. 12 : The Clinton Camp Accusations Against Russia’s Putin Are Fabrications

  1. The Assange | Pilger interview could become perceived then remembered as the most important thus far of the 21st century, potentially changing the outcome of the U.S. election on November 8.

  2. M Estelle Spike says:

    Yes – fabricating fear of Russia (it worked with Iraq) to take the heat off herself while setting the stage for World War 3! Just what the crazy Neocons want!!

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